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1 June 2010

Cell towers a threat? High Court panel to probe

Harish V Nair, Hindustan Times

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New Delhi, June 01, 2010

The ongoing tussle between the Cellular Operators and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) over mobile tower sealing took a new twist with the Delhi High Court constituting a high-level panel on Monday to ascertain if such towers are a health hazard.

The court has also asked if there is a need for regulating installation of mobile towers and antennas.

Citing a UN report, the high court said, "Thanks to improved connectivity owing to a large number of cell towers, more people in India have access to mobile phones than toilets, but concerns of health problems caused by radiation cannot be ignored."

Asking the MCD and the telecom ministry to form a committee comprising technical and medical experts, NGOs, cellular associations and public spirited persons, the court sought a report on the harmful effects of radiation within three months.

Sealing of towers stayed till Sept 15

Justice Kailash Gambhir provided an interim relief to the cellular operators by allowing them to operate mobile towers in the city by depositing Rs 2 lakh instead of Rs 5 lakh as demanded by the MCD.

Justice Gambhir put on hold MCD's policy of hiking installation fee and new norms for installation of tower till September 15 when the court will decide on the petition filed  by the operators challenging it.

Whether they have to pay the entire amount will depend on the final judgment of the court.

The court order comes short on the heels of a report of Cogent, a Delhi-based company working on radiation safety solutions, that radiation emitted from these towers was so high that four-fifth of the Delhi's areas fall under the "unsafe" category.

It mapped 100 radiation hotspots in the city.

The court said a panel had to be formed owing to "conflicting views" on radiation.

While the MCD said the hiking of fee and the new policy was aimed at regulating installation of harmful towers that cause "fatigue and loss of memory", cell phone operators placed reliance on the World Health Organisation reports saying the radiation did not affect human health.

Radiation scanners in all scrap markets

The High Court on Monday sought the Centre's response on a petition seeking direction for installation of gamma radiation scanners in all scrap markets  following the Mayapuri radiation exposure incident.

The court  issued notices to the environment and the commerce and industry ministries besides the Department of Atomic Energy and sought their reply by July 7.

Bone of contention
n Installation fee hiked
from the previous Rs 1 lakh
to Rs 5 lakh
n No towers on schools,
hospitals and dispensaries
n Owner of building to be made co-applicant
n Green signal needed from occupants in group housing societies
n Installation preference only over municipal buildings and vacant plots

Case timeline
Feb 9: MCD issues new cell phone tower policy. New norms for installation, fee hiked from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh
May 7: The last date for operators to adhere to new rules and apply for regularisation
May 12: MCD begins sealing of towers
May 13: Cell Phone operators challenge sealing in Delhi HC
May 14: Court stays sealing; seeks explanation from MCD


'Delhiites living under cellphone radiation threat''Delhiites+living+under+cellphone+radiation+threat'.html

Cellphone towers mushrooming across Delhi have become a major health hazard, having raised electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure in the city to dangerous - and often fatal - levels. At risk are schools, markets, hospitals and even venues of the Commonwealth Games.

Headlines Today and Tehelka conducted an EMR survey of 100 locations in the city and found that radiation levels ranged from unsafe to highly unsafe to extreme. Only one-fifth of the city was safe - and those were areas where VVIPs live.

6,000 cellphone towers

From 1,800 in 2006, the number of cellphone towers has increased to 6,000, pushing EMR levels up by a thousand times.
While 600 milliwatt/metre square is the safe limit for EMR, many places in the city have far greater exposure.

Most unsafe areas

Some of the most unsafe areas are:
Connaught Place (Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
New Delhi Railway Station (Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
Khan Market (Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
Iskcon Temple, Sant Nagar (Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
Metro Station, Kashmere Gate (Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
Vasant Kunj, C-Block (Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
Yusuf Sarai Market (Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
Karkardooma Courts
(Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
Hauz Khas Market (Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
GK II, M-Block Market (Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
Safdarjung Hospital compound (Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
Delhi High Court
(Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
Sanchar Bhawan (Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
Jangpura (Recorded EMR: >4000 mW/msq)
Okhla Mandi
(Recorded EMR: 1635 mW/msq)
Jhandewalan (Recorded EMR: 1500 mW/msq)

Health hazard

The effect of EMR from cellphone towers takes time to show up. One may develop problems gradually over the years. A headache today could turn into a tumour in less than a decade.

EMR can be fatal for patients with pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD).

For those constantly exposed to EMR over three years, appetite loss, sleep disorders, headaches and short term memory loss are some of the common problems.

Constant exposure to EMR over 4-5 years can lead to Tinnitus or ringing in the ears, muscle spasms, visual disorders and skin ailments.

After an exposure over 5 to 8 years, one may develop cardio and respiratory problems and a drop in the sperm count.

Any exposure over 8 to 10 years could lead to acoustic neuroma, brain tumour and even leukemia.

Hospitals at risk

EMR is particularly harmful for patients in hospitals as their immunity is low. The Headlines Today-Tehelka survey mapped eight hospitals and found only Moolchand Hospital to be safe.

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and AIIMS were borderline cases while Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital was unsafe. Safdarjung, Fortis and Batra hospitals were found to have EMR levels of 4000 mW/msq.

Schools too hit

The Headlines Today-Tehelka survey mapped five schools and found only Delhi Public School in Vasant Kunj to be safe.

Springdales, Pusa Road and Kasturba Balika Vidyalaya in New Friends Colony were found to be unsafe while Modern School, Vasant Vihar and Sant Namdev English Medium School near CGO Complex fell in the extreme category.

Markets exposed to EMR

Seven of Delhi markets were found to be in extreme radiation zones. These are Hauz Khas, M-Block in Greater Kailash-II, PVR Priya complex in Vasant Vihar, Khan Market, Connaught Place, Yusuf Sarai and Jangpura.

Four are in the unsafe category: PVR Saket complex, Select Citywalk mall, INA Market and the Okhla vegetable market.

DLF Mall in Vasant Kunj and South Extension I and II were found to be borderline cases. Of the 15 markets surveyed, only Yamuna Bazar near ISBT was within safe limits.

CWG not safe either

The upcoming Commonwealth Games - which will be attended by around 6,000 athletes - isn't safe either as cellphone towers loom uncomfortably close to the venues.

The Headlines Today-Tehelka survey mapped three Commonwealth sites. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held along with some competitions, was found to have an EMR level of 1111 mW/msq.

The Yamuna Sports Complex where table tennis and archery competitions will be held had an EMR level of 1,540 mW/msq.
But the Commonwealth Games Village residential complex was found to be safe with EMR levels between 340 and 369 mW/msq.

While the government may not have done anything so far to tackle the problem, it is giving assurances.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said the MCD had been told to take care of the problem while Lalit Bhanot, spokesperson for the Commonwealth Games, said steps would be taken to ensure that the athletes aren't put at risk.

- Reporting by Akash Banerjee, Asshar Khan, Kamaljit Sandhu, Maha Siddiqui, Preeti Choudhry and Poulomi Saha


White-nose syndrome: North American bats are dying

By Hannah Hoag, Special to The Gazette May 28, 2010

MONTREAL – In March, Frédérick Lelièvre found himself crawling through a narrow passage into the final chamber of the Laflèche Cave in Val des Monts. Raising his eyes to the hibernating bats on the rock above him, his heart dropped. The tiny lime-size animals were dusted with a white powdery substance. Most of them had it on their muzzles, and it was on the wings and the feet of others. It wasn't a good sign.

Wildlife biologists in the United States have come across similar sights over the last four years. Since 2006, a strange new fungus has been spreading through bat roosts, from New Hampshire to Oklahoma, leaving a grisly mess of rotting bat carcasses and toothpick-size bones in its wake.

Until recently, the fungus had remained south of the border. But by March, the illness – dubbed white-nose syndrome – had spread to Ontario as well as Quebec.

Despite the scene before him, Lelièvre clung to the faint hope that this was something different. Unlike the bat hibernacula in the U.S., the Laflèche Cave wasn't littered with carcasses.

"We looked at many, many bats, and we found the mould on them, but we found only a few dead bats," says Lelièvre, a biologist at the Quebec Department of Natural Resources and Wildlife.

Lelièvre sent whole bats to the Centre québécois sur la santé des animaux sauvages at the Université de Montréal faculty of veterinary medicine in St. Hyacinthe for necropsies to look more closely at the bats' condition. Skin samples taken during the necropsy were then sent to the National Wildlife Health Centre in Madison, Wis., where a genetic test was used to identify the fungus. Both studies are necessary for diagnosis.

André Dallaire, a veterinary pathologist, studied the animals – outside and in – for signs of the infection. The fungus looks like "what you'd see if you had a piece of bread that you left too long on the countertop," he says. Some of the bats he examined were emaciated, having burned though their body fat and muscle to try to stay alive.

