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WEEP News / NEW FRENCH LAW SETS PRECEDENT / Wireless Industry is misleading Canadians / Sony Danger / Ex-Microsoft exec / Cell phone may cause hearing loss / La Quinta cancer etc.

W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

6 February 2015



Today the French Parliament passed a law addressing electromagnetic
fields and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. While the new law does not
go nearly far enough, it is the first of its kind in the world. Among
its provisions are the following:

1. Anyone who intends to build one or more radio installations regulated
by the ANFR (France's equivalent of the FCC) must submit to the local
government, if requested by the mayor, calculations of electromagnetic
fields that will be generated. This information must be made available
to the public.

2. A national dialogue committee on levels of public exposure to
electromagnetic fields is created within the ANFR. This committee will
give information to all stakeholders. The ANFR will give annual reports
to the dialogue committee on the results of all electromagnetic field
measurements in France as well as measures taken to reduce exposure
levels at "atypical" locations where the levels are greater than usual.
The ANFR will compile a annual census of atypical exposure locations and
periodically report on measures taken to reduce exposure at such

3. Within one year from today, the ANFR will produce a municipal-level
map of all cell towers in France.

4. Any advertisement for cell phones must mention, clearly and legibly,
the recommended use of an accessory device that reduces exposure of the
head to radio frequency radiation. Violators are subject to a fine of
75,000 euros.

5. Advertisements promoting the use of cell phones without such
accessories are prohibited. Violators are subject to a fine of 75,000

6. Anyone selling a cell phone must provide, upon request, an accessory
designed for children under 14 years of age that reduces exposure of the
head to radio frequency radiation.

7. Wireless internet is prohibited in places dedicated to the welcome,
rest, and activities of children under 3 years of age.

8. Wireless access for internet in elementary schools must be disabled
when not in use for teaching.

9. One year from today, the government shall submit to the Parliament a
report on electromagnetic hypersensitivity.


Cellular Phone Task Force

Conservative MP says Wireless Industry is misleading Canadians about Cell Phone Safety

"Warnings for safe use are already buried in the fine print of every device manual," said Young. "But a spokesman, for both Bell and Telus, has publicly responded to my Bill by saying there is 'no health risk'. That is wrong and they know it's wrong. They're behaving like the Tobacco industry did before scientists agreed that cigarettes cause lung cancer."

The Sony Xperia Z3 exceeds the already dangerous Canadian guidlines when used as a 'hot spot'.
Other Canadian wireless companies are ignoring the danger!

Ex-Microsoft exec calls out wireless industry on radiation issues

"I'm calling on the manufacturers and distributors of wireless devices to openly support this bill," Clegg said. "The World Health Organization states that these devices emit a type of radiation that may cause cancer. In the face of this obvious product liability and danger, not one CEO from any manufacturer or wireless distributor in this country has come forward to state that their products are safe."

Excessive use of cell phones can trigger a host of health problems among users. According to a study, indiscriminate use of cell phone by  indulging in non-stop talk for 20 minutes every day will cause hearing loss over a period of time

There are 25,000 brain tumour cases in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states and most of them are attributed to excessive use of cell phones, as per a recent medical survey.

La Quinta, CA Middle School Cancer Continues
Between 2004-2007 Sam Milham and Lloyd Morgan were involved in the La Quinta, CA middle school teacher cancer cluster issue. They determined there were high levels of high frequency voltage transients in many of the classrooms. Raymond Neutra of the CDPH agreed but 6 weeks later changed his tune after going to his "advisory" committee.

The case was closed in 2007 when the uncooperative Superintendent send out a press release stating the school received a clean bill of health from the CDPH. Not entirely true as they did say the cancers were not by chance and unexplained.

I recently moved to the area and had a dirty electricity issue in my own home. Sam helped me through it as he lives near me. He then told me how past students from the school were now reporting cancers. ​I began investigating this and many are now surfacing. We have taken this to local media and hope it will get picked up nationally. We are also working with students and teachers to get to the bottom of this once and for all. We want all student and teacher names to be run through the CA Cancer Registry - we want filters installed and if they want to find the source they should do so. Of course there is major opposition to this.

The school district is still uncooperative and just wishes we would go away. Now that we have teachers and students with cancer that will not happen!!!

Sam wrote about this school in his book "Dirty Electricity". Unfortunately the saga continues.

Ellie Marks
CA Brain Tumor Association

Electrical Hypersensitivity

13 minute presentation on YouTube

Hydro-Quebec rocked by resignations amid smart-meter flap

MONTREAL — Two Hydro-Quebec executives in charge of the contentious smart-meter program quietly resigned last week along with CEO Thierry Vandal, QMI Agency has learned.

