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23 January 2015


Canada - BILL C-648

An Act Respecting the Prevention of Potential Health Risks
From Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation

Conservative MP calls for greater warning labels on cell phones

Canadian Conservative Member of Parliament, Terence Young says he has multi-party support for his Private Member's Bill to place safety warnings on Cell phones and Wifi routers sold in Canada.

MP says Canadians unaware of health risks posed by cell phones

Conservative MP Terence Young says Canadians are not fully aware of what he says are serious health concerns resulting from cell phone and wireless router use, especially to children. Young's Private Member's Bill will seek to place safety warnings on Cell phones and Wifi routers sold in Canada.

Subject: Bill C-648
Dear Mr. Young
Thank you for your efforts to see wireless devices used more safely.
I suffer badly from exposure to wireless radiation and I am in touch with many people around the world who also have been made ill by this invisible toxin.
I have contacted several MPs over the last few years but none have taken the trouble to bring the issue forward.
On behalf of many people who may not be able to contact you, we appreciate everything that you have done to bring Bill C-648 to Parliament.
If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me.
Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP
If you would like to send a message of thanks and support to MP Terrance Young, here is the address -

Thousands of smart meters in Ontario to be removed over safety worries

Some 5,400 of Ontario's 4.8 million smart meters are being removed and replaced because of a risk they could heat up, cause an electrical short and possibly spark a fire


Thousands of smart meters ordered removed in Ontario

David Collie, president and CEO of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), said their experts found similarities between the structure of 5,400 Sensus Generation 3.2 remote disconnect meters installed in Ontario and a similar model used in Saskatchewan that was implicated in a number of fires.

Two-thirds of the 5,400 smart meters being replaced are Bluewater Power's

It appears Sarnia's utility provider will be hardest hit by Ontario's decision to remove thousands of smart meters over fears they could cause fires.
Of the 5,400 Sensus Generation 3.2 remote disconnect meters earmarked for removal by March 31, nearly two-thirds are under Bluewater Power's purview.

"I have not run into one person in this community that has said to me the smart meter has made a difference in their electrical use or their habits," he said. (Mayor)


Maryland woman suffers acute radiation exposure from a bank of smart meters

This woman was unaware of any potential issues with wireless smart utility meters and was shocked to learn that a bank of smart meters just outside the condo kitchen wall emits toxic levels of electromagnetic radiation that makes her condo uninhabitable.

Smart Meters—not so Smart

An (extensive) Exposé of the "Smart Grid" by Amy Worthington

This is an important article which should be widely distributed to family, friends, news media and government.  The link allows you to print and to save as a PDF.

The Cheapest Way of Screening a Smart Meter

Don't forget to block the wall behind the meter.

EESC EHS Opinion - plenary vote January 2015

The Section for Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society (TEN) of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has now produced it's final draft opinion that we reported on recently. It would have represented a giant step forward in the recognition of electromagnetic hypersensitivity and the need in society to dramatically alter our approach to supporting sufferers of the condition. However today, the 21st January 2015, a Counter-Opinion was proposed and voted on before the EHS Opinion and the Counter Opinion was passed by plenary vote. That means that the good TEN 559 EHS Opinion was dismissed.
Sleep, Bedsprings and Cancer
Please, find attached - as a pdf - a new research paper:

Hallberg Ö, Huttunen P, Johansson O, "Cancer incidence vs. population average sleep duration on spring mattresses", Adv Stud Med Sci 2104; 2: 1-15

Former Fort Mill resident looks to raise awareness of electromagnetic fields

It was Dallas where Sturdivant got her diagnosis of electromagnetic field sensitivity.

"I had swollen really big, like a monster," she said. "I'm better now, but I really went through it."

The disorder is a disruption of the body's natural electric functions. Symptoms are myriad. So too are triggers. Nick Callas, a Columbia attorney who won Sturdivant her disability status, recalls the client who couldn't consult with him if lights or his computer stayed on during the meeting.


Forbes Features EHT Study on Children's Wireless Risk and then Launches Damage Control

A tidal wave of degenerative brain disease

There's no time to waste: the baby boom generation is already feeling the deluge of age-related degenerative brain disease.

"Our clinics are swamped," Strong said. "We're already starting to see the tidal wave come though."

Note - The comment that I left at the end of this story noting the links between Alzheimer's disease and wireless radiation, along with a link to the Bio Initiative Report were not approved or were removed by the newspaper!

Milpitas school board studies effects of three cell towers in district

Parents have started a petition on asking the district to not renew the contract because a "wide range of negative health effects are manifested on people who live near cell towers, however, study after study has shown that children are much more vulnerable than adults due to their developing brain and thinner skulls. This puts them at an increased risk for a wide range of health problems including leukemia, headaches, behavioral problems and DNA damage."

School board declines cell tower lease

After an often-emotional public comment session — and with three school officials facing a subpoena to testify today (Thursday, Jan. 15) in a related Virginia Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA) case filed by Sperryville resident Eric Tollefson — the board declined to pursue the deal.

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