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Malignant parotid gland tumors / Smart meters stir health worries / no exposure / radar study / chronic poisoning / MP backs fight / CFLs / Right to Know / Wi Fi School Debate / etc

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20 April 2011

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Chinese researchers in Beijing are seeing some of the highest rates of cancer ever reported in any cell phone study. They have found that long-term, heavy users haverates of malignant parotid gland tumors that are seven to 13 times higher than might otherwise be expected.

The raw data --that is, before being adjusted for other possible risk factors like sex, age, income, smoking status and the like--point to cancer risks that are elevated 10-fold, 20-fold, and even 30-fold, depending on the type of tumor and how heavy cell phone use is defined.

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Louis Slesin


Smart meters stir health worries


A Central Maine Power employee installs a new smart meter on a home. He is wearing a mask in the unlikely event of a spark.Courtesy photo By Susan Morse Central Maine Power will begin installing new digital "smart meters" on Monday to replace analog ...



"The only possible treatment today is no exposure"

Miguel Ángel López rebels against the ordeal that his wife lives, multiple chemical sensitivity affected



Burning cars, soap, perfume, bleach ... exposure to the enormous existing variety of chemicals that signal the development of everyday life can cause in some people the appearance of multiple chemical sensitivity. This condition is the agenda and its greatest danger is the misunderstanding and social invisibility and work with crashing their suffering. "You can lead a normal life," summarizes Miguel Angel Lopez.

His wife has recognized this evil. He worked for over thirty years as a nurse at the Hospital General de Segovia, until a final decision was granted disability. "The only possible treatment today is no exposure," says Lopez in the newspaper account of his ordeal. "The clothes have to be organic and it is expensive and hard to find, and the same is true of food."

Affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and the electrosensitivity demonstrations have started in all provincial capitals. Lopez, who yesterday endorsed with his wife these concentrations to the Social Security Institute in the city, demanding inclusion of pathology in the Catalogue of Diseases, which are other diseases like fibromyalgia, "which has the same core being the central nervous system. " "We ask only the same rights", claims the afflicted husband Segovia.




PP-A calls for an epidemiological study in Tarifa to "clear doubts" about the impact on health of a radar


The Popular Party will defend a proposition of law in the Health Commission in the Andalusian Parliament urges the Board to conduct an epidemiological study in the town of Tarifa Cadiz that "clear any doubt about the potential impact of certain diseases more numerous and important than in the rest of Andalusia by the peculiarities of the area. "

The initiative, which has already been admitted by the officers of the House and had access to Europa Press, the PP-A echoes the "concern and alarm" that have generated complaints on a platform radar installed in the area, according to a company specializing Geosanix generates an electromagnetic wave emission "is more than 800 times the safety limit recommended by scientists."

Therefore, the popular support the need to "address the situation head in order to definitively clarify the concerns of neighbors who fear the negative impact this is having or may have health, discarding that either the radar or other Area factors are adversely affecting the health of Tarifa, or taking steps to eradicate the negative situation. "

In this sense, the PP-A recalls that "the people of the Campo de Gibraltar for years have been showing their concern and unhappiness at the apparent incidence of certain diseases, more numerous and important than in the rest of the autonomous region, by the peculiarities of the area. "

Finally, the Popular Party regrets that "reassuring answers are never permanently, as one can find easily as the concern remains dormant in the absence of clear and convincing that permanently discard this peculiarity unwanted."



INTERVIEW with SILVIA BIGESCHI, VICE-PRESIDENT of the AMICA , "The information has great importance"


She is vice president of an association for the diseases from chronic poisoning and environmental. What is the purpose of your association? The purpose of our association is to promote awareness about the diseases caused by environmental problems, substances that are used daily and provide assistance, if possible, to people with environmental illnesses. We deal mainly with electrosensitivity and fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivity. What is the current level of health care? It is quite dramatic: the disease is recognized as rare only in Latium, elsewhere, has a first award, but was not implemented any intervention assistance. The Lazio region nell'Umberto I recognized the reference center for the disease. Currently it is not yet operational, however it is working actively to Professor Genovese. And in Tuscany? In Tuscany, I am a few years.

Let's say there was a first prize in 2004 as a rare disease, then there was a regression of this award: in 2007, Tuscany and Emilia have decided to open a clinic together to do a study on the disease but that point was blocked to all levels of care. We then had a meeting with the region in 2009 with the head of Lea (essential assistance levels) to give them access to the sick, however, because the patient with MCS not only has that problem there. From that meeting was born the agreement with the region to open a clinic at Careggi decontaminated but not yet operational. What are the most common symptoms? Ranging from a simple headache, cough with seizures in up to anaphylactic shock, depends very much on the substance and trigger all systems of the body are included, from respiratory to neurological. There are many people who request your assistance? We have very many contacts, we have two volunteers who answer the phone to give first aid and to suggest steps that can be done, and many remain in contact with the rest of us do not. Many times they are not often diagnosed because there are doctors who make it, there's only Professor Genoese, as I said, but it makes it to Rome.

Belper MP backs fight against phone masts




Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

There is one more item to be added to what is wrong with compact fluorescent lamps. A consumer in Germany alerted its radio station (NDR) to the fact that he thought that the CFLs he is using kind of smelled like phenol. The consumer watch department "Markt" had lab tests done and true enough the outgassing contained phenols.