The $1-billion smart-meter file has sparked boycotts and petitions over the safety of the devices and Hydro-Quebec's pushy installation measures.

Another "smart" meter fire has claimed a life — James Humphrey, Jr., a 74-year-old man in Dallas, Texas.

And in all likelihood, just like with HUNDREDS of other fires, the utility cartel will attempt to deflect blame.

The number of meter fires, or as NV Energy calls them 'consumed meters,' is very, very small.

Out of the 1.24 million smart meters installed in Nevada, only 77 have gone up in flames. That's a "consumed meter" rate of .006 percent.


LETTER: Out-smarting the Smart Meter Fraud

In a lifestyle that leaves you non-voluntarily swimming in it (Wireless Radiation) anything you do to dump any of it is a help
The Electrical Safety Authority has ordered their removal over concerns they could arc and start a fire if exposed to moisture.
"This could cost the utility over $1 million and at this point in time, there's no indication that the province is going to step up and pick up that cost."
NDP Energy critic Peter Tabuns' statement regarding safety of smart meters in Sudbury
"The Liberal government has blown billions of dollars on a smart meter program that hasn't saved consumers money, hasn't saved energy and is now posing a public safety risk.  This is nothing short of a colossal mess.
These meters are a disaster!
More Carcinogenic Risk in the Home?
"It talks to the smart meter using ZigBee SEP 1.1, and it has an Ethernet port so it can connect to the home router," he said. "It's just a bridge between the smart meter and the internet."

Smart meters are just a dumb idea

Hamilton Spectator

Smart meters?

I am tired of hearing the term "smart meters." To be fair, they should be called either cruel meters or, more accurately, an energy tax on seniors.

Who is at home during the day paying these high rates? Seniors! I can't believe our Liberal government thinks seniors should sit in their homes with the lights and televisions off, as well as turning their heat down in these cold winter days. These people, on fixed income, are the ones at home while these high-paid politicians go to Queen's Park and sit in warmth with the lights on, then dig into the seniors' pockets to help pay for the energy to keep them warm and comfortable.

Can at least one politician admit they are hurting the seniors by charging them extra money for energy? I have been a Liberal supporter for years, but I will have a tough time ever supporting them again.

Dan Rankin Sr., Hamilton

Former Enemalta technician jailed for thirty months for installing rigged smart meters
A former Enemalta technician has been jailed for thirty months and fined €10,000 after pleading guilty to accepting bribes to install rigged smart meters
Fires and Disconnect Switch on BC Smart Meters

The attached press release - 'CSSMBC EngineersFires'  and 'Disconnect Switch' was sent out to media in BC, Alberta, Sask, and Ontario.


Naperville woman files fedral suit against the city
Stahl and Bendis are leaders of the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Group that opposes the wireless meters for privacy and a variety of believed health issues.

The suit seeks a judgment against the officers and the city "in a fair and just amount sufficient to compensate (Bendis) for the injuries she has suffered, as well as such other relief as is just and equitable.
Smart Meters Terrify Sleeping Child
Dear Martin,

We just wanted to thank you again for taking so much time and effort in inspecting our place. Immediately after you left I moved Jo------ and his bed over to the other side of the room. Normally for his naps, he just rests, but doesn't sleep. On Friday he actually slept. Last two nights, also, he hasn't woken up.

We've also rearranged N----'s room and she says she is also sleeping better. We're looking into places to order the different protection screens/sheets you recommended.

I will speak to the maintenance man first and see what information he can provide.
17 Nov 2014
Dear Martin,

I checked with the maintenance man and you were correct, there are smart meters two floors below Jonah's room, in the boiler room. We did hold the meter up to the door and didn't get a reading, but I assume the door was shielding it. Thought you'd like to know.
We've put those foil sheets in J----- and N----- room, plus grounded and moved N-----'s bed. Our son J----- sleeps soundly almost every night. While, before, he used to wake up every night screaming at the top of his lungs. Nicole is also sleeping so well she can barely wake up when she needs to.

Restless Leg Syndrome - Another Nervous System Problem, Caused or Highly Influenced by Microwave Radiation
Hi Martin,

Two weeks ago you gave a talk to the Huron Perth Women in Arriculture at Seaforth and 
I was one of the ladies in attendance.
I was not new to the topic, but hearing that a cordless phone had so 
much radiation, give me cause to think.

