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High Court Judgement in Italy / Human Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) - Testimony

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9 August 2010

High Court Judgement in Italy



Date: Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 1:12 PM

Dear xxxx

Further to my email on  August 6th, can I remind you that the French Authorities have already removed WiFi from their public libraries because of symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) among the staff. Also, there has been a recent judgement by a High Court in Italy that an employer who forced his staff to use mobile and cordless phones (which have a similar technology to WiFi), has been held legally responsible for a brain tumour and instructed to pay compensation to the person concerned, plus legal costs. I am pasting in a translation of the news item below.

DECT telephones and mobile phones cause cancer.

The Highest Regional Court in Brescia (North Italy) has now  issued a final valid judgement confirming a causal connection.

The brain tumour of an employee of the INAIL (IstitutoNazionale by l' Assicurazione contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro) the National Public Insurance Institute, has been caused by hours of use of a cordless(DECT) and/or mobile phone

The judgement is a breakthrough because this time the  Judge excluded industry financed appraisals and relied on industry independent data.

This judgement makes it now possible for employees in Italy to insist on the supply of a corded phone and to advise their employer that they are legally liable for future damages should they insist on the use of a cordless phone.

The Consumer  Centre  in South Tirol advises everyone to insist on a written declaration  regarding the use of telecommunication equipment  which  expressly states that the employer takes all responsibility for any future medium or long term consequences.

The plaintiff has now been awarded an 80%disability pension and  the employer INAIL is to pay all court costs.

This could well create a precedent for the whole of he EU, which could also include WiFi. Apart from the symptoms of EHS, already caused by the WiFi routers, longer term effects of the radiation from WiFi laptops are likely to be various abdominal cancers, digestive disorders such as IBS, and a loss of fertility.

As you will see, both BECTA and the HPA have carefully worded their recommendations to schools so as to place all legal responsibility on the schools' governing bodies and, insofar as they have both now been abolished, it is unlikely that they will be of help in the future anyway.

Members of the schools' governing bodies are therefore left holding full legal responsibility, perhaps individually, for any ill effects of WiFi on both students and staff. It just isn't worth the risk.

My advice, as someone who has studied the effects of electromagnetic radiation on animals and humans for many years, is for all schools that have WiFi equipment to remove it immediately, replace it with cable, and disable the WiFi on any laptops that they wish to retain (quite easy to do).

Yours sincerely

Dr Andrew Goldsworthy


Friday, November 25, 2005

Human Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) - Testimony (part 1)

This testimony is dedicated to my colleague who suicided.

The 2004 year was dreadful, very bad sleep, insomnia, concentration lost, distress….

The first physician preliminary visit for sleep test analysis came to bad sleep conclusions. The physician diagnosis was psychosomatic disease!!!

I was absolutely sure my disease had an unknown cause. I started research on INTERNET, I found many pollutions sources and I decided to cancel from my home every wireless communication links, wireless phone (DECT), alarm detection, WI-FI systems….

My health was better, but I decided to go to sleep somewhere else; and there my sleep was better.

At home it was impossible to remove the mast situated 250 meters away.

With the good sleep results obtained out of my home, I decided to built a FARADAY cage around my bed.

During day time I wore a special shielded cap. That special shielded cap has an incredible history; one day when I felt dizzy with very strong headache I cover my head with aluminium paper and placed a cap on top; the results were quite incredible. Then I ordered a special cap on INTERNET, since then I keep that cap on my head as long as I can. I even dare to wear my special cap on my job site.

With my FARADAY cage and my special shielded cap slowly I was able to overcome my electro-sensitiveness to electromagnetic waves.

The Belgian telecommunication institute came to measure at home the electromagnetic waves power level. The maximum power was detected in my bedroom with a level of 0.17 V/meter. the measure inside the FARADAY cage gave 25 dB attenuation ( 100 times less ).

My question was, why am I so sensitive to such low level ?

Before to protect myself from electromagnetic waves I had a try on numerous drugs, medicines, sleep pills, Melatonine, but the best results were obtained with anti-oxidants (Chlorella or Chlorelle).

At the end, an environmental physician requested several analysis. Two analysis ( Melisa test on metal and uroporphyrine test ) showed anomalies. The first anomaly showed an intolerability to the titanium dioxide ( in Europe code is E171 for this food additive ) . The second analysis showed an intoxication to mercury, lead or other toxicological organic substances.

On the other hand a later analysis excluded the mercury and the lead intoxication and no complementary analysis has been able to find the real intoxication origin. My medical physician said my intoxication disturb the liver which prevent the organism cure. That intoxication disturb the methylation,s reaction which one exclude the natural antioxidant production and overload my organism with free radicals. The titanium dioxide might be the free radicals origin.

I followed a course of treatments to reduce the intoxication and to drain the liver and the kidneys. After 5 months my health was good, after 7 months I felt a complete recovery and the FARADAY cage was disassemble.

One day on my job I drank a cup of coffee with friends; I had stopped drinking cofee a long time ago. The next night was dreadful, as my FARADAY cage was not available I tried my special shielded cap, I was very surprised to be able to fall asleep. My medical physician was not surprised, my body does not tolerate some substances.

There is a direct effect between well-being health comfort and electromagnetic waves protection. Then the FARADAY cage was reassembled. Twice I tried to sleep outside the FARADAY cage and each time after two weeks health problems showed again. Each time antioxidants medicines increase and the shielded cap was able to ease the situation .

After one month outside the FARADAY cage antioxidant drugs and shielded cap were not sufficient anymore and I had to return into the FARADAY cage. I am quite certain there is a lag of time between exposure to electromagnetic waves and their effects. The lag of time is in the two ways ; time lag between electromagnetic waves exposure and their effects; time lag between the protection from electromagnetic waves and health recovery.

After few months experience I was able to work during the day without any problem if during the night I was sleeping in the FARADAY cage. Sometime I felt some light heart uneasiness, the trouble increase if I stop the antioxidant medicine.

It is a duty to evidence from my experience because electromagnetic waves exposures drive the electro sensitive people to very tragic situation, this communication is able to give assistance to electro sensitive people in danger, which danger may cause death.

One of my colleague was also electro sensitive. He came to my home to see my FARADAY cage. We had several E-mails exchanges, without news from him, I try to contact him but it was too late , he had committed a suicide.

This colleague had also an overtired diagnosis (Chronic Fatigue Syndrom - CFS), after an acupuncture treatment in India he came back in Belgium completely cured. But days after days the same illness came back without any solution.

Today I feel again the same symptoms on my job place and my protection and my strategy are not so efficient any more. It is probably due to the new mobilephone Network (UMTS). New masts has been deployed on the roof where I work.


When the authority will realise the people must be protected from electromagnetic waves ?

When the medical specialists will be exploring this field ? new solutions could be found other than neuroleptic drugs.

X –rays, radiations, UV, are known to be harmful to health; what about the UHF, SHF, EHF used for radars for telecommunications …. All those elements are electromagnetic waves and their effects are cumulative.

What will be the situation tomorrow with the fast and powerful expansion of the electromagnetic waves without any safe protection.

Thanks to my Dad for this english translation. Thanks to all my family for their support.

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