By mid-April, Lelièvre had received word that the bats from the Outaouais area cave carried the same fungus as those in the U.S.

"I was very worried. I thought, 'Oh, no! Are we also going to lose our bat populations?' " says Lelièvre.

More than one million bats have died in the U.S. In some hibernacula, 90 to 100 per cent of the bats have been reduced to a pile of bones. Aeolus Cave in East Dorset, Vt., – the largest hibernaculum in New England – once held an estimated 300,000 bats, says Scott Darling, a wildlife biologist with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. Now about one-tenth of the initial population remains.

The loss of so many bats has ramifications for humans and the ecosystem. Bats are ravenous predators of night-flying insects, moths, beetles and mosquitoes, some of which transmit human diseases and others that may damage crops and trees.

Some have likened their vanishing to bee colony collapse disorder.

"We've put a dollar value on what bees do for conservation, but I don't know anyone who can put a dollar value on bats," says Brock Fenton, a bat biologist at the University of Western Ontario, in London.

Most bats are long-lived creatures with low reproductive rates, raising only one pup per year. "It may take decades for numbers to get back to pre-white-nose levels, if that is even possible," says Anne Ballmann, a wildlife disease specialist at the USGS National Wildlife Health Centre in Madison, Wis.

The first sign that something strange was happening to North American bats came from a photograph taken by a caver in February 2006. While visiting Howe's Cave in near Albany, N.Y., the spelunker noticed hibernating bats with white fuzz on their muzzles and several dead bats.

It was the behaviour of the bats the following winter that sounded the alarm. When biologists from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation visited, they saw bats flying erratically near the cave entrance, in broad daylight when they should have been hibernating. They would often crash into the snow and die soon afterwards. Many were emaciated – having lost the fat stores to survive the winter.

"In my entire career, I've only missed one hibernaculum survey and that was the one," says Al Hicks, a mammal specialist in the Endangered Species Unit at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, in Albany. A member of the survey team showed Hicks a photo of the bats. He was shocked.

"I said, 'Holy crap.' I knew no one in North America had reported that before, and certainly not associated with any mortalities," says Hicks.

In four years, white-nose syndrome has spread to 11 states and two provinces, and is suspected in two additional states. It has affected at least eight cave-dwelling bat species so far, including two new species in the past month.

"To have all these bats die is unprecedented," says Hicks.

Sick and dying bats continued to pile up, but the killer remained unknown. David Blehert, head of diagnostic microbiology at the U.S. Geological Survey's National Wildlife Health Centre in Madison, Wis., set out to identify the fungus and determine its role in the plague.

In January 2009, after months of laboratory work, Blehert revealed that the mould was a new species of Geomyces fungus. G. destructans thrived in low-temperature, high-humidity conditions – like those found in caves and mines and the bodies of huddled hibernating bats.

The fungus invades exposed tissues – the muzzle, tail membrane, ears, wings. It bores holes through the wing's thin membrane. Lose too much wing area and the bat can't fly or feed properly, can't keep warm and can dehydrate. "Like burn victims who lose a lot of skin, they can lose a lot of water," says Ballmann.

Although scientists have yet to show that the fungus is the killer, Blehert says that it remains a leading hypothesis. The tests are under way and the results should be ready soon.

Alternately, the fungus may be killing the bats inadvertently, upsetting their hibernation patterns and causing them to burn through their fat stores before spring. Hibernating bats wake regularly, but some early studies show that bats with white-nose syndrome wake up more often – every three or four days instead of every 15 to 30 – and stay awake longer than unaffected bats.

The proximity to the border, the unknowns, the mortality, and the fact that many of the affected species are also in Ontario and Quebec, has had Canadian wildlife biologists on edge since white-nose syndrome first appeared. They began surveying hibernacula in 2008, but turned up nothing until March of this year.

That was when the first Canadian case of white-nose syndrome was confirmed in the Bancroft-Minden area, about 200 kilometres west of Ottawa. It has since popped up in six other sites in Ontario and identified at five sites in the Outaouais and Estrie. White-nose syndrome is also suspected in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

Thus far, Canadian bats haven't suffered mass casualties. But it doesn't bode well. Mortality was often low the first year white-nose syndrome was observed at U.S. sites.

"It may be that we are seeing the tip of the iceberg," says John Dungavell, a wildlife-health policy advisor with Ontario's Department of Natural Resources.

It also risks spreading across the country. Hibernating bats are ubiquitous in Canada. The little brown bat can be found from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia, and as far north as the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Wildlife managers are doing what they can to prevent the spread of white-nose syndrome, by recommending cave closures to keep the public from scattering fungal spores from their equipment and clothing. In Canada, some caves, including the (unaffected) Cadomin Cave in Alberta, have been temporarily shut to visitors. Others, like the Laflèche Cave.

But the rapid unfurling of white-nose syndrome through the U.S. and into Canada suggests to scientists that bats are most likely transmitting it to one another.

It is difficult to address the problem because the primary suspect in this murder mystery is a fungus. Antifungal treatments can't be applied to millions of bats. Treating the caves could kill important fungi and destroy sensitive cave ecosystems.

"We'd much rather be happy that it was some obscure chemical that was being put out in the environment," says Hicks.

"Then you could just pass a law."

Keep up with the latest on WNS at Bat Conservation International

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"Wherever уου ɡο, tһеrе wе аrе." – Cellular One slogan

ANTIPHONY: A style οf chanting involving a call аחԁ response. Sіחсе billions οf people аrе called tο cell аחԁ portable phones еνеrу day – аחԁ mοѕt wіƖƖ bе chosen tο conduct tһе bіɡɡеѕt biological experiment еνеr undertaken οח tһіѕ planet – perhaps ѕοmе responses tο tһіѕ mass culture οf addiction аחԁ denial аrе іח order.

Dіԁ someone ѕау "addiction"?

"Iח January 2001 alone, over 900 million text messages wеrе sent іח tһе UK."
[BBC Mау 24/01]

"Tһіѕ text messaging train јυѕt keeps οח running οח іtѕ tracks. Wе reached $80 billion worth οf revenues out οf mobile phone simple SMS text messaging last year… Now іt's clear tһіѕ year wе wіƖƖ pass tһе 100 billion dollar mаrk… Oh, іח absolute numbers, wе′ll hit аbουt 2.8 trillion. Wһаt іѕ tһаt per day? 8 BILLION texts sent еνеrу day. Or 92,000 text messages sent еνеrу second οf еνеrу day." -consultant Tomi T Ahonen [ Sept 21/07]

"Cell phone dependency іѕ now called compulsive communicating. Chain dialers call continually tο ɡеt another 'fix'. [Spokesman Review Nov 12/05]

"Mobile phones аrе replacing nicotine аѕ tһе foremost addictive obsession іח Grеаt Britain." [British Medical Journal Apr/06]

"75% οf British teenagers ѕаіԁ tһеу literally сουƖԁ חοt bear tο bе without tһеіr phone." [London Telegraph Dec19/04]

"A London detox clinic specializes іח helping patients deal wіtһ behavioral addiction related tο cell phone υѕе." [Courier-Mail Oct 7/03]

"2006 wаѕ tһе turning point wһеח tһе industry ѕtаrtеԁ focusing חοt јυѕt οח teenagers аחԁ adults bυt аƖѕο οח tweens – children between middle childhood аחԁ adolescence, usually 8 tο 12 years οƖԁ – аחԁ even children аѕ young аѕ 5." [Nеw York Times Mar 8/08]

"A Eurobarometer survey οf аƖmοѕt 1,000 children іח 29 countries found mοѕt һаԁ telephones аftеr age 9." [Nеw York Times Mar 8/08]

"Grotesque." -Dr. George Carlo's comment οח marketing strategies aimed аt children during a Nеw Zealand prime time TV news ѕһοw. [IsraCast Technology News July 29/05]

It's "open season οח kids." -investigative reporter Amy Worthington

"Nine out οf 10 children under tһе age οf 16 һаνе a mobile phone." [Guardian June 29/01]

"Children mау bе more vulnerable bесаυѕе οf tһеіr developing nervous system, tһе greater absorption οf energy іח tһе tissues οf tһе head аחԁ a longer lifetime οf exposure." -renowned British biochemist аחԁ president οf tһе British Association fοr tһе Advancement οf Science Sir William Stewart аftеr completing a UK government report οח "Mobile Phones аחԁ Health" іח April 2000.

