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18 April 2011


By Andy Russell

A SCHOOLGIRL has won a David and Goliath-style battle to protect her family from radiation from a mobile phone mast planned yards from her home. Natalia Gumbrill, 11, was worried about the health implications from microwaves the mast ...



Good news about delay of CFL bulbs.

As most of you know, not only do these bulbs contain dangerous mercury, they also emit radiation that can cause severe headaches, dizziness, etc. when
used in lamps placed near one's head or body.

Please encourage the members of your groups to write your MPs in support of delay before the deadline.

Sharon Noble
CBC News
The Canadian Press
Apr 15, 2011

The federal government wants to delay by two years its deadline requiring all new light bulbs sold in Canada to be energy efficient.

A newly published notice says the current deadline in 2012 would be pushed off by two years to allow time to allay concerns from consumers about new light bulbs.

Canadians have the next 75 days to comment on the proposal.

John Baird, then Canada's environment minister, announced the ban with great fanfare in April 2007, citing it as a demonstration of the Conservative government's commitment to fighting climate change.

The new notice, dated March 24, says the proposed delay would cost Canadians about $303 million to 2020 in lost energy efficiencies as the older bulbs continue to draw higher levels of electricity.

The change would also put about 13 megatonnes more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Delaying the deadline for the new energy-efficient bulbs would also put Canada between one and two years behind the earlier schedule set in the United States. California and British Columbia have already imposed the new standard for energy-efficient light bulbs, and Ontario is considering the same.

Consumers have raised concerns about one of the most common energy-efficient bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps. These devices contain small amounts of mercury and are not readily recycled.

Environment Canada is working on regulations that would compel manufacturers to ensure the mercury-containing lamps can be recycled.

"Canadians have expressed concerns about certain aspects of the minimum energy performance standard for light bulbs," says the notice from Natural Resources Canada.

"This amendment proposes to delay the effective dates for these wattages by two years in each case in order to enable Canadians to better understand the benefits of the standards, the alternatives that will be available to them and to allay their concerns."

The proposed new deadline would require efficient 75-watt and 100-watt bulbs on Jan. 1, 2014, and 40-watt and 60-watt bulbs on Dec. 31, 2014.



The Federal Election - Canada

Tomorrow there will be another press conference, being sponsored by the NDP, in Toronto where a report card will be presented giving grades, and reasons for them, for each party. A press release was sent out this morning.

As soon as the report is available I will send it to you.

May I suggest that you forward this press release to your local newspaper? The wider this is spread the better.



SmartMeters hit obstacles in downtown S.F.

San Francisco Chronicle

The meters were often located in basements well below street level. And the area lacks power poles, depriving PG&E of a place to put the receivers that gather signals from individual SmartMeters and relay them to the utility. ...


Personal Information Concerns Smart Grid Developers

Electric Light & Power

by Teresa Hansen, editor in chief Because most smart meters collect customer usage data every 15 minutes, the electric utilities deploying them have much information revealing how customers use electricity. When it comes to using this data, ...


A global conspiracy?

In a Youtube video, Trent prof says inaction on dealing with Wi-Fi dangers could be part of global plot to control world's population...if one was inclined to believe in such conspiracy theories.

To watch video go to:



Death with (wireless radiation) Waves

As a call for help, a banner hung on the front for several months on one of the victim's property, in central Champigneulles.

Suicide or accident? If yesterday the first elements of the investigation to suggest a desperate act, the thesis of the accident could not be ruled out to explain the death of Denis R., a Champigneulles aged 56.

Yesterday morning, around 7 am 30, the lifeless body of this real estate seller was discovered along the railway lines Champigneulles, at the stage of Malnoy. The Nancy-Metz rail traffic was interrupted when two-way traffic - 25 TER TGV and 4 have been delayed - for the purposes of police investigation.

The passenger train that gave a warning to the controller, saying he saw a body on the ballast. Wounds suggests a side impact. A review should take place on Monday at the forensic institute.

It remains to ascertain the time and day of the collision because neither Friday nor Monday morning, no train driver had reported evidence relating to any shock.

Since September 2010, Denis R., a figure the town was plagued with unbearable tinnitus (ROA of 24/11/2010). It was also followed by an ENT for these disorders, emerged from him shortly after work on the railroad tracks at about 200 yards from her home in the streets of the Boatmen. For him, "emission frequencies, could come from two small shacks made of sheet-like processors and installed along the tracks, opposite his house. Even where they discovered his remains.

Equipped with a kind of electromagnetic field sensor - a material purchased several thousand euros in Germany and found around the neck of the victim yesterday morning - the Champigneulles never stopped stalking waves he considered harmful to his health. Day and night, he happened to walk down the lane and Nancy Champigneulles. The point of obsession. And the device with a headphone ear to return an impressive buzz when it was oriented towards the two barracks. An unexplained phenomenon found by the mayor and maddened also a simple compass needle ...

"I sometimes prefer to leave my apartment rather than endure this nuisance"

"It had become untenable, then explained Denis R. "Loss of sleep, nervousness. I sometimes prefer to leave my apartment rather than endure this nuisance. " It happened that he and his wife go to sleep at friends to find some peace. The couple planned to move but even at 21 pm Friday night, the agent suddenly left home, never to reappear ...

The complainant had stored an impressive documentation of these waves may be the cause of his suffering and wrote many letters to Mary, to the rail network of France (RFF), the SNCF, the prefecture ... A study by a specialist company have found a "hypersensitive hearing obsession." Not enough to satisfy the person who questioned the impartiality of the conclusion. Contacted yesterday, the official duty station responsible for managing the disruption caused by this tragedy, was not aware of all these complaints.

Denis R. was at the origin of a petition on the subject in the district, supported by twenty residents. As a call for help, a white sheet hung for several months on the facade of one of its property, at 57, rue de Nancy. With this message written in red: "Frequency kills ear for over 10 weeks. The mayor noted. Transmitted. Nothing moves. "

Alain Thiess and our local correspondent Gilles Ordureau

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