The manufacturers themselves were surprised, but were also quick to point out that the levels were all below current exposure limits. No matter what the current exposure limits say, carcinogenic substances do not belong in indoor air and the ALARA principle should always apply, especially if you introduce a consumer product that is supposed to save the earth.




http://www.ndr.de/fernsehen/sendungen/markt/wohnen_energie/energiesparlampen125.html (in German)

Katharina Gustavs



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Wi Fi School Debate

See the Global News video


David Fancy


We are requesting your due consideration in financially supporting the legal fund for the case described below.

Kindly make known our initiative so that suitable arrangements can be made for tax-deductible contributions, whether in Canada or the United States.

Potentially deductible situations for other nations may also be considered.

The Hydro-Quebec v. Tenlec Case:

A critical opportunity for creating a positive precedent in EMF Cases

In 1979, the Quebec Administrative Tribunal (TAQ, Expropriation division) decided in R. vs. Radmore that where electromagnetic fields (EMF) can be proven via expert testimony to harm / or create a risk to harm to land beyond that formally expropriated by Hydro Quebec (HQ), such impacts can be characterized as "a direct damage" for which additional amounts may be awarded when compensating landowners for that kind of pollution. This principle was confirmed by the Court of Appeal, Quebec's highest Court, in 1981. Until last month, no expert had ever been heard by the TAQ, on this issue.

On February 3, 2011, Dr. Andrew Michrowski became the first person to be qualified as an expert in EMF by the TAQ Expropriation Division. In that capacity, he testified before the TAQ on the effects of EMF on pig farming operations and migratory bird habitat in Hydro Quebec vs. Entreprises Tenlec inc.

At issue are the effects of radio-frequency and microwave emissions from the transmission resulting from the operation of 120kV transmission line located southeast of St-Hyacinthe, Quebec having a particular configuration and function. Mortality rates in the metal-clad pig barn 250 meters from the transmission line have increased from less than 1% before the line's installation in 2004 to 5-10%. According to EMF expert Michrowski, microwave and radio frequency emissions from the line will continue to increase, and eventually, the barn and the family home/office are likely to become unusable. Until the line became operational in 2004, White Canada Geese used to land and feed by the thousands each fall in front of the home. Dr. Michrowski believes that the reason they no longer do so is because the microwave emissions from line induce large nerve, sciatica pain. Microwave emissions are frequently employed as a technology to ward off birds from airport runways.

The present matter differs from other expropriation cases for the following reason: the amount of land expropriated is expected to grow over time with the expected enlargement of the microwave emissions due to the extremely rapid wireless technology usage.

While Dr. Michrowski has indicated that the EMF field would be greatly reduced by the installation of standard, commercially available capacitors, HQ has neglected to install available apparatus and in mitigating the technical issues involved and have not explained why.

Of equal importance is the criterion that the TAQ will adopt as the threshold level of allowable or safe "power frequency magnetic field" radiation. Dr. Michrowski has presented and defended the 2 milliGauss (mG) threshold recognized by the BioInitiative, an international group of scientists, researchers and public health policy professionals. To put this threshold in context, the standard that is applied by the Swedish TCO-99 standard of 2 mG maximum at 30cm from computers has been applied worldwide since 1980, and is specified as a maximum by multinationals (including the World Bank) for new building designs. This standard is far more restrictive than the guideline advocated by HQ. Another criterion that the TAQ is to decide on involves microwave emissions of 0.1 microWatt/square centimeter.

In the event that the TAQ adopts the 2 mG BioInitiative guideline, the decision in the case set a new and important precedent in Quebec, Canada and perhaps beyond, in that it would oblige HQ to recognize, mitigate or compensate all farmers within about a kilometre of certain 120 kV lines, and within a larger area further for higher voltage corridors. The case will likely be appealed should HQ lose.


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Smart Meter Antennas Monkeywrenched in Santa Cruz County

UID>/INBOX>61707">Bay Area Indymedia

The DCU's collect data sent by the 'smart' meters and then relay this to a local Verizon cell tower. It's hilarious that they would say that anti-smart meter activists are 'losing traction with local governments' when if anything the movement is ...




Wylde on Health

TV interview with Magda Havas and Kevin Byrne April 8, titled: Invisible toxin

The video has 4 segments that you should click on, at the side of the screen.



Are you threatened by a lamp post near you?

Michelle Berriedale-Johnson investigates



Risk for companies in rise of consumer IT

Tony Glover Apr 19, 2011




Telephone Smart Meters

Smart Meters in Ontario Canada that use a Phone Line Modem ( No 900mhz Radio used )

brand Elster Smart Meter

name A3 ALPHA

model A3TL

Manual for A3 Elster Smart Meter

diagram on page 17 showing the Phone Line on the Left Side


in particular this page about PHONE LINES with a SMART METER

Telephone Regulatory Information

The A3 ALPHA meter internal modem complies with Part 68 of the FCC Rules. A label on the meter nameplate contains the FCC registration number and ringer equivalence number (REN) for this equipment. If requested, this information must be provided to the telephone company. The connection to the telephone network is through a modular jack USOC RJ-11C.

The REN is used to determine the number of devices that can be connected to the telephone line. If the..<snip>



see the phone line, again on the left

Here is the manufacturers website with a new version






Any idea what Areas of Ontario are using Elster Smart Meters?

Are these rare cases and the rest of the Ontario homes are using other popular brand such as Itron?

Suggestion, people could email in the Brand of Smart Meter they have in any area of Canada

This would be helpful to those researching this subject

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