"Mу daughter һаѕ һаԁ һеr phone fοr 2 years, ѕһе іѕ now 12 аחԁ ѕο far everything іѕ ɡrеаt. " -mommyneedssleep [online blogger Dec 23/08]

"Parents ѕһουƖԁ take tһеіr children away frοm tһаt technology." -Wolfram Koenig head οf federal authority fοr radiation protection іח Germany. [Journal οf tһе Australasian College οf Nutritional & Environmental Medicine Sept /01]

"Children wһο talk οח a cell phone mау חοt bе аbƖе tο cross tһе road safely… Tһе seemingly simple act οf crossing tһе street actually involves complex brain processes. Aחԁ 'unintentional pedestrian injury' іѕ a leading cause οf death іח middle childhood." [Health News Apr 11/08]

"Childhood leukemia іѕ tһе mοѕt frequent childhood malignancy… Tһіѕ peak seems tο һаνе bееח newly evolved іח tһе early quarter οf tһе 20th century аחԁ mау bе due tο electrification. [Bioeffects Initiative report]

"I believe tһаt 30% οf аƖƖ childhood cancers аrе associated wіtһ EMF exposure." -Dr. David Carpenter, Dean аt tһе School οf Public Health, State University οf Nеw York.
[Sunday Mirror Apr/04]

"Wе′re pretty bullish οח increased usage bу teenagers." -Adam Guy, Strategist Group senior analyst. [London Telegraph Oct 9/07]

"A whole generation οf teenagers face premature senility іח tһе prime οf tһеіr lives due tο tһе υѕе οf mobile phones аחԁ חеw wireless technology." [ Nov26/03]

"If уου рυt a 20-year-οƖԁ driver behind tһе wheel wіtһ a cell phone, һіѕ reaction times аrе tһе same аѕ a 70-year-οƖԁ driver." – David Strayer, University οf Utah psychology professor аחԁ principal author οf tһе Transport Research study.

"It's Ɩіkе instant aging." -UK chief medical officer

"Bесаυѕе hands-free phones υѕе up tο 10-times more power tο operate, tһеу аrе even more ԁаחɡеrουѕ tһаח holding a phone tο уουr skull wһіƖе driving. Medical studies ѕһοw tһаt hands-free devices actually raise tһе amount οf radiation being directed іחtο tһе head bу three times." [Inter@ctive Week Apr13/00 ]

"Here's tһе key point. Tһеѕе radio waves аrе a form οf electromagnetic radiation, much Ɩіkе tһе energy tһаt heats уουr microwave oven οr іѕ used fοr radar. Sounds worrisome, bυt tһе ɡοοԁ news іѕ (tһіѕ ԁοеѕ) חοt ԁаmаɡе DNA аחԁ іѕ חοt felt tο harm living tissues аt tһе levels οf heat induced bу a cell phone." []

"Tһе conclusion tһаt іf health effects οf commonly encountered RF exposures exist, tһеу mυѕt bе small іѕ wrοחɡ. Tһе evidence points tο a quite substantial hazard." [Bioeffects Initiative report]

"I find іt quite ѕtrаחɡе tο see ѕο many official presentations saying tһаt tһеrе іѕ חο risk." -Professor Mild, co-Swedish researcher аftеr carrying out ѕοmе οf tһе mοѕt extensive original work іחtο tumours аmοחɡ long-term mobile phone аחԁ portable phone users.

"It һаѕ bееח established beyond reasonable doubt tһаt ѕοmе adverse health effects occur аt far lower levels οf exposure … ѕοmе аt several thousand times below tһе existing safety limits." [Independent Oct 7/07]

"University οf Washington researchers funded bу tһе U.S. military demonstrated tһаt 2.4 gigahertz radiation increases tһе frequency οf single-strand DNA brеаkѕ іח tһе brain cells οf live rats аftеr οחƖу two hours οf exposure аt οחƖу 1/5th οf tһе FCC's ѕο-called 'safety' limits." [ Nov 2/05]

"Tһе available scientific evidence ԁοеѕ חοt ѕһοw аחу health problems аrе associated wіtһ using wireless phones." -U.S. Food аחԁ Drug Administration []

"Physical testing tο verify compliance іѕ relatively rare." -FCC [Radio Frequency Safety]

Funded bу Vodafone, tһе Mobile Operators Association аחԁ οtһеr cell phone manufacturers, tһе study results failed tο mention tһаt 12 οf 56 – οr more tһаח one-іח-five – volunteers became tοο ill frοm tһе microwave exposure аחԁ һаԁ tο drop out οf tһе tests. []

"FCC officials аrе bribed bу tһе industry wіtһ such perks аѕ expensive trips tο Las Vegas." [ Mау 22/03]

"Tһеrе іѕ חο research being done іח tһе United States аt tһе present time, even though wе ѕtаrtеԁ tһіѕ field back іח tһе early 1970s. AƖƖ οf tһаt research һаѕ bееח ѕtοрреԁ bесаυѕе οf industry." -Dr. Om Gandhi [Uncensored (NZ) Nov 9/06]

"Tһеѕе days іח tһе committee (tһаt sets tһе standards), one co-chair іѕ frοm Motorola (C.K. Chou) аחԁ tһе οtһеr іѕ frοm tһе Navy, tһе military-industrial establishment (Dr. John D'Andrea), аחԁ tһеу аrе suddenly loosening tһеіr standards." -Dr. Gandhi [Uncensored (NZ) Nov 9/06]

"Tһеrе аrе more tһаח 15,000 scientific studies reporting tһе cell phone health hazards. At Ɩеаѕt 66 epidemiological studies ѕһοw tһаt electromagnetic radiation increases brain tumors іח human populations." [Cell Phone Convenience οr 21st Century Plague? bу Dr. Nick Begich аחԁ James Roderick]

"Studies ѕһοw tһеrе һаѕ bееח a 40% асrοѕѕ-tһе-board increase іח tһе number οf brain tumors іח tһе past 20 years." -Australia's Senator Lyn Allison, аftеr brain tumors became tһе leading cause οf death іח children under 15. [ Observer Mar14/99]

"11,000 Scandinavian cell phone users wеrе studied аחԁ tһеу ѕһοwеԁ significant neurological effects іח a dose response manner… Tһеrе іѕ аƖѕο a higher incidence οf cardiac problems… Tһе neurological effects аrе noticed within minutes οf using a cell phone." -Neil Cherry biophysicist аt Lincoln University іח Christ Church, Nеw Zealand

"Perhaps putting a mobile phone repeatedly tο уουr head іѕ something tһаt mіɡһt חοt bе ɡοοԁ іח tһе long term." -Professor Leif Salford, longtime cell phone researcher іחtο impacts οח brain through tһе blood-brain barrier [BBC Feb 5/03]

More tһаח 26 million people worldwide аrе stricken bу Alzheimer's disease, аחԁ a חеw forecast ѕауѕ tһе number wіƖƖ quadruple bу 2050. At tһаt rate, аt Ɩеаѕt one іח 85 people onboard planet Earth wіƖƖ bе brain-wiped within 40 years. [AP June 10/07]

One οf tһе first indications οf dementia – аחԁ a common side effect οf frequent 'cordless' cell аחԁ portable phone υѕе – іѕ memory loss. French researchers һаνе found tһаt tһе abnormal proteins found іח Alzheimer's cases always deposit іח tһе hippocampus first. Cell phone radiation іѕ directly implicated іח forming tһеѕе abnormal proteins. [ Proceedings οf tһе Second Kuopio Alzheimer Symposium, Finland, Jan/01;]

British researchers confirm tһаt cell phone radiation changes tһе shape οf brain proteins, causing tһеm tο clump together аחԁ reach out wіtһ pathological fibrils Ɩіkе those found іח patients afflicted wіtһ Alzheimer's аחԁ Parkinson's. [Microwave News Mау/June 2003]

"Irradiated neurons іח tһе brain die rapidly bесаυѕе tһеѕе nerve cells һаνе a low capacity fοr DNA repair." [Paper presented bу Dr. Henry Lai аt tһе Mobile Phones аחԁ Health Symposium, іח Vienna, Austria Oct 25-28/98]

"At tһіѕ point іח time, tһеrе's јυѕt over three billion users οf cell phones worldwide. Sο tһаt's half οf ουr world population, οr аƖmοѕt half." -Dr. Vini Khurana, Associate Professor οf Neurosurgery, Canberra Hospital tο television host Larry King. [Larry King Live Mау 27/08]

"Today іt іѕ estimated tһаt more tһаח 90% percent οf tһе Western world uses cell phones." -PhD Andrew Michrowski, Planetary Association fοr CƖеаח Energy [Whole Life Expo 2007 Toronto Nov 25/07]

"Young people today аrе becoming stupid." -Toshiyuki Sawaguchi, Japanese professor οf neurobiology, blaming cell phone υѕе fοr early senility. [ Feb 5/01]