My husband HAD severe restless leg syndrome, till the point that it 
was physically hurting him and keeping us both from sleeping. We were 
thinking about sleeping separately. Our family doctor had given 
different ideas and medication over the years, but nothing alleviated 
the problem.

So after this Women's meeting I put the cordless units away, without 
telling my husband the reason. After a week I introduced my husband to 
the concept of radiation from appliances and gadgets and if he had 
seen any change.

Well; he had not slept so well in many years, and the some goes for me.

Thank you for helping us to make the healthy change to a life without 
restless legs.

Shirley -----

iPads and smartphones given to children to calm them down during a tantrum 'may damage their brains'

'Heavy device use during young childhood could interfere with development of empathy, social and problem solving skills that are typically obtained by exploring, unstructured play and interacting with peers.
Everyone learns in school that humans have five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. There are actually several more, but one that humans don't inherently have is magnetoception, the ability to perceive magnetic fields. This sense can be found in certain bacteria, migratory birds, fish, and invertebrates, and provides a better sense of navigation and orientation

Is wireless technology a boon or disaster?

There's no doubt that we will fatally damage ourselves if we persist. Especially kids and female fetuses (the eggs). One reason we know this is because history shows that industry and governments long ago did all the research on pulsed microwave — as a stealth weapon. Well before it was applied to telecommunications.

Radio show from Ireland.  Prof. Olle Johansson is interviewed.
Smart - like brick!

Comment -  Wireless radiation is a class 2b possible carcinogen (World Health Organization). Why would you want to surround yourself, 24 hours a day, with this carcinogenic danger in your homes and on city streets etc?

Read for scientific information.

Why the modern world is bad for your brain
In this article, you will learn that so-called multitasking affects the memory and concentration capacity of the brain.  
But so does also 2.45 GHz microwave exposure at levels said to be safe!
So what is really the culprit in this article?!

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection from the Kitchen

Abnormalities of the brain appear to be on the rise, as evidenced by the expansion in hospitals of entirely new wings dedicated to treating brain disorders. Is it possible that the increase in brain dysfunction and malignancies could be at least in part due to the increased presence of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from wireless sources? Many independent scientists believe so.5

Reducing Electromagnetic Radiation from Wireless Sources

In the meantime, a precautionary approach is highly recommended, using the strictest standards available as determined by the German field of Baubiologie. If you are EMR-sensitive, pregnant or have children, reducing exposure to you and your family is essential for short and long-term health.

MRE, Feb 1, 2015 (Google translation)

The Seventh Chamber of the Paraná Regional Labor Court
(TRT-PR) determined payment of compensation to a Curitiba
technician who worked for fifteen years in the maintenance of
telephone towers and developed a rare type of bone cancer. The
antennas were not turned off during the execution of the service.

The company Nokia Solutions and Networks in Brazil
Telecommunications Ltd., formerly Siemens SA, will pay $
250,000 in damages plus annuity corresponding to 50% of final
salary. The decision can still be appealed.
The coach was admitted by the company in August 1986 and for
over 15 years conducted testing services, repairs and
installations in the signal transmission towers of the
company. In 2002, a tumor was found in the worker's right
thigh, which was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a rare type of
bone cancer. He underwent several surgeries, but ended retired
due to disability, age 37. Three other co-workers developed
the same type of cancer and died aged 28, 39 and 45 years.
The technical filed a lawsuit against the company at the 15th
Curitiba Court claiming that their health problems could have
been caused by direct contact with the electromagnetic waves
radiated by phone towers.
In the opinion of the judge of first instance was not in the
record sufficient evidence to establish a causal link between
the type of work and the disease, since cancer can have
multiple causes, such as diet and medications, among other
The worker appealed, arguing that the International Agency for
Research on Cancer (IARC), linked to the World Health
Organization classifies exposure to electromagnetic fields as
possibly carcinogenic to humans.
In their analysis, the judges gave the Seventh Class reason
the employee, noting that an expert report presented
information from the medical literature linking
electromagnetic radiation with cellular and genetic phenomena
that promote cancer. They also understood that the company was
wrong to omit as the prevention and monitoring of risks, in
addition to not have done exposure control of radiation worker.
"Considering the fact or evidence together, it considers that
the work activities developed by the author contributed to the
development of their disease (concausa), leaving configured
concausalidade link. Resta set the guilt of the defendant,
given that not arranged for the work to be developed without
risk to the health of your employee "it said judgment which
ordered the company to pay a lifetime monthly pension plus
punitive damages.
Click HERE to access the full judgment

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