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Bioelectrical signals turn stem cells' progeny cancerous / forced down throats / Debate Ramps Up / heckled / Kindergarden Micro-wave Experiment / Security Scans / Letter to BC Hydro / EMF

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16 April 2011

Bioelectrical signals turn stem cells' progeny cancerous

Biologists at Tufts University School of Arts and Sciences have discovered that a change in membrane voltage in newly identified "instructor cells" can cause stem cells' descendants to trigger melanoma-like growth in pigment cells. The Tufts team also found that this metastatic transformation is due to changes in serotonin transport. The discovery could aid in the prevention and treatment of diseases like cancer and vitiligo as well as birth defects....

This could explain a lot. I'm sure we will be hearing more about this in the near future.



Hydrophobia grows as smart meters are forced down throats

Vancouver Sun

By Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun April 14, 2011 Judging from Tuesday's headlines, like it or not, two million households and businesses will soon have smart meters installed by BC Hydro. And so, a very warm welcome to the world of captive markets, ...


Smart Meter Opt-Out Debate Ramps Up

Freepress Online

by Christine Parrish The debate over whether customers will be allowed to opt out of the new wireless smart-meter technology that Central Maine Power (CMP) began installing on residences in its service area last fall looks like it could drag on for ...


FCC chairman gets heckled by smart meter protesters (video)


Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, got heckled by smart meter protesters today as he was giving a talk in Silicon Valley. Genachowski was answering questions from Fortune writer Adam Lashinsky about the pending AT&T ...


Kindergarden Micro-wave Experiment

Will the children be permenantly harmed? Check back in fifteen years.


Airport Security Scans: What Would Your Doctor Do?

Posted by: Dr. Mercola


Letter to BC Hydro, British Columbia, Canada.

You claim that the EMF from smart Meters will not harm human health based on information you received from BCCDC and Dr.Perry Kendall.

I was driven from my home in Harrison Hot Springs back in 1996 due to electro magnetic fields being emitted into my home from a nearby cell tower.

I was told then by BCCDC and the BC Health Ministry that the EMF density from the tower was well within the Health Canada Guidelines and was safe.

They were WRONG then and they are WRONG now.

The Health Canada Guidelines were set back in 1993 on the theory that If it doesn't heat our body it will not hurt us.

This has been proven wrong time and time again.It is one thing to say that EMF is harmless if one never counts the casualties,which neither Health Canada or BCCDC ,BC or Ministry of health has done.

I have asked BCCDC many times over the passed 14 years to do surveys at areas around towers, which they have not done to my knowledge.

Please review these important references:

There are many more peer review studies that show adverse health well below Canada Safety Code Guidelines.

Consideration was not given to the fact that each person is made up of different materials and what may not harm one can harm another.I know because IT HARMS ME.I am having a difficult time living with the EMF density that is in our atmosphere and if more is added I will have to head for the hills or suffer for the rest of my life.

I can say from experience that the $ you may save on electric power will be many fold spent on health remedies.I cannot believe that this is the Canada I was born in where a dangerous contraption can be forcefully installed on my house that has the potential of making me ill. We fought a war to stop that kind of action! I hope ,that after you have watched the videos and read the material herein, for the protection of our children and future generations, that you will reconsider placing Smart Meters on our homes.

Yours Truly

Robert Riedlinger Ph.604 826 6791



February 24, 2011. The Defense Intelligence Agency of the United States released a document referenced below that had a security classification as "confidential" and has since been "unclassified". This document may help us better understand why the U.S. military is interested in opposing a more protective guideline for microwave radiation.

Adams, R.L. and R.A. Williams. 1976. Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) – Eurasian Communist Countries (U). Prepared by U.S. Army Medical Intelligence and Information Agency Office of the Surgeon General and was released by the Defense Intelligence Agency. 34 pp. Unclassified.

Abstract: This study was undertaken to provide a review and evaluation of the current Eurasian Communist country state-of-the-art in the area of the effects of radiowaves and microwaves. It generally covers the 1968-1975 period. The major topics include discussions of the effects on humans and animals. The study provides information on the genera1 trends of research with special attention to possible military applications. Where appropriate, information on safety standards and research personalities and facilities is provided.

If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavorable effects on industrial output and military function.

Clearly "industrial output and military function" come before health!

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