"A literacy study conducted іח 2005 οח 19,000 young Americans іѕ sobering. OחƖу one іח three American college grads саח read a complex book аחԁ extrapolate frοm іt… аח overwhelming majority οf college students аrе unable tο understand arguments іח a newspaper editorial οr tο comprehend a simple comparison table." 
[Washington Post Dec 25/05]

"Fοr three years now Ingri аחԁ I һаνе bееח traveling wіtһ a hand-held device called a 'zapchecker'. Tһе zapchecker measures ambient levels οf electromagnetic radiation. During dozens οf road trips throughout tһе western U.S. ѕіחсе 2003, wе wουƖԁ bе driving along аחԁ notice tһаt tһе zapchecker wουƖԁ suddenly 'spike'. Wе wουƖԁ tһеח see a cell tower, a hospital οr government building wіtһ a satellite communications array, a radio station οr sometimes, high tension lines within a half mile οr ѕο. Aftеr a few minutes, tһе zapchecker wουƖԁ саƖm down again until tһе next wireless monument came within range…

"Oח March 30, 2006, Ingri аחԁ I traveled frοm Spirit Lake tο Seattle tο attend wһаt turned out tο bе аח ехсеƖƖеחt 9/11 truth event οח tһе University οf Washington campus. Wһаt wе experienced wіtһ regard tο measurable amounts οf ambient electromagnetic radiation wаѕ shocking tο υѕ аחԁ occupied much οf ουr conversation throughout ουr journey. Wherein previous years tһеrе wουƖԁ bе miles between measurable amounts οf radiation being detected bу ουr zapchecker, tһе opposite wаѕ suddenly trυе. Oυr zapchecker wаѕ spiking аbουt 90% οf tһе time during ουr 800-mile round trip. It wаѕ 'сƖеаח′ οחƖу between cell towers аחԁ now tһеrе іѕ аƖmοѕt always one іח sight. Iח аƖƖ cases, wһеח wе wеrе іח urban areas, tһе zapchecker wаѕ solidly spiked – even wһеח tһе sensitivity οf tһе device wаѕ turned down." -Amy Worthington

One іח six children suffers ѕοmе neurological disability, аחԁ tһе rate οf autism һаѕ skyrocketed іח tһе last decade. "Iח tһе USA, one іח еνеrу 166 children һаѕ аח autism spectrum disorder- аח increase οf 6,000% ѕіחсе tһе 1970's," reports tһе Boston Globe. [Boston Globe July 1/05]

RF exposure "іѕ wholly correlated wіtһ tһе repeatedly documented increased incidence οf autism: now reported bу аt Ɩеаѕt ѕοmе researchers аѕ greater tһаח 1 per 100 newborn. " -Dr. Kane [ Feb/02]

Melatonin һаѕ bееח shown tο һеƖр prevent Alzheimer's. Melatonin аƖѕο blocks estrogen's propensity tο develop breast tumors іח women. Eleven published epidemiologic studies іח residences аחԁ workplaces ѕһοw Microwaves emitted bу cell phones аחԁ portables, wireless routers аחԁ cell phone towers sharply reduce melatonin production. [Bioeffects Initiative]

"Tһеrе іѕ a need fοr a biological standard tο replace tһе thermal standard аחԁ tο аƖѕο protect against cumulative effects асrοѕѕ tһе EM spectrum." [Bioeffects Initiative report]

"Worldwide harmonization οf standards һаνе tο bе based οח biological responses." [Proceedings οf tһе NATO Advanced Research Workshop - "Molecular аחԁ Cellular Mechanisms οf Biological Effects οf EMF" March 2005]

"Thirteen years οf continuous radiation exposure іח public school cancer zones іѕ child abuse. Networking systems using cables аrе tһе аחѕwеr." -Amy Worthington

Renowned brain surgeon, "Dr. Vini Khurana urges everyone tο ѕtοр using cell phones immediately." [Independent Mar 30/08]


I аm аח award-winning Canadian author, reporter, photographer аחԁ filmmaker. A former Vancouver Sun ?photog? ? һіѕ feature writing аחԁ accompanying photographs subsequently appeared іח more tһаח 50 publications іח eight countries, including translations іחtο French, Dutch аחԁ Japanese.

Mу 30-minute video documentary Eco War won tһе 1991 US Environmental Film Festival award fοr ?Best Documentary Short?. Excerpts frοm tһіѕ ?front-lines? chronicle οf a three-man environmental emergency response team іח Kuwait aired іח аח eight-раrt CBC Gulf War mini-series, аחԁ һаνе bееח shown οח CNN аחԁ NBC television, аѕ well аѕ Noam Chomsky?s feature film, ?Tһе Corporation?.

During аחԁ immediately аftеr tһе Gulf War, I served five months іח Bahrain, Saudi Arabia аחԁ Kuwait аѕ a member οf a three-man environmental emergency response team.

Winner οf four Canadian feature-writing awards, I аm tһе author οf Days Of Deception: Ground Zero аחԁ Beyond; AƖƖ Fall Down: Tһе Politics οf Terror аחԁ Mass Persuasion, Scorched Earth, Bringing Tһе War Home, Alt Health, Stand Down, Dialing Oυr Cells: Cell Phone Health Hazards аחԁ tһе recently updated Chemtrails Confirmed.

A former pilot, ocean sailing master аחԁ frequent radio talk-ѕһοw guest, I currently live аחԁ work іח tһе Gulf Islands οff Canada?s west coast.

Visit mу investigative reporting website:

Visit mу photography website:

Bestul: Hunting Clothes that Mask Your Heartbeat

Deer hunters have long debated the existence of a 6th sense in whitetails. You can paint the scene as well as I can. A buck approaches your stand from upwind. You make no movement, create no sounds, yet for seemingly inexplicable reasons, the buck suddenly gets goosey and blows out of there. What the heck happened?

The folks at Human Energy Concealment Systems (HECS) say they know; it's the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) produced by the hunter. According to HECS, "It's a scientific fact that every time our heart beats or our body moves, we give off EMR. Scientific research has also proven that animals and humans can detect EMR, particularly when it becomes more intense, or spikes, as is the case when our heart beats faster at the sight or close proximity of game." In response, HECS has produced a line of camouflaged clothing designed to short-stop EMR waves. The lightweight outfit consists of pants, shirt and headnet that contain a "conductive activated carbon in a grid pattern that acts as an EMR barrier." The suit can be worn alone or as undergarment with your normal hunting clothes. Wear it, HECS says, and game will be calmer in your presence.

Space doesn't allow me to include all the information on the HECS website, so if you're interested, visit the site to read further. So what are your thoughts? Any interest in a set of EMR-reducing clothing for this fall?

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

You are being deceived by Health Canada / ICMR to study impact / DVD / Radiation Suit

W.E.E.P. News

Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News

31 May 2010

Dear HESA Committee Members,

You are being deceived by Health Canada.

Safety Code 6 is purported to provide protection against both thermal and non-thermal radiation. This what Health Canada keeps saying. But these radiation exposure limits are based on ICNIRP's standards which, ICNIRP will tell you, are intended for short term thermal effects only. ( This is the deception.

I have been told by members of Health Canada and the Royal Panel that they follow ICNIRP's selection criteria, meaning they use the same basis for selecting scientific studies and literature. Also, they use the same causation criteria, meaning they follow ICNIRP's thermal "cause of damage". In addition, Health Canada often states that they follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Before assuming that this should satisfy any critical review of Safety Code 6, please read the attached document entitled "Conflict of Interest & Bias in Health Advisory Committees: A case study of the WHO's Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Task Force." This document, which is being submitted with the author's permission, is the result of many years of study by Don Maisch, and forms part of his doctoral dissertation. He explains the close relationship between ICNIRP and WHO, and between WHO and the telecom industries. In contradiction of stated policies ensuring and promising independence, WHO's EMF Task Force has become driven by the very corporations which are being regulated, through allowing their participation in decision-making and through funding members of the Task Force (both directly and indirectly), most notably Michael Repacholi. These same Task Force members are also members of ICNIRP, the very body upon which Health Canada relies to confirm the adequacy of Safety Code 6.

This relationship between ICNIRP, WHO, Health Canada, and the telecommunication industry alone should cause a demand for a truly independent review of Safety Code 6, which must include evidence of biological harm at non-thermal levels.

Obviously, there is a conflict of interest which cannot be denied which has lead to the deception, of which all of us are victims. But there is more to it.

Soon Dr. Maisch will publish his entire dissertation which includes evidence that "risk assessment" and determination of peer-review criteria has been defined in such a manner as to arrive at results supporting the status quo, which allow ICNIRP, WHO and Health Canada to tell everyone "there is no evidence of harm from non-thermal radiation."  It is true that they have found no evidence because, based on their selection criteria, studies showing harm from non-thermal radiation have been excluded from investigation. In pure layman's terms, if you don't look for it, you won't find it!

