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W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

1 September 2014

EMF Summit
Launch of the EMF summit on Tuesday, Sept 2.  There will be an interview a week that you can listen to for 48 hours.
Several EMF experts are taking part, see the list here-
Cell biology and EMF safety standards

Blank M. Cell biology and EMF safety standards. Electromagn Biol Med. 2014 Aug 25:1-3. [Epub ahead of print]


Living cells react defensively and start to synthesize stress proteins when exposed to potentially harmful stimuli. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are among the many different environmental stimuli that initiate stress protein synthesis. Although there is greater energy transfer and heating due to EMF at higher frequencies, there is no greater stress response. The cellular stress response is far more sensitive to EMF than to an increase in temperature. It should be obvious that an EMF safety standard should be based on the more sensitive, natural biological response.

KEYWORDS: Cell biology; DNA damage; DNA fractal antenna; EMF safety; EMF standards; cellular stress response; thermal criterion

Stephen Clarke protested Wi-Fi in his children's school. As a result, he is being held in a psychiatric hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and forcibly medicated.
John and Nina
Smartphones Can Be Deadly
Beyond possibly killing the planet slowly with radiation and radio waves, your smartphone could actually be an actor in your own untimely demise.

Are mobiles making us obnoxious? Under 25s more likely to show off, have inflated self-esteem and exaggerate thanks to social media.

It seems that mobile use has completely changed the boundaries of social acceptability and could well be ruining our relationships.
Young people don't behave or think in the same way as they did ten years ago. 

They don't just use their mobile phones to call friends and family, they rely on them obsessively, feeling anxious when they're away from them.
Boil The Frog Radio
An excellent interview with Congressional candidate Kevin Mottus
I hope that Kevin can get elected to Congress !
Several other good EMF interviews at this site -
ETFO wants more info on wi-fi

Debra Edwards, Orillia's trustee on the Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB), noted safety concerns regarding the use of wi-fi technology ...
While Health Canada has determined radio frequency energy used in schools with wireless devices falls within safe exposure limits, the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) wants the governing body to make more information available.
Mobile Phones Cause Changes in Metabolism: Experts 

"Cancer is not the only health issue linked to mobile phones. ... to the brain while talking on a mobile phone created a possibility of brain tumour.
Michael Smyth: Is Hydro playing smoke and mirrors over smart-meter fires?

Langley resident Luc De Beir says a smart meter caused a fire at his cabin near Prince George. A neighbour said a power pole (pictured) had caught ...
An ITRON Smart Meter Fire Aug. 27, 2014 in Langford, BC.
Here is a news clip 
Unfortunately, since the cell tower construction, some neighbors living in close proximity to the tower have developed various cancers and auto-immune diseases and at least one has died from cancer.
One cancer survivor has developed three different types of cancer in the past two years and also suffers from chemo-induced neuropathy in hands and feet, making daily tasks impossible or difficult. This individual and a neighbor have developed different chronic auto-immune diseases.

Dr. Oz's guest was Tiffany Frantz, a Pennsylvania woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. Frantz and her mom Traci were shocked because Tiffany was healthy, just 21 years old at the time, and had no family history of cancer. But Tiffany revealed she had carried her cell phone in her bra all day, every day, for four years.

Frantz developed cancerous tumors in the exact same area of her breast, on the same side, where her cell phone rested hour after hour for four years. Frantz's doctors were puzzled by her cancer, so she underwent genetic testing, which came back negative (meaning she was not predisposed to cancer).

As a precaution, Weil recommended keeping cell phones away from your head, using an ear piece for cell phones, and keeping Wi-Fi routers outside the bedroom.
Lights finally back on for Cheltenham woman who removed her smart meter

AFTER 155 days in the dark and battling United Energy over their smart meters, Sofia Telemzouguer's power is finally back on — albeit temporarily.
She and her daughter Larissa, 16, were disconnected in March when the company found out Ms Telemzouguer had taken out her home's smart meter, claiming it was making her ill, and replaced it with an analog meter.
Meters overheating, to be replaced in Lakeland

There have been six cases since their installation in 2011 of remote disconnect meters overheating, and catching fire, but Lakeland spokesman Kevin ...
Farmer's radio tower fight online petition

GRASSMERE farmer John Howard has gone to an international forum in his long-running fight against Moyne Shire Council over controversial planning changes and radio transmission masts.

He later moved to another residence, saying his health was suffering because of noise and electromagnetic interference from the towers.

"Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are."  B. Franklin
Reducing electromagnetic irradiation and fields alleviates experienced health hazards of VDU work
WorldCat search for Electro Hypersensitive
GM Crops and Neonicotinoid Pesticide news from the U.S. and Mexico!
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has announced that genetically engineered (GE) crops and bee and bird-toxic neonicotinoid pesticides will be banned in National Wildlife Refuges.
The ruling impacts more than 150 million acres of federal land.
Find out more here.
Meanwhile, beekeepers in Mexico's Yucatán peninsula are celebrating a major victory over Monsanto. A district judge withdrew the corporate giant's permit to plant genetically engineered Roundup-ready soybeans on 625,000 acres of cropland. The judge was convinced by scientific evidence demonstrating that GMO crops pose a major threat to honey production.
This is huge for the birds and the bees. And for us.
Get the whole story here.

Yours for healthy people & a healthy planet,

Ocean Robbins
P.S. Monsanto, Bayer, and the other corporate purveyors of pesticides and GMOs would like to keep selling their products, and they keep trying to downplay the harm they cause. But increasing numbers of scientists are sounding the alarm. And now even some governments are beginning to listen. Get the whole story now.

Technology-Obsessed Children Losing the Ability to Read Emotions
"In this technology-driven world where children are used to looking at screens more than actual people, they are losing the ability to read others' emotions, according to a new study.
Interesting concept for those addicted to their gadgets!
Re - German radar verdict/German EHS court case
Dear Dr. von Klitzing,

I need your help to sort out the truth behind the recent German radar verdict/German EHS court case; Schleswig-Holsteinisches Oberlandesgericht, 3 LB 21/11, at which I understand you (and Professor Karl Hecht) participated as an expert witness.

I have tried to get to the bottom of the actual verdict, please, correct me if I am wrong below:

1) As far as I can understand, the plaintiff had been damaged from ionizing radiation (X-rays) from a 24 MW radar installation and this was acknowledged by the court of law. Correct?

2) But did the verdict also include a ruling about the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity?

3) And did the verdict also deal with damages from non-ionizing radiation?

4) Finally, the abbreviation ("EHS") in the verdict, does it stand for "electrohypersensitivity" or "Environmental Health and Safety"?

Please, excuse me for being so terribly confused. These legal matters certainly are somewhat clouded, at least to me as a 'court of law'-amateur. So, please, help me to get this 100% correct.

With my very best regards
Yours sincerely
Olle J.

(Olle Johansson, associate professor
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

Dear Olle,
Really, there are some misunderstandings.
Firstly, the abbrevation EHS means "Environmental Health and Safety" in connection with the discussion about healthy events by RADAR.
By RADAR - equipments the main health effect we have by ionizing electromagnetic fields (X-rays) by the Thyratron-bulbs in the electronic system. These exposure is only relevant nearby the electronic equipment, that means for the staff about some meters (< 5 m).

The RADAR exposure itself is non-ionizing, similar to eposures by off-line communication systems (but with higher -pulsed- energy).
The judgment of the court in Schleswig was mainly focused to the ionizing effect (= x-rays for the operating staff).

Additionally there was the discussion about shorttimed high(!)-energetic non-ionizing eposure in the focus of the RADAR-screen, because the German safety guidelines describe only the total mean value of immission over 6 min, that means all over the interval ratio pulse/pause.
All that is far away from the actual "EHS =electrohypersensitivity"-discussion.
I hope having answered your questions.
With best regards

Prof. Dr. Lebrecht von Klitzing
-Medizinphysiker (DGMP)

Umweltphysikalische Messungen GbR
DE-36466 Wiesenthal, Schwimmbadweg 21
Tel.: 036964  863446 + 831203
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: is the disease of the century and no one knows

Anything but an allergic reaction. The Multiple chemical sensitivity is a metabolic disorder, not at all rare, as many would have you believe. The picture, therefore, is clearer than what patients are reported.
"It is not a rare disease, but the ability to diagnose"


Cars in the US might soon be mandated to broadcast speed and location data

"By warning drivers of imminent danger, V2V technology has the potential to dramatically improve highway safety,"
(And kill many others with dangerous wireless radiation)
Comments on book stating that Cell Phones are Safe
See the comments in the attached PDF, written by Prof. Kumar, and see the nonsense that the mobile industry is pushing.
Prof. Kumar produces very important facts to rebut false information.
EMF Courses describes our courses for Toronto and Ottawa
Current dates are..
October 4 to 5 - Toronto
October 11 to 12 - Ottawa
Toll-free number: (888) 639-7730 for pre-registration and details..
Cell phone effects: Testicular proteome modified

The controversy over the potential health effects of electromagnetic radiation associated with cell phones has been fuelled by new research originating in Iran. A team of scientists from Shiraz University has found that electromagnetic fields change the proteome of rat testes, with implications for fertility.


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