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21 August 2010

Dear Dr. Stuchly,

I am in receipt of a letter you wrote to Mrs. Adair, to reassure her about the safety of having cell transmitters on the roof of her condo. In fact you said, "Personally I would not object to have all those antennas close to my residence, as long as they do not spoil the esthetics of the place. On the other hand, my research (in engineering) was funded by the industry as well, so "I cannot be trusted"."

Your honesty and openness about your association with the industry is refreshing and welcomed. In your letter you also note close affiliation with the IEEE. This allows us to consider the potential for bias, either direct or indirect, in your statements.

Likewise, I will admit that I am not an engineer or a scientist, but have read extensively on the subject of electromagnetic radiation, and have communicated with many independent researchers (e.g. not industry funded). All of these have presented information which is in direct opposition to what you contend. I too have a bias -- I live by several cell transmitters and have seen my friends and neighbours become ill, pets die with cancer at very young ages, and have spent thousands of dollars trying to shield myself and my family from these dangerous transmissions.

Now that our biases are out in the open, I'd like to talk facts.

You say "a broad scientific consensus ... is behind the Canadian safety standards."  The only researchers in support of Safety Code 6 that I have been able to find are not independent, even those on the Royal Panel having ties, either direct or indirect, with the industry. Noted scientists from around the world have signed resolutions calling for standards thousands of times lower than Canada's. In fact, many countries already have standards significantly lower and reseachers are asking even these to be lowered further.

As you must know, Russia and China have always used the non-thermal standard, not the thermal standard used by WHO and ICNIRP, and followed by Health Canada. Hence, Safety Code 6 is one of the most lax guidelines in the world.

Another fact, WHO and ICNIRP are not independent, and have become closely aligned with the industry. I will refer you to Dr. Don Maisch's document:

Conflict of Interest and Bias in Health Advisory Committees: A Case Study of the WHO's EMF Project Task Force 

which can be found at: .

Even with their biases, they admit that their standards apply to thermal radiation only, and WHO has classified non-thermal radiation as a carcinogen.

May I suggest that you read the BioInitiative Report, which is a compilation of 2000 independent peer-reviewed studies done over decades, which was produced to argue against the industry's constant assertion, which you repeat , that "existing data do not indicate any negative health effects." The evidence is clear, also, when you read the various military and government documents, previously classified, which are being released by Barrie Trower of the UK, and Dr. Glaser of the US, that this type of radiation has been known to be dangerous since WWII. Never was it intended for general use, until the telecommunication industries discovered they could make huge profits from it. Obviously, there is much data which show that non-thermal radiation at levels far below that allowed by Canada is dangerous and is doing harm.

And, finally, to another statement which the industry makes, and which you repeat in your letter: "No reputable scientist and regulatory agency will ever guarantee that "there are NO effects" because a negative cannot be proven by a finite number of studies." Clearly, as I've shown above, reputable scientists are saying the opposite. But further, the industry is playing the game that we, those who are being subjected to the radiation, must prove beyond a doubt that we are being harmed. This is wrong and immoral. What other product has forced its users to prove it doesn't work or is harmful. It should be the industry that proves these devices which emit non-thermal radiation, whether cell phone, cell transmitter, WiFi, DECT phone, etc, are safe, and none have been.

We are being told by "experts" like yourself to go ahead, allow these transmitters to be put over your head, allow yourself to be irradiated 24/7.  Now that you have information which you may not have had before, I do hope you will refrain from giving such broad reassurances. It is likely that people will suffer the consequences.

Should you wish to discuss anything I've said, or would like more information, please do get back to me.

Yours truly,

Sharon Noble

cc. Mrs. Adair


From: Dennis and Sharon Noble

To: Chris Markham

Cc: British Columbia Real Estate Association

Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 1:56 PM

Subject: Effect on Property Value by Cell tower

Dear Mr. Markham,

I am in receipt of a letter you wrote in response to a question about the impact of a cell tower being erected in a residential neighbourhood. In it you said:   "In my opinion a cell tower will not affect the value of any of the strata units. .." Further you said you had not heard of market devaluation yet due to a cell tower. Please allow me to provide you with information which is readily available by googling:

At this site is the statement from the Burbank (California) Real Estate Association, which provides summaries of devaluations experienced in many cities and countries, many of which are termed "significant". I have no doubt the same would be found to be true in Victoria, if statistics were kept.

I for one can speak to a serious devaluation. I live in a most desirable area but, due to transmitters and towers, my property was devalued 30% by the BC Tax Assessor.

As more people become educated on the health hazards of radiation from these transmitters, I predict that not only will values be lowered, but the homes will become harder to sell if there is a transmitter in the vicinity. The problems with aesthetics can be and are being addressed by the companies hiding the transmitters or disguising the towers, but the health danger cannot be and should not be dismissed. It would, in my opinion, be legally negligent not to tell a potential buyer that a transmitter is on the roof of a condo, or nearby. The offset of improved cell reception, which you offer in your letter, is a weak compromise when health is at stake.

If I may, I would suggest, real estate companies should be anxious, as are we, to ensure that transmitters are not placed near homes or schools, thus making a neighbourhood more desirable and easier to sell.

