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Canadian Citizen Groups Launch Wi-Fi, Cell Phone Safety Initiatives / 53 million smart meters / Mysterious Rumbling / mislead the world / Failing Grade to Harper / Wi-Fi in Schools / Federal Election

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12 April 2011

Canadian Citizen Groups Launch Wi-Fi, Cell Phone Safety Initiatives


Dr. Devra Davis' book, Disconnect, warns about cell phone health issues .... from acid rain to sick building syndrome, and now, electromagnetic pollution. ...



Major UK Utilities and DECC to Discuss Smart Meter Roll Outs
PR.com (press release)

"According to the British government's smart meter roll plans the deployment of some 53 million smart meters.....


FIFTY THREE MILLION more RF devices constantly sending strong bursts of dangerous wireless radiation!


Mysterious Rumbling Has Local Residents Baffled

Province searching for source of vibrations

by Dave Battagello, The Windsor Star

April 8, 2011


Ontario's Environment Ministry is investigating reports of mysterious rumblings in parts of Windsor and Essex County.

Nine formal complaints have been registered to the local ministry office and there have been numerous telephone inquiries, officials say.

"I feel like I'm going mental," said Sonya Skillings, a resident in the 3800 block of Poplar Avenue, just east of Windsor Regional Hospital's Western Campus.

"It's in the ground and it feels like there is a subway under the house. It happens at all different times -in the middle of the night, as well."

The ministry has investigated underground blasting at the Windsor Salt mine, but the company blasts only once a day Monday to Friday in midafternoon.

"We just want to know what the noise is," said Skillings, a married mom to six-year-old and five-month-old boys.

"It's just weird that nobody knows. If it's not the salt mines, then what is it?"

Ministry of Environment officers have asked homeowners to keep a log in order to help find the source of the rumbling.

The calls about the noise have come from nearly every corner in Windsor and the surrounding area, said Teri Gilbert, issues project co-ordinator for the local Environment Ministry office.

"We have received a number of complaints and it seems widespread," she said. "Most are from west Windsor, but also Amherstburg, South Windsor and Lakeshore.

"In response we are working with a number of partners -the City of Windsor, federal government and Michigan state government -to determine the source. We have not been able to nail it down."

The ministry's goal is to eliminate any possibility the vibrations are being caused by an industrial source on either side of the border.

Mining activities by salt companies on either side of the border have been ruled out because "their operations are not coinciding with the times people are feeling these (vibrations)," Gilbert said.

Homeowners and any neighbours they can enlist will log the noises and vibrations for at least the next month, she said.

Another possibility could be overhead jets circling, landing and taking off from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, but Skillings believes that's not the case.

"The vibrations definitely are more underground," she said. "All I hear is the rumbling."

Gilbert indicated federal aviation authorities may be contacted once the Environment Ministry can rule out all industrial sources.

"It's a mystery," she said. "There appears to be no rhyme or reason to it."

dbattagello@windsorstar.com or 519-255-6880


Most of those reporting sound phenomena experienced it for 20 to 30 minutes and some said the ground was vibrating. Several of them also saw flashes of light in the sky. Reports have continued to come in since this map was posted and those locations are not plotted on this map, neither is the one for Florida or Windsor.

Map of incidents -




How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation

George Monbiot and others at best misinform and at worst distort evidence of the dangers of atomic energy

By Dr. Helen Caldicott, M.D.




Wireless Radiation Safety Council Gives Failing Grade to Harper ...

CNW Group

... The Harper Conservatives took home an F for failing to protect children's health, ... cell towers and WiFi in schools," announced Francois Therrien, ...



Kids in Victoria Community • View topic - Wi-Fi in Schools BCCPAC ...

Be it resolved that BCCPAC call on Boards of Education to cease to install WiFi and other wireless networks in schools where other (safe) networking technology is ...



Canadian Federal Election

Below are some questions that we have written which should prove provocative at public or private meetings, or in communication with candidates for election. You may have others which you would like to share. These are intended to identify those candidates who would be supportive of our efforts to change Federal policy regarding many issues involving the telecommunication industry, as well as those who won't.

We will be asking the Leaders of the parties to respond, and to include these issues in their platforms.

Please provide any feedback you obtain from candidates so that it can be posted for all to read on the Council's website. Also if you receive no response, that should be posted as well. As responses are received, website report cards for each party will reflect positions taken.

