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23 April 2011

Nuclear Expert: Smart Meters 100x Radiation Exposure of a Cell Phone

Bay Area Indymedia

by J Hart Stop Smart Meters! caught up on Wednesday evening with Daniel Hirsch, a lecturer and expert in nuclear policy at UCSC who has been widely quoted in the media regarding recent events in Japan. Mr. Hirsch had just finished his talk at Stevenson ...


Kids' eyes offer earliest signs of heart disease News Staff Apr. 22, 2011

A new study finds that kids who spend the most time watching television or playing video games instead of exercising have narrower arteries in the back of their eyes -- an early indication that the kids are on the road to heart disease.

Could Wi Fi and wireless games also be a cause of this problem?


Group protests FCC's stance on cell phones, SmartMeters

Mountain View Voice

... serious health issues in a significant portion of the population. ... kind of power meter that uses the same kind of electromagnetic radiation emitted ...


French Nuclear Reactor Fuel Reprocessing Program

Toutes les Next-up News / All Next-up News:


Smart meters bring new consumer risks

Victoria Times Colonist

Not only is there a massive cost involved in the project, but more importantly there are issues of health, privacy and control at play. These meters use Wi-Fi to transmit data. We already live in a soup of Wi-Fi and adding more is questionable ...


Not so 'smart' after all
By Randy Richmond, London Free Press



Get smart: Smart meters to hike Hydro bills

By Michael Smyth, The Province April 21, 2011

There are many excellent reasons to spend $1 billion to install "smart meters" in every home in the province, according to B.C. Hydro — and one of them is NOT to jack up your electricity bill.

And if you believe that, I've got some shares in a proposed downtown casino I can sell you — cheap!

Never mind the main reason smart meters were invented — and why they're being installed in so many provinces and states — is so governments can implement "time of use" billing.

Unlike existing "dumb meters," smart meters will instantly know exactly how much electricity you use and when you use it. That allows governments and utilities to jack up the rate charged on power consumed during "peak periods," such as in the evening when people (a.k.a. "sitting ducks") are watching TV, making dinner and doing laundry.

But Hydro insists time-of-use billing is not being considered in B.C. At least not yet. (Please resist the urge to laugh, cry or barf at this point and keep reading.)

Hydro says smart meters are being installed for other reasons — such as stopping nasty marijuana growers from stealing electricity, for example.

Marijuana grow-ops consume huge amounts of electricity to power high-wattage lamps, water pumps, dehumidifiers, security systems and other equipment. The growers often steal the electricity, by tampering with the dumb meters, or diverting power from the main supply line.

How much power are marijuana growers stealing?

"Over $100 million a year," Hydro official Bob Herriman told the Vancouver Sun last week, adding that amount has been increasing over the last few years.

I'll say. It wasn't that long ago that Hydro said much less power was being stolen to power grow-ops.

"We know that grow-ops are a problem in British Columbia — our estimate is in the $12-million range," Hydro official Bev Van Ruyven told the B.C. Utilities Commission in 2004.

OK, that was seven years ago. But, as late as last August, Hydro was saying the amount of electricity theft was $30 million a year.

And, in February, a Hydro official told the B.C. Utilities Commission that annual electricity losses had been "relatively constant for many years," not rising dramatically.

But, now that Hydro wants to install smart meters, those nasty marijuana growers are suddenly stealing more than $100 million worth of power a year.

Hmm, what a suspiciously round number. A cynical type might think Hydro was inflating the grow-op losses as an excuse to bring in smart meters, which they say will help them catch those dirty pot-growing power thieves.

But I'll cut Hydro some slack and believe them. I bet those pot growers are ripping us off big time, no matter what the real number is.

But I also believe this: Smart meters are all about time-of-use billing and jacking up your electricity bill. If you believe anything else, you're smoking something funny.


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