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12 August 2010

Negligence by a School Board?

High School Hopes Cell Towers Will Help Budget

KGTV San Diego

The Federal Communications Commission and American Cancer Society said that ... According to wireless firm Antenna Search, four new cell phone towers are ...


Dangers accepted far too naively

August 10, 2010

Editor: Most people in the large crowd at the Fernridge Hall on Wednesday, July 28 were against the installation of a proposed wireless communications facility near Campbell Valley Park. They said the high frequency electro-magnetic radiation from the tower will negatively affect the health of insects, plants, animals and humans, i.e. all living organisms.

Concerns were also voiced about diminished property values. Many wanted to have the cell tower re-located, perhaps out of sight, out of mind, but possibly where someone else's bees, trees, horses and children would be affected.

The decision falls under federal jurisdiction, so hopefully MP Mark Warawa will take an interest in it. But it's yet another wake-up call for all of us.

We've accepted dangerous nuclear power plants, polluting gasoline engines, thalidomide, tumour-producing cell phones and many other harmful innovations in our lives because we've been expensively convinced we need them, by folks whose only bottom line is financial.

We persist in naively believing our government will protect us from risks, but there's a lot we should question. We need adequate safety regulations and harmless technologies.

We need access to non-polluting breakthrough energy technologies and benign communications devices. When emerging sciences are stifled because new inventions threaten vested interests, our options are limited and we all lose.

We can't forever send our problems elsewhere. If we want all our neighbourhoods to be healthy and safe we have to move beyond protecting our current unsustainable lifestyles, and consider the highest and best interests of all life on Earth.

V. McIntyre,



WiFi in public places

I just read the article circulated about the council meeting at White Rock about the WiFi in public places. It is my understanding that WiFi is not a federal jurisdiction. If this is so, when the city allows WiFi in a public area, it would be held responsible for endangering health. This could be an interesting Charter case in court.

Sharon Noble


Parents suspect WiFi making kids sick

By SHARON LEM, Toronto Sun

August 11, 2010

Parents in Simcoe County believe their children are getting sick from WiFi transmitters set up in schools across the board.

Rodney Palmer's two children aged five and nine, who attend Mountain View Elementary School in Collingwood, started getting sick last year.

"Six months ago, parents started noticing their kids had chronic headaches, dizziness, insomnia, rashes and other neurological and cardiac symptoms, when their kids came home from school. But that somehow on the weekends, when they were at home, it would disappear," Palmer, 44, said.

After further investigation, the parents began to suspect it was caused by the exposure to electromagnetic fields from the wireless Internet transmitters in school classrooms.

Palmer said the intensity of the microwave signal in his daughter's kindergarten class, was measured to be four times stronger than the signals found at the base of a cellphone tower.

Palmer's five-year-old daughter received a rash on her leg and she was listless and tired when she was picked up from school. His nine-year-old son suffered from headaches, moodiness and a face rash.

Palmer and a group of parents approached the Simcoe County School Board with their suspicions.

"Parents raised the concerns about possible medical ill-effects, but to date we have not received any documentation from a doctor saying a child is ill as a result of wireless technology," said John Dance, the Simcoe County District School Board's superintendant of education.

The school board meets Health Canada's safety standards and the schools are thousands of times lower than the limit for expsoure, he said.

Susan Clarke, who studies radio-frequency radiation bioeffects, spoke in Thornbury yesterday about the ill-effects of Wifi technology.

Clarke, a former research consultant to the Harvard School of Public Health, said WiFi deploys microwave radiation at the same frequency as that of a microwave oven.

"A child's brain absorbs this radiation maximally. Children also absorb microwave radiation more readily than adults because they have thinner skulls," she said.

WiFi technology alters fundamental physiological functioning in humans and can cause neurological and cardiac symptoms, Clarke said.

Susan Sperling, spokesman for the City of Toronto, said the municipality has only received one complaint.

"We do keep track of what's going on out there. It's an issue and we're monitoring it," she said.

Toronto District School Board spokesman T.J. Goertz said the school board is conducting a report on WiFi, but it won't be released until the fall.

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Understanding a serious condition

Posted By Kris Dubé

Imagine having to give up your cell phone and wireless Internet at home because they give you headaches or make you sick to your stomach.

That's the everyday life of people who are affected biologically by electromagnetic pollution. Although it may seem like a very rare condition that doesn't impact your daily routine, research shows that more people are coming forward with symptoms that point directly to the condition, says one of Canada's top researchers on the topic, Dr. Magda Havas.

"It's important for the public to become more aware of this research," said Havas in a phone interview with the Times this week.

She is concerned with the amount of technology that can cause harm to individuals through radio frequency that is present in today's modern world.

Networks of wireless routers in schools, cell phone towers in residential neighbourhoods and on apartment buildings…the list seems to be growing and more people are being affected.

"Our exposure is going up dramatically," she said.

Havas also feels tougher legislation needs to be passed at all levels of government to limit the amount of potential risks for people who are susceptible to electromagnetic pollution and have had their health and well being impacted by it.

She said it could be many years before anything is done, which is far too long in her opinion.

"It's really unfortunate because the levels are going up and up.

This Monday Aug 9, Havas will be giving a presentation on the topic at an event organized by Crystal Beach resident Lucy Sanford, who suffers from the condition and has had to make several renovations to her home to accommodate to her condition.

The event will be held at the Crystal Ridge Community Church on Elmwood Avenue at 7 p.m.


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Town of Hempstead unite to keep our kids safe!

Hundreds of Hempstead homeowners woke one morning to cell antennas just outside their bedroom windows. Over 1,000 elementary school children play and learn footsteps away from cell antennas—

antennas that emit radiation and have not been proven safe—and under current law we have no recourse.

M.O.M.S. are concerned parents fighting to keep cell antennas 1,500 feet (about ¼ mile) away from our homes and schools. This is a standard adopted in certain states and countries. Why not in our town?

Come give our elected officials the public support they need to fight against the telecommunications giants.

Town of Hempstead unite to keep our kids safe!



3297 Beltagh Ave, Wantagh, NY 11793


AUGUST 16, 2010, AT 7:30 PM



who is in litigation with cell companies responsible for 50 antennas adjacent to a Bayville elementary school where allegedly 30% of the children and staff are stricken with cancer and other illnesses.

Did you know?

  • Metro PCS installed over 300 cell antennas on Verizon poles, next to Hempstead homes & elementary school playgrounds, the majority being in Merrick. And many more are expected on utility poles.
  • 1955 Merrick Rd., an office building directly across from Lakeside Elementary School, has nine T-Mobile antennas on rooftop.
  • T-Mobile is in negotiations with North Merrick library to place a "stealth" cell tower inside a flagpole, as well as a tower next to the fire department.
  • Applications for 6 T-Mobile high powered cell antennas on Wantagh Farmingdale synagogue in residential neighborhood, has residents fighting for their rights.
  • For more information:

    Christine Hoch
    Executive Director
    Moms for Safer Wireless

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