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WEEP News / IARC Dismiss Cancer and Bad Luck Theory / Wi-Fi Exposure More Dangerous To Kids / Long-term cellphone cancer / Demo against WIFI in schools / Botched Ontario meter program etc.

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17 January 2015


IARC Dismiss Cancer and Bad Luck Theory

The World Health Organisation's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) have come forward in anger against the paper "Variation in cancer risk among tissues can be explained by the number of stem cell divisions" released last month in the Journal 'Science', unscientifically stating that the majority of cancer is due to "bad luck". The published research claimed that environmental factors and genetic predispositions explain about one-third of cancers and that two thirds of cancers are due to "bad luck" caused by random mutations arising during DNA replication and the more replications that occur in tissue the higher the chance of developing cancer there. It is disappointing that peer-review by a historically good journal (Science) allowed this statement in the paper's Abstract; however the journal has been defending this in subsequent editorials. The publication by 'Science' resulted in the story being run non-critically as a major item even on the BBC News.

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Yesterday, Forbes Magazine let the cat out the bag: studies indicate that wireless radiation is way more harmful than we thought, especially for children.

Today, industry damage-control agents appear to have undertaken a "re-education campaign" upon Forbes, to have the article edited.

Read the original article & get the eye-opening facts:
Long-term cellphone use linked to brain cancer
The risk of cancer also increased in young adults if they used a wireless ... type of electromagnetic radiation emitted when a call is made or received.

Demonstration against WIFI in schools , Tel Aviv , ISRAEL

Smart meters, another botched program on Ontario's long list of power boondoggles
A government that has thoroughly botched the energy file since the day it took office more than 11 years ago.
Not only are they a failure, but the roll-out was a comedy act, with one bungle after another. The benefits, estimated at $600 million over 15 years, were off by about $510 million (or 85%).
Smart Meter Explosion and Fire
Questions have risen over the safety of smart meters after reports that one exploded and caused a fire around 1 a.m. Tuesday, January 6 at a house in the 45000-block of Moody Ave.
The Quebec municipality of Magog (Eastern Townships) wants to ban smart meters on its territory

Mayor Vicki May Hamm says the town is seeking legal advice to see if it can ban the devices on its territory.

"We're not convinced that there's not any health problems." says Hamm

Maine Smart Meters Appeal
On Friday, January 9th, 2015, Maine complainants (16 people) filed an appeal of the PUC decision that smart meters were safe.
The press release and official Notice of Appeal are attached

Google Glass 'addict' wore device for 18 hours a day

Over the course of his 35-day treatment the report claims he became "extremely irritable and argumentative" once he was parted from the device.

Doctors also said his symptoms reduced over time.  They noted he became less irritated and showed "improvements in his short-term memory and clarity of thought processes."


First two cell towers rejected under new Langley Township policy

The new municipal "telecommunication tower policy" requires an 80 per cent "yes" vote from people living near any proposed new cell phone antenna installation.

Under the new rules, cellphone companies have to poll residents within a 500 metre radius of a proposed tower.

Smart Meters Have Failed
Having reached the end of 2014, there is no doubt it has been a devastating year for utility smart meters and smart grid advocates.  Whether all utility executives yet realize it or not, smart meters have failed.  They have failed miserably to the deliver the promised benefits.
Europa EHS Documents
Several documents which may be helpful to you.
A new United Nations resolution warning member states about their responsibility to protect the health of their citizens against electromagnetic waves, including satellite jamming signals, was approved at the UN's Telecommunication Union (ITU)'s Plenipotentiary Conference which took place between October 20 and November 7, 2014, in Busan, South Korea (Resolution 176, pg. 277). The ITU is the UN's specialized agency for information and communication technologies.
The Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS), and the European BioElectromagnetics Association (EBEA) Conference
The Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California, for the Annual Joint Meeting of our two societies from 14-19 June 2015.
2B or not 2B: Should IARC's classification of RF EMF as a possible carcinogen invoke the
precautionary principle?
We must recognize that Wireless and Health Problems are Linked

I began experiencing adverse health symptoms (that I never had before) immediately after installation of a water "smart meter." My symptoms included: headache (rapid vibration of temple veins); painful eye, and "prickling" nasal sensations; body temperature and blood pressure increases; shortness of breath; nausea and dizziness; fluctuating heartbeat; and ultimately, a seizure causing loss of control of my legs.

Smartphones cause drooping jowls and 'tech-neck' wrinkles in 18-39 year-olds

"The problem of wrinkles and sagging of the jowls and neck used to begin in late middle age but, in the last 10 years, because of 'tech neck', it has become a problem for a generation of younger women," said Dr Christopher Rowland Payne, a consultant dermatologist at The London Clinic.
He shows that with more than 10 years of cellphone use, positive results were obtained with industry funded and governmental studies. He reveals some shocking results from studies carried out adults and children, adults show a 50% higher risk of contracting brain cancer, whereas amongst the children it was an unbelievable 420%. According to these studies cordless phones are as unhealthy as cellular phones.
Radiofrequency / Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards - A Review
See the attached USAF document from 1994
Peter Lloyd EHS / MCS
Striving to live in safety
Remember when Doctors said that Smoking was Safe?
Now look at what is being said - and consider the similarities with wireless radiation.
EMF promotes severe vascular calcification in animal model of ectopic calcification
CONCLUSIONS: EMF exposure may have potential harmful effects on the cardiovascular system, as it promotes severe vascular calcification in CKD miliue.
Wanted - C4ST Federal Riding Representatives Across Canada
We are looking for representation in every riding across Canada. This role is suited to a person who is concerned about elevating personal and public safety, and prepared to volunteer their time and effort to bring about change in their community, and across Canada.
This is a great way of having a voice on EMF concerns and keeping your Member of Parliament informed.
Dr Ann West interviews Paul Doyon (EMF Refugees)
Truth from the Source radio show.

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