Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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13 April 2011

The radiation fall-out

The West Australian

Health problems from electromagnetic radiation might end up a far bigger problem than smoking ever was. 72 per cent of Australian males smoked in 1945 ...



Regional Science Fair

Some young scientists attending the Regional Science Fair at Trent University today, took on a controversial subject.

As Kate Roberts reports, these projects looked at the impact of wi-fi in schools.


Dr Magda Havas


Crossing the line

Lake County Record-Bee

When cities and counties passed moratoriums to ban SmartMeters in reaction to overwhelming public disapproval, the CPUC pushed aside public concerns and yielded to the industry they are charged with regulating. The will of the people was ignored and ...



BC Hydro announces $270-million smart meter contract

Digital electricity meter program has energy minister's support, Hydro says

By Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun





Take a look at this show of contempt by the corporations. This needs to have a place of honour in our battle against smart meters!




Radiation Zone

Amazing terrific footage done by 2 japanese journalists. Give you a pretty good idea of what is going on. They have a radiation measurement device with them in the car

They drove in their own car in the evacuation zone last sunday. Reaching 1,5 km near the Fukushima Nuclear plant

Heartbreaking to see all those poor dogs left behind, the cows herds wandering alone in empty ghosts towns, the small vegetable green gardens now poisonous, the empty roads, houses, no cars driving on the motoways...and no birds whatsoever.







Five Levels of Healing


Very thought provoking information!


Health Canada Lies Again

In letter to Stratford City Council


This response is to the attached letter.

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