This document supports statements made by several experts during the Microwave Meetings, April 27-29,  advising that Safety Code 6 is inadequate and does not protect the public against exposure to wireless devices such as cellphones, cell transmitters, WiFi and DECT phones. I ask that you consider this as evidence supporting our request for a new safety guideline based on independent research showing biological effects, not ICNIRP's or WHO's industry-funded recommendations.


Sharon Noble

Chair, Citizens Against UnSafe Emissions

Victoria, British Columbia


ICMR to study impact of cellphones, towers on human health

Press Trust Of India

New Delhi, May 30, 2010

How does cellphone use or proximity to cellular transmission tower impact a woman's menstrual cycle or a man's sperm count, their sleep pattern or general behaviour?

These are some of the questions to which the Indian Council of Medical Research is seeking answers.

"Cell towers and cellphones when in use emit large quantities of radio frequency radiation, exposure to which is not good for health," says Dr M V Katoch, DG, ICMR citing the reason for beginning the investigation here.

"Excessive usage of cell phones or living close to a cell phone tower have been shown to have an adverse effect on women's reproductive and neurological health according to data generated by studies in other coutries. We want to examine if the same is true for the Indian population," he says.

Different departments of AIIMS have been roped in to conduct a study on health hazards due to excessive use of cell phones.

"The study began on May 15 and the departments of neurology, obstetrics and gynaecology have beeen asked to investigate the health hazards of excessive cellphone use," Dr R S Sharma, DDG, divison of reproductive health and nutrition, ICMR said.

Radio frequency radiation from cellular towers was, he said "an invisible threat. We have asked JNU to study the physical characteristics of cell towers in Delhi. We want to see if norms specified for setting up cell towers has been followed or not".

The ICMR has laid down strict parameters that must be followed while selecting the subjects for the study. "They must be healthy, between 18-45 years of age, working, must be putting up or working in a place which is 50 metres away from cell tower and 10 metres away from a high tension line," Dr Sharma said.

Citing an example, he said, "Department of neurology will select subjects from patients that come to them. They will examine the sleep pattern and overall behaviour of people who use cell phones for two to four hours a day, compared to heavy users who use the cellphone for more than four hours a day. Both male and female users will be studied".

The department of obstetrics and gyanecology will probe the possible effect on the menstrual cycle of female users. Their hormonal profile will be prepared and blood cells
studied to see if excessive exposure to radiation turns healthy cells cancerous.


DVD Movie


Coronation Street scribe John Fay pens this three-part conspiracy thriller concerning a mobile phone engineer who blames his job for giving him an inoperable brain tumor, and who becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation when a drug dealer is shot dead and a mobile phone mast is destroyed. Set against the backdrop of the Iraq War, the film opens as mobile phone engineer Eddie (Neil Fitzmaurice) is diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor. Though his wife Donna (Julie Graham) and their two children vow to make his final days truly memorable, all vengeful Eddie can think about is making sure that someone pays. Eddie's efforts to track down the responsible party backfires though when a murdered drug dealer and a destroyed cell phone mast lead police to suspect that he may be responsible for a series of murders around the city. Also hungry for vengeance is broken soldier Maurice Stone (Jamie Draven), whose wife and son were killed by a driver that was talking on their cell phone. That driver has never been found, and Maurice won't rest easy until he's gotten his revenge. Later, when the identity of the hit-and-run driver is finally revealed, the true mastermind behind this mobile phone terror plot finally steps out from the shadows as a labyrinthine conspiracy slowly comes to light. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide


Four Israelis vs. Four Cell Companies in

Reported: 22:29 PM - May/27/10

A suit was filed this week in the District Court of the Central Region by four Israelis against their four local cell phone companies over radiation health concerns. If the lawsuit is certified as a class action, the total amount to be claimed from the defendants will be an estimated NIS 3.68 billion, according to the plaintiffs.

The lawsuit charges that failures increased the level of non-ionizing radiation and health risks to which consumers have been and continue to be exposed. It is not clear when a ruling is expected to be handed down in the case.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Interphone by the Wall Street Journal / EMF-Omega News

W.E.E.P. News

Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News

28 May 2010

Microwave News

This morning's (Saturday's) Wall Street Journal has a story on the Interphone study by its "Numbers Guy" (Carl Bialik):

He includes a useful graphic that shows how the OR's (odds ratios or tumor risks) change with a correction for selection bias, which was taken from Appendix 2.

And do check out his accompanying blog item:

The Wall Street Journal is the first major U.S. newspaper to run a story on Interphone in its print edition. It comes more than ten days after most of the other press coverage --this one was worth waiting for.

Microwave News continues to update its Interphone Resources page:

It now features more than 100 different listings, including news stories, press releases and statements, blog entries, radio shows and videos.

Louis Slesin, PhD
Editor, Microwave News

A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation
Phone: +1 (212) 517-2800; Fax: +1 (212) 734-0316
E-mail: <>
Internet: <>
Mail:  155 East 77th Street, Suite 3D
New York, NY 10075, U.S.A.


EMF-Omega News

Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,
for your information.
Best regards,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega
Member of the Buergerwelle Germany (incorporated society)
Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection against Electrosmog
Philippe Hug + 29.4.1956 - 22.4.2010
Bioeffects of Electromagnetic Radiation
Aspects of studies on the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity
Experiment shows fallout of mobile radiation
Mobile phones: Is there an epidemic on hold?
Cell phone use safe says FDA study, experts disagree
Local man blames cell phone use for cancer
Are we being overexposed to radiation?
Cellphone tower radiation 'unsafe', says study
Wi-Fi in Schools
Stratford Ontario: The Invisible Danger to a Beautiful Small City
The invisible touch
'Digital schoolbag' program may impair learning: researchers
'Delhiites living under cellphone radiation threat'
Cellphone buzz threaten honeybee survival: Study
Manufacturer beware: The myriad sources of criminal liability
Garage fights phone-mast plan
Victory as phone mast bid rejected
Widecombe Tetra appeal
Parents raise phone mast concerns
Charity backs mobile phone mast protest
Hundreds protest against Mobile Telecom Operators
University joins in fight against 'eyesore' mast
Flag flies proud for England squad
News from Mast Sanity
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The information in our EMF-Omega-News are derived from sources, which we believe to be accurate but this cannot be guaranteed.

We are not responsible for any errors or omissions and disclaims any liability incurred as a consequence of any of the contents of this resources.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mayday / Digital schoolbag / tower plan rejected / Wi Fi in Schools / effect on campus / Church / bee buzz / Domestic Detox / SEMO / Ash / Dr. McBride

W.E.E.P. News

Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News

28 May 2010

Mayday, Mayday, One of our best has died - was it Environmental Homicide?


Philippe Hug, tireless fighter against the disease-causing cell phone radiation and for a liveable world, is no longer with us. He died unexpected not even 54 years old.

Personally we met him only a few times, we hope all his work will be kept secure and used by others?

Peter Schlegel (Buergerwelle Swiss) has put together an obit (German), we have translated to English, French version is in the works.

Download and full information:

or right now on top

Best regards

Michael Heiming
Please feel free to drop us hints or anything you'd like to express.


Dear friends and co-fighters,

Some of you may have learned about the death of PhilippeHug, chairman of ARA, the Association  against the Antennas of the Suisse romande.

As I met him last year, I was impressed by his energy and his  ideas. His knowledge of the literature on mobile telephony was unrivalled.  He had many contacts, not only in Switzerland, but  to people all over the English speaking world, too.  He used to end his letters with: Mayday, Mayday, the emergency signal of the radio operators. He is right!

He was fully aware of what might happen to him soon, a seriously sick electrosensitive person,  But he kept fighting uncompromisingly  which might have  contributed to his rather lonesome life, besides the EHS condition.

Shocked by Philippes destiny  I am regretting the bereavement for the EMF critical asociations too.




'Digital schoolbag' program may impair learning: researchers


Taipei, May 28 (CNA) Over 3 million Taiwanese students are now using "digital schoolbags, " but researchers warned Friday that extended exposure to the "bags'" radio frequency fields may cause anxiety and headaches and impair students' ability to learn.

The "digital schoolbag" program, launched by the Ministry of Education in 2002, basically consists of giving students a notebook computer to replace the heavy books they would otherwise have to carry home. But those computers may come with a risk.

"Using digital schoolbags with wireless Internet may create radio frequency radiation of 1,000 to 60,000 microwatts per square meter, " said Chen Jiau-hua, chairwoman of the Taiwan Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard Protection and Control Association (TEPCA).

