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9 January 2015

Are 45 Million Americans Already Suffering the Effects of Wireless Radiation ?
In the last edition of WEEP News I included this CBS story about tinnitus - More than 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus

A WEEP reader who suffers badly from tinnitus and EMF sensitivity, sent me this comment - "Martin, this article is a sad joke and not helpful at all". 
The WEEP reader had missed the point of the article and it is very important that others realize the significance of this CBS news report.
While there may be a few million people who naturally suffer from tinnitus (5 million may be a generous guess).  There are very strong reasons to believe that the vast majority of those mentioned in the story (45 million plus) are actually suffering because they are hearing wireless radiation from a variety of different sources.
The ringing noise in the ears seems to be a hearing effect, but it could also involve a neurological or a central nervous system problem that is being caused by wireless radiation.  The important thing is that we can now point to a large percentage of the population, to show that wireless radiation is affecting their health.  
When you add the 45 million tinnitus sufferers on to the millions who are suffering auto immune diseases, various cancers, headaches, depression etc, the signs are becoming much clearer.  Those signs indicate that wireless radiation is causing serious health effects to large numbers of the population.
It is a sad development, but it is what reputable scientists and EMF safety activists have been forecasting for years!
Martin Weatherall

I've started the petition "U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate and President of the United States: "HALT THE EMR NOISE POLLUTION HARMING HUMANS AND WILDLIFE" and need your help to get it off the ground.
Cell phones cause cancer
Lawyer Jimmy Gonzalez gives strong testimony to the Pembroke Pines Comission to petition the City to issue a Resolution raising awareness of the health risks of cell phone radiation. 
Jimmy Gonzalez died from cancer, which was most likely caused by cell phone radiation, in November 2014 leaving behind a wife and two daughters under the age of 3.

New Breaking Research About Cell Phone Use (Warning: It's Bleak)

The findings show that 3G phones may cause more harm than earlier versions, raising the risk of brain cancer four-fold. It also appears to have shorter latency period—just five to 10 years, compared to about 25 years for earlier mobile phone versions.

'Cellphones fry young brains'

The Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) has issued a stern warning: giving children cellphones and other wireless technology devices carries enormous risks.

Because of the lag between exposure and disease, said Herbst and Davis, the risks are not taken seriously enough.

"We may definitely see an increase in the incidence of brain disease in the future," said Herbst.


Cell Phones May Cause Cancer? Here Are A Few Facts To Consider

Children are more at risk than adults from the effects of most toxic exposures in life, including both chemicals and radio-frequency radiation from cell phones. And experts are worried about the effects of radio-frequency radiation on the developing brain and nervous system of children.
A melanoma trend forecast from 2002 – what happened then?

Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, Horst E, "A melanoma trend forecast from 2002 – what happened then?", Electromagn Biol Med 2014; Dec 23: 1-3, doi:10.3109/15368378.2014.992074  

See the attached pdf


Anti-inflammatory drugs 'could fight depression'

Scientists to launch £5m study that explores links between immune disorders and mental illness – and could lead to new treatments

"Recent evidence has shown, overwhelmingly, that there is a link between depression and inflammation triggered by the body's immune behaviour in the body," said the consortium's leader, neuroscientist Professor Ed Bullmore, of Cambridge University.

The exact mechanism by which the immune system triggers mood changes and affects the progress of conditions such as depression is not fully understood. Nevertheless, the signs are clear, added Bullmore.

Perhaps they should check the links between wireless radiation, immune disorders and mental illness first!
The burning issue of smart meters
To be fair, when a government undertakes such a large-scale, $200 million program, you can expect a few hiccups. But I think it's fair to say those hiccups shouldn't include fires on people's homes.
Electro - what?
Autism media magazine article

EESC calling for action on behalf of EHS sufferers

A key high-level EU advisory body which formally advises the European Parliament and European Commission, is in the final stage of drafting their 'opinion' regarding actions that are needed to address the issue of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).It meets to complete the draft on 7th January and this will go to a plenary meeting on 21st January 2015 to finalise and hopefully issue the formal opinion. Powerwatch welcomes and supports this initiative. The section for Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society (TEN, within the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)) has produced a draft opinion (currently on the third draft) on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, showing considerable progress on how they view the condition and what actions are warranted to minimise the negative impact it has on public society.