The Council Team

1. Parental Rights to Protect Children


It is a legal fact that parents by virtue of their relationship have the legal right and moral obligation to protect their children from potentially hazardous or dangerous exposures.

Question #1

Given that there is gold standard science (peer reviewed, published, replicated) showing ill health effects from microwave radiation, do you believe it is the parents right to provide

their informed consent and waiver of liability before their children are exposed every day to microwave radiation in the school system?

Question #2

Do you believe that any institution, business, or government authority should be able to force children to be exposed to microwave radiation without informed consent from parents?

2. Employee's Right to Protect Self


If a worker has reasonable cause to believe that equipment, physical condition of the workplace or the work itself is likely to create an undue hazard, they have the right to refuse to carry out that work in accordance with Occupational Health & Safety Regulation (OHSR) . Reasonable cause is defined as the employee on an individual basis exercising normal and honest judgement believing that the circumstances present an unacceptable degree of hazard.

Question #1

Given that there is gold standard science (peer reviewed, published and replicated) showing ill health effects from microwave radiation, do you believe employees have the right of full disclosure and informed consent with regards to workplace exposure to microwave radiation?

Question #2

Would you support full disclosure regarding health risks of microwave radiation and informed consent procedure for employees who are exposed while at work?

3. Public Health Surveillance System


HESA (the Parliamentary sub-committee responsible for Health Canada) has recommended there be independent assessment regarding potential health impacts of exposure to rf emr, including an examination of electromagnetic sensitivity.


Given that a growing number of Canadians claim serious health impacts from exposure to wireless technologies, would you support a public health surveillance and reporting system for adverse health effects in order to properly assess this emerging public health problem?

4. Electrical sensitivity or Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)


-- Electrical sensitivity, also known as microwave sickness or electrohypersensitivity, is an often debilitating condition where the sufferer experiences intense 'allergic' reactions to electromagnetic emissions (wireless, electromagnetic fields, cell phones, electricity, etc). Symptoms can include heart palpitations, nerve pain, loss of speech, headaches, numbness.

-- The Canadian Human Rights Commission of Canada has recognized these sensitivities as a disability.

Peer-reviewed studies suggest that 3% of Canadians have extreme electrical sensitivity, and 35% have less extreme electrical sensitivity. And these numbers are growing.


What concrete actions would you take, as Prime Minister/MP, to ensure that electrical sensitivity is recognized as a certified disability?

5. Municipalities' Constitutional powers


-- The Federal Telecommunications Act replaced The Railway Act of 1906 which gave full control over vital means of communications, e.g. telephone and telegraph, to the Federal Government. Today all authority for cell, radio and TV antennaes which are in every town and neighbourhood remains with the Federal Government.

-- Industry Canada and CRTC, working with telecommunication companies, disregard concerns of municipalities and citizens regarding health, property values and aesthetics when siting towers and transmitters. Canadians resent this every-expanding encroachment on their rights to the full enjoyment of their home, free of concerns of health problems from involuntary exposure to microwave radiation.


As PM/MP , what action would you take or support to limit the current federal encroachment of provincial and municipal powers given in the Constitution under the separation of powers?

6. Safety Code 6


-- In April and Oct, 2010,at meetings with HESA, the Parliamentary sub-committee responsible for Health Canada, world renowned scientists presented strong evidence that biological effects occur at radiation exposure levels far below that allowed by Health Canada' s Safety Code 6.

-- As a consequence, HESA recommended that an independent body review current available research and report on potential health effects from short- and long-term exposure to radiation at levels below Safety Code 6. To date, nothing has been done.


What concrete actions will you take upon becoming Prime Minister/MP to ensure that HESA's recommendation will be carried out with all urgency by independent, reputable scientists, devoid of any industry funding or influence, or possibility thereof ?

7. Corporate Manslaughter Act


-- The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act of 2007 is a landmark in law, put into force in the UK in 2008. For the first time, companies and organizations can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures resulting in a gross breach of a duty of care.

Companies will be held liable for not taking account of any appropriate health and safety guidance, and for breaches of health and safety legislation.

-- During the last number of years, corporations have caused grave injury to individuals by ignoring scientific evidence by independent scientists. Many examples exist with drugs, blood supply, asbestos, and electromagnetic radiation.

Question:s PM would you instruct your Party to introduce into Parliament a Canadian Corporate Manslaughter Act which would hold corporations responsible for allowing harm to be done by their products or services, when credible evidence of potential harm was disregarded?

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