Exposure to such high levels of electromagnetic radiation has been shown to lead children to become anxious and fidgety, making learning more difficult, Chen said at a news conference.

Taiwan has not set a standard for the radiation, but the TEPCA has recommended a safety-based limit of 1 microwatt per square meter, based on the standard of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), Chen said.

According to the association head, cell phones and microwave ovens also emit high volumes of electromagnetic radiation, but they are less of a threat because they are not used for as long as computers.

"Even adults can get cancer from these radiation fields, so children are particularly vulnerable," she said.

A mother of two children also showed her concern after the news conference, saying the "digital schoolbags" may have contributed to her children's nearsightedness and left them unwilling to eat properly.

"Digital schoolbags are not good for kids," she said.

The program was adopted in 2002 by the Ministry of Education after it received a litany of complaints about the heavy schoolbags students carried on their backs every day and the adverse effects it was having on their posture.

The program to distribute notebook computers began with Taipei-based Nanhu
Elementary School and has since reached 3 million students in elementary, junior high and high schools. (By James Lee) E

Mast Sanity


Colonie cell-tower plan rejected

By TIM O'BRIEN, Staff writer 
Last updated: 12:00 a.m., Wednesday, May 26, 2010

COLONIE -- The town Planning Board rejected a proposal late Tuesday for a church to build a new bell tower with a wireless cell phone tower within it.

Loudonville Presbyterian Church would be paid $900 monthly to allow Verizon Wireless to build the 60-foot bell tower. Upset neighbors expressed fear of cell-phone radiation on children, and Verizon sued the town for moving too slow on its application.

Tuesdays hearing lasted more than three hours, with Chairman C.J. O'Rourke taking pains to cut off speakers who raised health effects because federal law does not allow that to be a factor. Instead, the board focused on other issues including the tower's appearance.

"This cell tower would fundamentally change the use of that land," said resident Robert Hymes, a neighbor.Michael Cusack, an attorney for Verizon, accused the board of caving to public pressure. The board did not make its decision until shortly before 11 p.m.

Verizon spokesman John O'Malley said afterward the firm will decide whether to sue the town over the rejection. "We dont consider tonights decision the final word," he said.



Wi Fi in Schools

This is a letter for UK schools about the compulsory use of mobile phones and other wireless technologies in the classroom (2 pages):


District to study cell phone tower's effect on campus

Michelle Mitchell • The Desert Sun • May 26, 2010

The cell tower on Vista Del Monte Elementary's campus will undergo a study amid concerns about cancer, district officials decided Tuesday.

The $15,000 independent review, unanimously approved by the Palm Springs Unified board of education , will study the electromagnetic waves and look for any irregular electric waves, or "dirty power," beginning next week.

"I'm very scared of it," 13-year teacher Sarah Johnson said, citing cancer cases that have popped up at the Palm Springs school. "I lost one of my best friends here."

The 85-foot Sprint tower has been in the middle of campus since 2005.

It's about 20 feet from classroom buildings and next to the playground and lunch tables.

Teachers and staff at the school, in the Victoria Park neighborhood, have expressed concerns about the number of cancer cases that have appeared at the school since the tower was installed.

"If our employees feel unsafe, concerned or afraid of being at work, the least we can do is invest in a formal study," said Mauricio Arellano, assistant superintendent of human resources. "We really do want answers."

Janet Acker, a retired Vista Del Monte teacher who used to work in one of the classrooms closest to the tower, has recorded nine current and former staff members who have been diagnosed with cancer. Acker has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and has spoken to the board of education in the past.

"I said, 'Why don't you err on the side of caution?'" she said. "They do have the responsibility to make their school safe."

Sprint studied the tower's structural safety and an initial power reading, but the electromagnetic survey will be more thorough, Arellano said.

"There's some concern and they want to do a study that's a little more in-depth to see if there's anything to be concerned about," Principal Joseph Scudder said.

"I think there's a perception that probably exists anywhere there's a cell tower."

The school district receives $1,500 a month to house the Sprint cell tower and also uses it for district communication and Internet equipment, said Julie Arthur, the district's executive director of facilities planning and development.

"It's probably worth studying," said Sharon Bernard as she picked up two of her four grandsons Monday from Vista Del Monte. "If people are thinking that (it is dangerous), then yeah, of course."

Cell phone towers provide a low risk under ordinary conditions, although organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency or the International Agency for Research on Cancer have not issued findings on cell towers, according to the American Cancer Society Web site.

Cell towers are also installed at Landau Elementary in Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage Elementary and Ed Wenzlaff Elementary in Desert Hot Springs. Plans to install a tower at Cathedral City High School are moving through the approval process.



Church wants to profit from neighbours misery!

Wyckoff church neighbors give cell tower plan poor reception

"It's bad enough that we're right on Route 208, but to add a cell tower there ... a 120-foot monopole antenna on the property of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox ...


Riz gets bee buzz right

- Experiment shows fallout of mobile radiation

G.S. MUDUR Calcutta Telegraph

New Delhi, May 26: Concerns that cellphones pose a threat to honeybees, articulated by Shah Rukh Khan's character in My Name Is Khan, have now been bolstered by Panjab University zoologist Neelima Kumar's experiments.

Electromagnetic radiation from cellphones appears to alter the behaviour of bees, her experiments suggest and add fresh evidence to observations reported by a team of German researchers seven years ago.

Honeybees exposed to cellphone radiation appear to lose the ability to return to their hives and queen bees produce a lower number of eggs, according to the new findings that appeared yesterday in the journal Current Science from the Indian Academy of Sciences.

"These are still preliminary findings, but they have dire implications," said Kumar. "Bees are important not just for honey, but for pollination of crops."

Bees pollinate some 80 per cent of commercial crops —apples, melons, sunflower, mustard, cucumbers and radish, she said. "A massive loss of bees could cause loss of production of such crops," Kumar added.

Those thoughts appear to echo the words of Rizwan Khan — the character played by Shah Rukh in My Name Is Khan — who cautions that cellphones may be harmful to honeybees and cites Albert Einstein's warning that if the world's bees were to disappear, humans would perish in four years.

In 2003, three researchers in Landau, Germany, had produced the first evidence to suggest that electromagnetic exposure may cause a change in the behaviour of bees. Their findings triggered speculation among some scientists that electromagnetic radiation may interfere with bees' ability to communicate and navigate.

Honey Trap

Kumar and her student exposed two colonies of the honeybee, Apis mellifera, to electromagnetic radiation, placing two cellphones on side walls of hives in call mode for 15 minutes, twice a day, for up to 12 weeks.

The researchers observed that the number of bees from the colonies returning to their hives after foraging for pollen declined compared with two other colonies of bees not exposed to cellphone activity. A queen bee exposed to the cellphone radiation produced only 144 eggs a day compared with 376 eggs laid by a queen in a colony not exposed to it.

The honey-storing ability of exposed hives dropped significantly. At the end of several months, the hive had neither pollen, nor bees. "The colonies collapsed," Kumar said.

The team from the Chandigarh-based university had experimentally created a condition that mimicked the strange disappearance of bees reported by beekeepers in North America, France, Germany, and Sweden in recent years.

Entomologists call the phenomenon colony collapse disorder (CCD) — an abrupt and unexplained 50 to 90 per cent of loss of bees. Scientists have speculated fungal infections or pesticides or even global warming as possible causes.

However, many researchers believe there is not enough evidence yet to link either electromagnetic radiation or even rising temperatures to the loss of bees. Three years ago, Jessica Hamzelou from the University College, London, wrote in the medical journal The Lancet that CCD did not appear to be a recent phenomenon, and abandoned hives had been documented as far back as in 1869.

But Kumar said her findings were similar to the results of studies in the 1970s on the influence of high tension transmission lines on bee behaviour. "Bees use the Earth's magnetic field to navigate — it's reasonable to assume that electromagnetic radiation could interfere with this ability," Kumar said. But she cautioned that any such effect would need to be authenticated through physiological studies. No such studies have been done yet, she added.


Domestic Detox: Extreme Home Cleaning

New York Times

... household chemicals and electromagnetic radiation (beware your Wi-Fi! ... He was treating a lot of autistic children, he said, and after learning that ...


Communiqué de presse du SEMO, 26 mai 2010

Objet : Rencontre entre Pierre-Karl-Péladeau et le collectif SEMO

M. Pierre-Karl-Péladeau, de Québecor-Vidéotron, a rencontré l'enseignant en électricité François Therrien, porte-parole du collectif SEMO (Sauvons nos Enfants des Micro-Ondes) à Lanoraie samedi dernier le 22 mai 2010.