Should you wish to see health studies, which I intend to Prof. Maria Stuckly, or any further information I would be most happy to send them.

Yours truly,

Sharon Noble


Free talk on health effects

Cell antennas, phones and Wi-Fi: what you need to know to protect ...

By Editor

A free talk on health effects of wireless technology, and what families can do, September 2 in Woodland Hills. ... She will explain why citizens should be concerned about potential health risks related to electromagnetic radiation, and present her BRAG™ project which encourages schools to identify nearby cell antennas, monitor EMF emissions, and advocate for placement of antennas no closer than 1500 feet from school property. (Dr. Havas will also be presenting her ...


Stress Biomarkers in Saliva

For those interested in finding a physically noninvasive, and non-equipment method to test for RF –EMF sensitivity to WIFI, smart meters, cell phones and other electronic wonders, a recent Austrian study may point the way.

A recent Austrian study has shown how a few institutionally acceptable set of stress biomarkers in Saliva are reactive after exposure to very low levels of RF radiation from Cell phone transmitter. A pubmed search reveals these biomarkers, alpha amylase and cortisol are associated with several disease factors as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other modern stress related disorders.

Although many research studies have been performed showing different proteins, enzymes in the body react to electromagnetic radiation, very few have pulled it all together at these very low exposure levels, for short periods of time, and using a noninvasive test medium – saliva. I believe the application of this study will allow us to test people or children in their own settings for EMF reactivity to a host of wireless and EM signals.

It will help us convince public officials reactions to Electromagnetic signals are real not psychological. At the Cell Phone Senate hearing in Wash DC last year, Sen Harkin, chair of the hearing was very interested if a way was found to test for bio reactions to cell phones. One panelist commented that skin mast cells reacted to cell phone frequencies, Magda has developed a way to show heart beat changes, and I believe this is one more in hopefully, an arsenal of ways that will be developed, noninvasively, to prove electromagnetic reactions to different EM frequencies and electronic products are real

If you know of any doctor interested n electromagnetic sensitivity please pass this study on to them.

My summary of the Abstract and the Abstract follow. For a complete understanding of the parameters and results of the study please access the whole study.

Evelyn Savarin


Biomed Environ Sci. 2010 Jun;23(3):199-207.

Effects of Exposure to GSM Mobile Phone Base Station Signals on Salivary Cortisol, Alpha-Amylase, and Immunoglobulin A.

Augner C, Hacker GW, Oberfeld G, Florian M, Hitzl W, Hutter J, Pauser G.;

IGGMB-Research Institute for Frontier Questions of Medicine and Biotechnology, Salzburg Federal Hospital-University Clinics of the Paracelsus Medical Private University, Salzburg Federal Clinics (SALK), Salzburg, Austria.

My Summary

Fifty seven people were divided up into different scenarios of exposure conditions then exposed to 900 Mhz GSM frequency transmitter under 3 power density (PD) settings, The PD setting were "high" 2126.8 microW/m2 (.2126 microW/cm2)- lower than Russian standards; "medium" 153.6 microW/m2 (.0153 microwatts W/cm2.) –close proxity to WIFI transmitter signals; and"low" 5.2 microW/m2 (.0005 microW/cm2) – This reading can be found in many rural/surburban readings w/o smart meters or wifi close by but still have good cell phone receptions. Saliva samples were taken of 3 stress related bio markers 'Cortisol, alpha amylase (carbohydrate digester) and IgA immunogloblins to test for reactions to the exposure settings. It was found the participants responded to all 3 exposure conditions in 2 of the biomarkers, Cortisol and alpha amylase, but not IgA. Authors conclude that "RF-EMF in considerably lower field densities than ICNIRP-guidelines may influence certain psychobiological stress markers"


OBJECTIVE: The present study aimed to test whether exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) emitted by mobile phone base stations may have effects on salivary alpha-amylase, immunoglobulin A (IgA), and cortisol levels.

METHODS: Fifty seven participants were randomly allocated to one of three different experimental scenarios (22 participants to scenario 1, 26 to scenario 2, and 9 to scenario 3). Each participant went through five 50-minute exposure sessions. The main RF-EMF source was a GSM-900-MHz antenna located at the outer wall of the building. In scenarios 1 and 2, the first, third, and fifth sessions were "low" (median power flux density 5.2 muW/m(2)) exposure. The second session was "high" (2126.8 muW/m(2)), and the fourth session was "medium" (153.6 muW/m(2)) in scenario 1, and vice versa in scenario 2. Scenario 3 had four "low" exposure conditions, followed by a "high" exposure condition. Biomedical parameters were collected by saliva samples three times a session. Exposure levels were created by shielding curtains.

RESULTS: In scenario 3 from session 4 to session 5 (from "low" to "high" exposure), an increase of cortisol was detected, while in scenarios 1 and 2, a higher concentration of alpha-amylase related to the baseline was identified as compared to that in scenario 3. IgA concentration was not significantly related to the exposure.

CONCLUSIONS: RF-EMF in considerably lower field densities than ICNIRP-guidelines may influence certain psychobiological stress markers.

PMID: 20708499 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher


People are going back to land lines....

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