Click for the full news story


Cancer crisis: Cases to reach 'record high in 2015'

"As we are threatened by a cancer crisis of unmanageable proportions, all political parties must step up and make a real commitment to supporting people with cancer."
Quebec Smart Meter Router Removed
The resident of d'Asbestos says she experienced health problems shortly after the installation of the device that can receive and transmit data from smart meters nearby. Tightness in the throat, headache, insomnia, ringing in the ears are some of the symptoms she said felt.
9 Volt Dangers
If you use EMF detector equipment, you probably use 9 volt batteries, be very careful how they are stored when you carry them and when disposing of them!

Now, AirAsia offers WiFi services on board flights

Was wireless equipment involved in this crash?
Strong Critique against report by the WHO
Mona Nilsson helped with translation

Some 40 organizations deliver strong critique against report
by the WHO Expert Group on the effects of mobile phone
radiation and requires increased transparency of the experts.

In November, a group of experts working for the World Health
Organization drafted a major report that assesses health risks
surrounding the mobile radiation.

WHO then put the report on its website asking for comments
from the public. It presents the scientific studies in various
medical fields, but lacks summary and chapters on risk
assessment and protective measures.

47 organizations and lobby groups from Sweden, among others -
for example Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation - Europe
and the US now state in a joint letter that the report is
subject to several problems and calls for responsiveness from
WHO's side.

They include critique of the lack of transparency around how
the WHO has selected the six experts who acts as the main
responsible for WHO's assessments of the risks surrounding the
radiofrequency fields and questions the objectivity of the
world health organization.

The letter states inter alia that WHO did not disclose the
experts' declarations of research funding and conflicts of

Four of the six experts, among them the Swedish scientist
Maria Feychting, Karolinska InstituteI, is also active in the
ICNIRP, the association that sets the limits for
electromagnetic radiation in the world.

The organizations also write that the report describes
research on cell phone radiation in a biased manner.

New Technology succeeded today briefly reach Maria Feychting
at Karolinska , who was on her way to a conference.

She says she does not want to comment on the criticism - and
when it comes to issues concerning the expert group she refers
to the Chairman of the Group Emilie van Deventer, who
coordinates the WHO project on electromagnetic radiation.

- It is she who leads and organizes the work, says Maria

Emilie van Deventer was interviewed last summer by the New
York Times about the state of research on cell phone
radiation, here you can read more.
Catholic board trustees want report on possible health issues with wireless technology

"No one, Health Canada or our regional or provincial health authorities, state Wi-Fi in schools is safe. They state there is no proof of harm and we need ...
Digital Dementia

Discussion on video

WiFi hazards are real

And that in turn produces many serious health impacts, including oxidative stress, breaks in the DNA of our cells, cancer, male and female infertility, ...
The town is part of a federally mandated zone where a government high-tech facility's needs come first. Wireless signals are verboten.

Whole brain EEG synchronization likelihood modulated by long term evolution electromagnetic fields exposure.

Our results illustrated that the short-term LTE EMF exposure would modulate the synchronization patterns of EEG activation across the whole brain.
Smart Meter Hearings - Arizona
Live and Recorded Public meetings of Open Meeting - 12/12/2014 for Arizona Corporation Commission
NV Energy turns over documents on smart meters to state
NV Energy has turned over more than 1,000 pages of documents to state regulators as part of an inquiry into whether smart meters it installed on over 1 million Nevada homes and businesses pose a fire risk.
But it was so bad it underestimated their $1.9 billion cost by $900 million and overestimated savings by at least $512 million — claiming $600 million when the actual number was $88 million.
In addition, smart meters and TOU pricing have failed to significantly change electricity consumption patterns in "on-peak" (heavy use) hours, the main thing they were supposed to do to make the system more efficient.
UK consumers worried smart meters pose cybercrime risk
A new study by SQS has revealed that UK consumers are wary of how safe smart meter technology is, with many concerned that the increased levels ...
A Perspective on UK Smart Meter Installation

By 2020, UK suppliers are expected to install 53 million smart electric and gas meters in each of the country's homes and small businesses.
Its a Nation disgrace that this plan is still moving forward, when the harm to health and the waste of money is already known.

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