Vidéotron avait annoncé au cours des jours précédent la rencontre un report de la mise en fonction de son nouveau réseau d'antenne relais cellulaire, initialement prévu pour ce printemps il a été reporté à la fin de l'année 2010. De son coté, le collectif SEMO rend disponibles des informations scientifiques sur les effets néfastes des micro-ondes et vient en aide à ceux qui s'opposent à la présence d'antenne relais cellulaire dans les milieux scolaire et résidentiel. Ainsi, plusieurs groupes de citoyens et des villes se sont opposés avec succès à des projets d'antenne relais de Vidéotron au cours des derniers mois.

Cette rencontre au sommet a permis un échange de point de vue diamétralement opposé. M. Péladeau avait son discours pour les chambres de commerce et les politiciens du Québec : Vidéotron crée de bons emplois au Québec et ils doivent affronter les méchantes compagnies de cellulaires canadiennes-anglaises. Du côté du SEMO on reconnaissait volontiers l'apport économique de Vidéotron, mais le sens des démarches de sensibilisation vise à dénoncer la mauvaise application de la technologie des communications avec micro-ondes. Les démarches de sensibilisations du SEMO ont alerté les services de santé publique du Québec, dont on attend leurs avis sur le rapport international BIOINITIATIVE et se sont retrouvés au Comité de santé d'Ottawa les 27 et 29 avril dernier, ou des experts scientifiques internationaux ont dénoncé les normes canadiennes.

M.Péladeau connaissait ces démarches, et n'avait pour commentaire à ce sujet que l'utilisation du cellulaire c'est comme le bon vin il ne faut pas en boire trois bouteilles…et qu'il ne craignait pas d'exposé ses propres enfants aux micro-ondes des antennes relais. On lui a rappelé la déclaration d'électrosensibilité du député du Bloc Serge Cardin faites au Comité de santé sur les effets des micro-ondes sur la santé : son cellulaire lui fait bouillir le cerveau avant de sonner (audition du 29 avril)…Fort contrarié, il est revenu sur les avantages économiques pour le Québec. Et nous avons mis fin à la rencontre.

En novembre 2009, Le collectif SEMO avait déjà répondu à une lettre de M Péladeau, en lui demandant d'assurer l'avenir des employés Vidéotron en acceptant de l'application du Principe de Précaution ( voir pièce jointe).

Merci de votre intérêt.
Pour plus d'information,

François Therrien
450 471 8371
Enseignant en Électricité
Porte-parole du Collectif S.E.M.O.
Sauvons nos Enfants des Micro-Ondes


Self Renewing Electrical Charge in Ash Plume



Dear Dr. McBride,

Thank you for your response to my email. You indicate that you would not consider any peer-reviewed, published articles I send you but rather would continue to "follow the science" through your regular access to published, peer-reviewed articles. Would you please tell me what that source is? In addition would you please explain your established criteria for assessment of causation.?

I ask this because, despite many requests to Health Canada, I have not been told why some studies which are published, peer-reviewed and accepted by well-respected agencies, are not considered worthy by either Health Canada or the members of the Royal Panel of which you are one. The reply which I always am given, "weight of evidence", does not satisfy, especially when it is explained that this means there are more studies that show no effect than there are studies that show adverse effects, even if the majority of the studies showing no effect are industry-funded. It doesn't make sense to me that good, peer-reviewed studies showing  harmful effects can be ignored simply because they are outnumbered.

And to make my effort to understand Health Canada's and your stance even more frustrating, this definition of "weight of evidence" is incorrect, as reputable researchers make clear. The correct use of weight of evidence is NOT putting the studies showing adverse health effects up against the studies showing no health effects.

But rather than debating "weight of evidence" I would prefer another approach, one which considers the "weight of adverse effects." Dr. McBride, please explain to me where my logic fails in the following.

When something like cell phone radiation is tested following appropriate protocol, there should be no adverse effects if the thing being tested is safe. If 30% of these studies indicate adverse effects, then 30 times more harmful effects were seen than were expected. In fact, where studies regarding electromagnetic radiation are independently funded (e.g. no affiliation with industry) 70% of studies show adverse effects. Would this not indicate that there are 70 times more adverse effects than expected?

No one in Health Canada or the Royal Panel, or in WHO for that matter, has denied that there are studies showing adverse effects to cell phones and cell transmitters. Isn't the fact that there is "weight of adverse effects" significant? Don't these studies deserve to be considered when establishing standards and when allowing the public to be exposed to potentially life-threatening devices? Wouldn't it be more accurate, more scientifically correct to at least warn people of the potential of hazards, rather than telling them there is no danger because of some faulty "weight of evidence" argument some have chosen to espouse?

Dr. McBride, because of your stance as an expert who advises the public that cell phones and cell transmitters are safe, you have a responsibility to explain how you reached this conclusion. I sincerely hope you will.


Sharon Noble


Cellphone tower radiation 'unsafe', says study

HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times

Email Author

New Delhi, May 27, 2010

The mobile phone towers crowding the city's skyline are making the air toxic for you.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from these towers is so high that four-fifth of the Capital's area falls under the "unsafe" category, exposing Delhiites to a new kind of health threat that very few are aware of, says a study commissioned by Tehelka newspaper and carried out by Cogent, a Delhi-based company working on radiation safety solutions.

The surveyors mapped "100 radiation hotspots" in the city where EMR from cell towers was higher than acceptable.

According to established norms, the radiation level of 600 milliwatts per metre square (mW/msq) is considered safe.

Forty of the 100 spots had "extreme anomaly" in radiation levels — the levels were seven times the limit. These were "high-risk areas". Thirty-one spots had "unsafe" radiation, with levels two to six times the safe limit, while nine spots are "borderline"—just over the limit.

The opening and closing ceremonies and the athletics competition of the Commonwealth Games, for instance, fall in "unsafe areas". The Yamuna Sports Complex is also said to be "unsafe".

Safdarjung Hospital, Modern School, Vasant Vihar, and Delhi Police headquarters are in the "high-risk" zone. At Safdarjung, the level was 4000 mW/msq. It was the same at Connaught Place and ISBT Kashmere Gate.

"We had got the Delhi government to stop the installation of cell towers in residential areas a few years ago. People were complaining of headache and other symptoms of radiation exposure," said Pankaj Aggarwal, general secretary, Residents' Welfare Associations' Joint Front.

"There are indicative studies to prove that this radiation is harmful for people living in a 300 metre radius of the towers."

But those who install these towers said there was no problem. "A World Health Organisation (WHO)  study says that radiation from cellphone towers doesn't harm anyone. There is no study to prove otherwise," said K.N. Srivastava of Towers and Commercial Space Association.

There are only 20 of the 100 spots that were found to be safe. PM House, the residence of Sonia Gandhi and that of CM Shiela Dikshit are some of the "safe" areas, the study says.



May 2010 - Science Update

The following is a quick summary of another twnety papers that have come out over the last few months related to effects of electromagnetic radiation. Some of the papers are notable papers that have been published very recently, others are papers that were published a few months ago that have not yet made it to one of the Science Updates.

Click here for the full news story -

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stratford Ontario: The Invisible Danger to a Beautiful Small City

W.E.E.P. News

Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News

28 May 2010

Stratford, Ontario
N5A 8C1

26 May 2010

Stratford City Council

Dear Members of Council:

I have provided each of you and the Clerk with a compact disc containing several documents that illustrate the dangers and adverse health effects of electro magnetic radiation (EMR). By reading the information, you should begin to understand the great dangers caused by exposure to EMR and, in particular, radiation in the microwave frequencies. Please feel free to copy these discs and provide them to your friends, relatives, and constituents, because the information may help to save them from serious harm.

In 1962 the US Defence department learned that Soviet authorities were beaming microwaves from across the street directly into the US embassy in Moscow. Measurements taken at the time found that the intensity reaching the Embassy was approximately 500 times less than the US standard for occupational exposure. The death of the U.S. Ambassador, two other employees and illnesses of other staff, caused Operation Pandora to be launched and scientific research to be conducted. Analysis of the original data by Prof. Goldsmith concluded about the Moscow study that, evidence was suggestive for four health effects, (a) chromosomal changes, (b) hematological changes, (c) reproductive effects, and (d) increased cancer incidence from the microwave irradiation.

In 1972, Lt. Zorach Glaser, Ph.D., of the U.S. Navy Medical Research Institute, collected over two thousand references to the biological responses to radio frequency and microwave radiation, paying particular attention to the effects on man of non ionizing radiation at these frequencies.

