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Dr. Gerd Oberfeld MD in Ireland / pay a fine? / Interview with Dr. Thomas Rau MD / cell phone-only US homes / Biological Effects / Big Brother / Telemetry Devices

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26 April 2011

Dr. Gerd Oberfeld's visit to Ireland.

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Why should PG&E customers who wish to opt out of the SmartMeters have to pay a fine?

PG&E must be saving millions by laying off all those human meter readers; surely they can absorb the cost. For that matter, why aren't they passing the savings on to their customers?

Fewer jobs, more corporate profits, more radiation and no benefits to the consumer -- sounds like the new America all right.

Wendy Brubaker



Interview with Dr. Thomas Rau MD

Listen to the interview that Camilla Rees did with Dr. Thomas Rau (MD). He's an expert on, among other things, electrosensitivity and works at the famous Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland.

Although this is NOT recent. It is well worth listening to and sending to school boards!



Percentage of cell phone-only US homes doubles

CBS News

I do not want to have to use a cell phone all the time. I don't want a brain tumor.


The Biological Effects of Cell Phones and Wireless Technologies

Dr. Mercola has another great article about dangers of cell phones.



See Big Brother at work here.



Telemetry Devices

You may have already read what Itron's past history

In this document they raise a question about interference between SATELITE networks that use Medical and Non Medical Information via an existing network called Little Leo

ITRON mentions what is inside the smart meters the same technology as the medical systems called Telemetry Devices(MESH - more info at end of email) which is often a system used for things that are moving, houses don’t move, so wired would be more practical ....."

As a result of these actions, Itron has developed a new generation of automatic meter reading systems that it is marketing to electric, gas, and water utility companies.

Itron's new systems include 1.4 GHz telemetry devices that are installed on individual meters, and Itron anticipates that millions of these devices will be deployed within a relatively short period.

The devices, which have been specifically designed for licensed operations in the 1.4 GHz band, have to be small enough to fit into many different utility meters, must be low cost, and have limited system margin, making them vulnerable to interference from Little LEO feeder downlinks. This vulnerability is widespread, because Itron's devices will be ubiquitous and Little LEO satellite systems have massive downlink footprints. Special care is warranted in these circumstances.".......

So what is a Smart Meter company and a Medical system have in common?just the way they search around for connections using the MESH network? or is there a bigger connection between E-Health and Smart Meters?


ITRON 2008 PowerPoint (PDF) Investors update on Smart Meter Networks

PAGE 50 - shows "DA intergration" ( elsewhere they say "distribution automation" )

DA ( Digital Angel ) has been another related company with both medical and RF currently called "PositiveID"

it even shows the new TV's with WIFI being part of the Grid... on page 42

these WIFI TVs began to be sold at stores last year

the pervious pages are very interesting also, Mesh Network and Star Network


" Class II Special Controls Guidance


“Implantable Radiofrequency Transponder System for Patient Identification and Health Information "

This new law - when fully implemented - provides the framework for making the United States the first nation in the world to require each and every one of its citizens to have implanted in them a radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip for the purpose of controlling who is, or isn't, allowed medical care in their country.

USA Healthcare Bill H.R. 3200:


ITRON = Industrial-The-Real_time-Operation-Nucleus






Wireless Telemetry

In September of 2002, SmartSynch ( and Itron ( their partnership agreement for Itron to distribute SmartSynch's SmartMeter Solution (SM) to the utilities metering market.

What were SmartSynch's decision criteria for selecting this strategy? Why partner with Itron and not another? And, how far does the partnership extend? In order to reveal the critical elements to achieving this strategic partnership, I spoke with Mark Rodgers, CEO of SmartSynch.


SmartSynch, launched in the Spring of 2000, utilizes wireless two-way telemetry for reading and managing the dataflow to commercial and industrial (C&I) meters.

SmartSynch Acquires Applied Mesh Technologies


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