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14 April 2011

Cell Phone Radiation and Your Brain – An Expert Weighs In

by Dr. Devra Lee Davis on 12/04/11 at 2:49 pm


High Tech Suicides

Four students of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology recently committed suicide one after another. At Seoul National University, too, similar incidents take place every year.


Smart meter security under the spotlight

The Guardian

Smart meters can be vulnerable to attack by computer viruses and there are other concerns about data security. The vulnerabilities "would shock you", says Joshua Pennell, the executive director of IOActive, an internet security firm that has consulted on smart meters.


Dozens of M Section Residents Protest SmartMeters

By Angela Hart | Email the author | 9:07am A Wellington Energy employee attaches SmartMeters to a Rohnert Park home. A band of M section residents, 30 strong, have submitted letters to the City Council alerting the city that they don't want PG&E to ...


Wi-Fi safety defended

London Free Press

Weatherall said Health Canada didn't answer the questions he put to them.

"There are some very serious health effects I pointed out and they just ignored them," he said.


Mobile phone mast 'dangerous and totally alien'

3:03pm Wednesday 13th April 2011



'Smart' Meters Explode, Cause Fire in Santa Rosa Mall

April 13, 2011



Hello All,

Well, politics once again prevailed on this bill calling for warning labels on cell phones. Here is the story in a nutshell...

We had won the vote majority on the Health Committee, so naturally the bill was redirected to a different committee, Consumer and Small Business Protection. So guess what...we won the majority vote on that committee too. However, the bill killed by the Senator who sponsored it at the hearings as opposed to allowing for the final vote on the committee to be extended a week like we had requested in order to allow us the time we needed to lobby the senate to get the rest of the votes in order for the bill to pass once it went to the floor. You see once the bill is offically voted on at the committee, it goes to vote on the senate floor within 48 hours and since no one had told us this, we needed just a little more time to lobby the senate.

We were denied this request and thus the bill was not even allowed a vote at the committee, where we had the 3 out of 5 votes necessary, the majority for the bill to pass out of the committee. You see, the Senator had raised the bar on us after we were well into the process and demanded we get 4 out of 5 votes as opposed to 3 out of 5...He was beginning to fear for his political career. 3 out of 5 in all fairness should have done it for us. But politics are not always fair, especially to those who come knocking with empty wallets and are just trying to do something for public health. That bar raising was a bit high for us, although we did get the Republican vote he requested and thus the bill should have gone to vote since we had the majority and both the Democrats and Republicans were voting for it. We came REALLY close. But close does not cut it...Perhaps it will be different next year...if it is brought back.

What are the positive aspect here? We came VERY close to this bill passing and also raised the awareness to both the public via televised news reports and newspaper articles and with the Oregon Senate about non-thermal effects from cel phone radiation. Some senators will now be changing the way they use their cell phones for sure.,,but wouldn't it be nice to have that information passed down to the general public?

Very special thanks to David Morrison for bringing the bill in his state and for all of his hard work on it. We came incredibly close, but could not surmount the obstacle of a senator who went from thinking we had no chance of getting the bill passed, to being afraid the bill was actually going to pass and therefor have possible political ramifications for his career and ended up not allowing the bill to move forward.

With hope for the future, Liz


Electromagnetic Fields: the Science on Human Health Effects – Video

Learn about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation, the relationship of biological effects to health effects, how EMR Can cause DNA breaks and ... Congression Briefing July 2001


"Biological Effects and Health Implications of Microwave Radiation"

Pick of the Week #22: A very important symposium!

February 23, 2011. Janet Healer reviewed studies of people occupationally exposed to radio frequency radiation. Below are some excerpts from her document presented at the "Biological Effects and Health Implications of Microwave Radiation" symposium. These are direct quotes with the numbered citations removed and my comments provided in square [ ] brackets. I have tried to restrict quotes to studies that were conducted at or below our current guidelines of 1 mW/cm2, although in many instances exact exposure conditions are not provided. Emphasis added.

1. page 90. "There is increasing evidence that radio-frequency radiations can affect biological organisms, even at relatively low intensities, particularly under conditions of chronic exposure [WiFi in schools, offices and homes for example]. A substantial number of observations have been made at intensity levels below those presently accepted as tolerable for continuous exposure in the United States and most of Western Europe. To date, the deleterious effect of radio-frequency fields, particularly of microwaves, at relatively high intensities, e.g., 50 mW/cm2 or greater, has been recognized and attributed to heating. However, biological hazards may exist at lower levels, extending well below 10 mW/cm2, and effects at both high and low intensities may be attributable to more complex modes of interaction.

At low intensities effects may be subtle, impairing performance; chronic, affecting general mental and physical health and longevity; and may also be mutagenic, affecting succeeding generations."

To read more and to download this document visit:

This is one document that is well worth reading from cover to cover!


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