In 1973, researchers from Queen's University, Kingston, provided the Government of Canada with a document entitled Environmental Pollution by Microwave Radiation – A Potential Threat to Human Health. It states:

"In view of the expected proliferation of microwave devices in many different applications, a substantial increase in microwave background activity is feared that may endanger human health. On this basis strict control of the use of these devices must be introduced while present safety standards are revised and extensive research is conducted into long term effects of exposure to low intensity microwave radiation. In particular, a study of possible accumulative effects of microwave radiation directly or indirectly through sensitization must be conducted".

I have searched records from that time onwards and have been unable to find any scientific research from Canada or anywhere in the world that states that microwave radiation is not dangerous and does not cause biological effects. Also since that time, microwave-emitting devices have proliferated in our homes, our businesses, and our environment at the same time that many new and serious "modern" illnesses have appeared. Other serious illnesses have become much more widespread, as microwave-emitting technology has become widely used.

A modern update of scientific evidence, entitled The Bio Initiative Report, was published in 2007. It clearly demonstrates that electro magnetic radiation causes serious adverse health effects. The report refers to over 2000 peer reviewed scientific papers and it can be accessed at .

In 2002, the Frieburger appeal was launched in Germany. As of 2009, approximately 1,000 physicians and 35,000 persons, most of whom are from the health care system, had signed the document. They were greatly concerned about a dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases, which they related to pulsed high frequency microwave radiation as emitted by cell phones, cordless DECT telephones, antenna masts (and Wi Fi). The following symptoms have been associated with microwave radiation:

  • Learning, concentration and behavioral disorders (ADD etc.).
  • Extreme fluctuations in blood pressure.
  • Heart rhythm disorders.
  • Heart attacks and strokes among an increasingly younger population.
  • Brain-degenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's) and epilepsy.
  • Cancerous afflictions: leukemia, brain tumors.

There is also an ever-increasing occurrence of various disorders, often misdiagnosed in patients as psychosomatic:

  • Headaches, migraines.
  • Chronic exhaustion.
  • Inner agitation.
  • Sleeplessness, daytime sleepiness.
  • Tinnitus.
  • Susceptibility to infection.
  • Nervous and connective tissue pains, for which the usual causes do not explain even the most conspicuous symptoms.

Symptoms similar to these, and many others, have been reported around the world by people who have been exposed to supposedly safe levels of microwave radiation. You may be aware that our Federal Government regulates use of microwave frequencies and sets safety standards. You may also expect those standards to be safe, but that is simply not the case. Canadian microwave exposure standards are among the worst in the world. They are based purely on heating affects at very high exposure levels. Canadian standards completely ignore the serious biological effects that have been demonstrated by scientists and reported by victims of exposure from many different countries. Very serious health effects have been found to occur at exposure levels that are just a small fraction of the safety levels currently used by the Federal Government.

This is the type of radiation that city owned Festival Hydro and city owned Rhyzome Networks have started to install throughout Statford in the form of Smart Meters and city wide Wi Fi. They are doing this with only very recent notice through newspaper stories and with no public debate. They are also ignoring all the scientific research and evidence about the adverse health effects caused by electro magnetic radiation.

The massive spread of wireless technology using microwave radiation during the last few years may be the biggest threat that Stratford and its citizens have ever faced. The eventual cost in illness and early deaths may not become fully apparent for several more years, yet there are considerable warning signs. The evidence from independent scientists indicates the strong possibility of a severe health system crisis in a few years time. The possibility of a significant increase in cancer cases and other serious illnesses may overwhelm the health care system.

An even more sinister consequence of microwave exposure may be the reduction of male and female fertility. Studies have already shown serious concerns for reproduction. If this occurs and we no longer have enough births to keep the population stable, Stratford will go into serious decline, which may harm the city forever. Recent news reports have already reported a steep decline in births during the last few years.

The effects of exposure to electro magnetic radiation have often been compared to those of cigarettes and smoking. Just as cigarette companies and governments stated that smoking was safe, the wireless industry and our governments are saying the same for wireless exposure. We are now aware of the terrible toll taken by tobacco, which caused terrible diseases and huge health costs, but the costs of wireless use are likely to be much worse. Babies exposed to DECT baby monitors, DECT cordless phones and Wi Fi, may be absorbing electrical pollution to the equivalent of smoking fifty cigarettes a day. Children today are suffering allergies, autism, A.D.D, brain cancer and other modern illnesses, at far higher rates than just a few years ago. Exposure from a citywide Wi Fi system and from Smart Meters would ensure that there is no safe place or safe time for anyone to avoid microwave radiation in Stratford.

Scientific research has found strong similarities between low level exposure of microwave radiation and harm to health caused by pesticides. It is ironic that Stratford has banned pesticides in our lawns and parks, yet we are filling our entire living environment with an electro magnetic pollutant that is potentially much more harmful. Our bodies and our brains work by sending very tiny electrical impulses. To allow strong external microwave radiation to upset that balance and cause biological effects is very misguided, and should be avoided.

Stratford citizens are already in great danger from microwave devices in their homes, businesses, recreation facilities and the outdoor environment. Most people are unaware about the long-term dangers caused by exposure to microwave radiation because those who should be sounding the warning have hidden this danger. There is an urgent need for the City of Stratford to be proactive and provide leadership and public education on this most serious subject.

The installation of Smart Meters and citywide Wi Fi poses a significant new risk to Stratford. Smart Meters do not use safe technology; they operate by sending information by microwave radiation at regular intervals. The additional radiation will constantly be turning on and off, constantly sending spikes of dangerous radiation through our electrical systems throughout our homes and our community. They are likely to cause serious sleeping difficulties, neurological problems, and several of the unpleasant symptoms listed above. The long-term harm from this technology is likely to cause damage to our immune systems, many serious illnesses and early death.

The City of Stratford wants to be a leader in advanced technology systems city, yet has not considered the drastic cost to our health. This is careless and irresponsible! Modern technology is important and should be used, but it must be used only when it is proven to be safe. It cannot be said that Smart Meters and Wi Fi systems are safe. There is a huge amount of information that already shows that microwave radiation and this technology is dangerous, while there is nothing to prove that it is safe!

To radiate and endanger the entire population of Stratford for the distinction of being technologically advanced is close to insanity. I request to know what amount of insurance Stratford holds to cover future harm that may be caused by radiation from city owned or authorized Wi Fi systems and Smart Meters. This is a very important consideration because most insurers will not insure against this danger, as it is too risky.

The decision by Festival Hydro to install Smart Meters and a citywide Fi system without fully investigating the health consequences is negligent. I have had written communications with Mayor Dan Mathieson, Paul West and Bill Zehr of Festival Hydro and have provided them with documented information about the dangers of microwave radiation that will be emitted by the new systems. There has been no move to stop the installation process or to fully investigate the potential adverse health effects caused by Smart Meters or Wi Fi.

Mr. Bill Zehr, President of Festival Hydro, took three weeks to answer my letter, and even then failed to answer questions concerning health effects and costs of the Smart Meter system. He appears to have failed to adhere to the Festival Hydro Mission Statement as set out on their internet site (safe power and being direct, trustworthy and truthful). What is he hiding from me, and from the citizens of Stratford?

Because of the significant health and safety threat to Stratford residents, I request that Stratford Council take the following important steps to ensure safety of Stratford residents.

  • Educate yourselves and your constituents about the dangers of microwave radiation.
  • Order Festival Hydro to stop installing Smart Meters and a citywide Wi Fi system, until a public investigation of the dangers is concluded.
  • If Smart Meters must be installed because of provincial legislation, find a safe alternative that does not emit microwave and radio frequency radiation.
  • Order the City Health Department to thoroughly investigate the health effects of electro magnetic radiation and recommend ways that Council can ensure better safety for its residents.
  • Develop bylaws that will ban Wi Fi and other forms of dangerous microwave radiation from city streets, workplaces, and anywhere that the public has access.

I am a retired police investigator and a victim of electro magnetic radiation. I have spent more than six years learning about the dangers of electro magnetic radiation. I am in touch with scientists, researchers, health care professionals and many victims from around the world. I am a Co-Director of WEEP, the Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution . I am the editor of WEEP News, a nightly newsletter that documents news, research and issues involving the dangers of electrical and electromagnetic radiation around the world. Each night it is sent to recipients in many different countries and is often redistributed within those countries. I will gladly provide further information about the health effects of EMR and assist the City of Stratford to ensure better safety.

Electro magnetic radiation within the City of Stratford is probably the most important issue with which you, as Council Members, will be involved. It affects the health and safety of every single resident, as well as animals, birds, insects, and the future of the City. I ask that Stratford City Council discuss the problem in depth and come to a resolution that will make the city safer. I request to address Council on this matter as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Weatherall

cc Stratford Beacon Herald
     Stratford Gazette
     Stratford Citizen

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Note - Stratford is a beautiful small city, with lovely people, great restaurants and world renown theatre - The Stratford Festival.

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution