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WEEP News / Ottawa moves to close cellphone tower loophole / OCD Wii / Wi Fi Lawsuit / US President Wrong / Stupid Councillors / Wi-Fi Affects Learning / Chronic Illness / wireless stalker etc.

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6 February 2014


Ottawa moves to close cellphone tower loophole

The number of shorter towers that have rapidly sprouted up in recent years has created ongoing friction between operators and communities.

In the past few months alone, citizens in Abbotsford, B.C., Sudbury, Ont., Oakville, Ont. as well as St. John's, Newfoundland have registered their opposition to proposals to build towers in certain neighbourhoods


Case: OCD Precipitated by Wii Video Game

Don't be fooled by electronic games marketed as "exer-games" or "educational".  Any interactive screen device is capable of dysregulating and overstimulating a sensitive child's nervous system, and the effects are cumulative.  Stick to natural, creative, and physical activities instead. 
In-flight internet provider Gogo is one of the companies that provides WiFi to airline passengers and they have recently been hit with a class action complaint.
This lawsuit is minor - just wait till they get sued for illness, death and negligence, for exposing people to a dangerous toxin - microwave radiation.
How Could the US President Get It So Wrong?
Obama: We Expect Free Wi-Fi With our Coffee, We Should Demand it in our Schools
Wales - Stupid Councillors

"I would have thought the risk would be minimal."

Councillor Christine Richards added: "It's an unproven risk.

"I do not think it should stop us from having wi-fi."

Shallow Minds: How the Internet and Wi–Fi in Schools Can Affect Learning
By Cindy Lee Russell, MD  VP-Community Health, Santa Clara County Medical Association
Help Treat Chronic Illness with 5 Levels of Healing

A German study very clearly demonstrates these effects from cell phone radiation. For the first five years of exposure to a community cell phone tower, there is no increased cancer risk.

After five years, there is a sharp rise. At the end of ten years, there is a three to five-fold increase in cancer rates.

Join Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt as he shares his proven pathway to optimal health. In this 5-DVD set, you'll discover valuable tips for treating chronic illness, including Lyme disease, overcoming electrosmog, controlling hidden microbes and infections in your body, decreasing your toxic burden from heavy metals and much more...
Supermarket's wireless stalker, raises electropollution.

Not content with dosing customers with radiation from its wireless internet (a WHO designated  class 2B possible human carcinogen), an Auckland supermarket has installed GPS tracking transmitters on its supermarket trolleys.


Israel - Case Update - Intermediary Court Decision

The Court made a decision on February 3, read in my blog:


Hydro One to be Investigated by Ombudsman

Ontario Ombudsman André Marin today announced he will conduct a systemic investigation into complaints about serious problems with billing and customer service at Hydro One.  Complaints about Hydro One to the Ombudsman have risen steadily in recent years and more than doubled since fiscal 2011-2012.

Ontario ombudsman to probe Hydro One's use of smart meters

OTTAWA — Ontario ombudsman André Marin is putting Hydro One's billing practices and time-of-use smart meters under his microscope, the Citizen has learned.

All Hydro One customers are currently paying $3.92 per month to recover smart meter-related costs, according to the utility's website.

If you live in Ontario, this would be a good time to write to the Ombudsman, about your own problems involving smart meters.

"This cannot continue. There is something wrong with these (smart) meters. And nobody's going to admit to it."

French House passes bill to limit health risks from phones

Friday 24 January 2014 | 09:32 CET | News

France's National Assembly has passed a compromise bill to limit exposure to electromagnetic emissions from cellular base stations and personal devices, despite opposition from conservative party UMP and telecom operators, reports La Tribune. The bill tabled by the Green Party a year ago, and drafted with the government and ruling socialist party, was described by environment minister Philippe Martin as a 'first response' to concerns about emissions. It will now go to the Senate.

The bill attempts to replace the so-called precautionary principle with the 'sobriety principle', given the general consensus that it is impossible to completely exclude the potential health risks, according to the Greens. The bill, which received unanimous support from the left, calls for several levels of consultation before equipment is installed and better information about sources of emissions. Operators would be given a 6 month deadline to reduce the emissions of "atypical" base stations where exposure is over 6 V/m, compared to the national average of 1 V/m.

It forbids advertising for tablets to under 14 year-olds, as was already the case for mobile phones, and advertising for handsets sold without an earpiece. If passed, operators will have to supply child-sized earphones if asked for them. Phones are by far the biggest source of emissions, according to national health security agency ANSES, which recommends using an earpiece to divide exposure to the brain by a fact of at least 10. The text also requires the government to co commission a study on electro-hypersensitivity, a condition affecting some people.

The UMP's Laure de La Radiere denounced the bill as offering a "declinist vision of society", which went against innovation and job creation. She also said that less densely populated areas of the country would be penalised in their access to fast broadband.

Quebec - Harmed by Smart Meters and Wireless Radiation

" Grilled by the waves , I am hypersensitive to electromagnetic waves for 1 year . I drew on the computer in the field of wireless engineering . I 7 smart meters ( issuers pulsed microwaves ) on the wall of my condominium. Near devices that emit microwave , skin burns and I have shocks through my body and c | ur , palpitations, headache, ears hurt , I blackheads in the eyes and they become engorged with blood, sometimes jaw wants kink , loss of concept in space, dizziness , my body sizzles , chronic eye infections , sinus and kidney when exposed to wifi. Now I suffer from chronic fatigue and other symptoms. I was too exposed at work and at home. I sent a formal notice to Hydro -Québec begging me remove these meters that emit 7 for non-communicating meter . I sent them my diagnosis hypersensitive to electromagnetic waves , but they told me that the meters are not dangerous and they emit very little. I knew they were lying , but what could I do. I did not have the means to pay for all owners , plus they have installed meters that make me as bad . I had to sell my condo. I can no longer work. I lost everything . I trust that something will change and make this world a better place for us. "

- Linda Bernard - From its comment letter on the website of the Régie de l'énergie .

"I am 26 years old and I am , or at least I was in perfect health. Two technicians came to install smart meters in my apartment for 6 dwellings and since I do not sleep well , I have intense headaches, tinnitus all the time and I have heart ailments . I 've never had that, and v'la not so long I was so healthy . How absurd that a company that is poisoning us pay instead of giving us a choice . Please do something! "

- Mike
"The harmful effects of electromagnetic fields on health is real judging by numerous scientific studies on the issue. The effects vary among individuals , especially on the strength of their immune system, the exposure time and the distance from the transmitting equipment . That can be done and what should be done to this point ? We can not afford to wait another 10 years of debate in the courts while hundreds of thousands of people slowly and irreversibly suffer the effects of radiation. In addition to this sad and shocking reality , I discovered that the readings taken by the new system are unclear . In fact, I saw my bill rise about $ 200 for the months of November and December 2013. We checked carefully our consumption of electricity during the cold snap. The same goes for a neighbor ( Dorval ) with the same type of single family cottage . "

- John T.

"Soon, if nothing is done to slow the pace, the level of ambient electromagnetism is so high everywhere on the planet (...) that the diagnosis of EHS (also called electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EHS) risk become more common than diabetes and obesity. (...) Thousands of physicians, researchers , scientists, engineers, military personnel, installers and users, in short, a lot of serious people , sensible and informed sounding the alarm for years. As you can imagine , multinational cellular and wireless technologies, the players of high finance and the powerful military-industrial lobby deny all these worrying results of research. They inject a small fortune in research and initiatives only to refute these findings cast doubt on the safety of wireless technologies. (...) I hope with all my heart | heart as you take concrete measures to prevent thousands of Quebecers do become seriously ill because of unconsciousness, irresponsibility, inaction , skepticism , the mind and mercantile greed of our elected officials and our industry . "

- Kathya Heppell - From its comment letter on the website of the Régie de l'énergie


Pylon and radiation review 'omits key studies'

"This document is just an opinion. But there is a lack of quality, and superficial spin in the introduction. It appears to be selective in that it has omitted very well respected research, for example in Switzerland, linking an increase in Alzheimer's to people living close to high- voltage lines."

Forthcoming events on electromagnetic fields (EMF)and potential health effects

Workshop on electromagnetic fields (EMF) and health effects: From science to policy and public awareness

Date: 28 March 2014
Venue: Cotsen Hall, Athens, Greece

A major workshop on electromagnetic fields and related health effects is being jointly organised by the European Commission and the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), under the auspices of the EU Council Greek Presidency.

The main issues to be addressed are:

  • scientific evidence concerning EMF and health effects and remaining knowledge gaps;
  • management of EMF at EU and national level;
  • risk perception and risk communication: effective public information activities.


Public hearing of the preliminary opinion on potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Date: 27 March 2014 starting at 14:00
Venue: Cotsen Hall, Athens, Greece

Download the preliminary programmepdf(382 KB)

To register to the workshop

Modality for registration for the public hearing will be available in the coming days at

Electromagnetic Fields: Scientific committee launches public consultation on preliminary opinion

SCENIHR - Members (CVs and Declarations)
Today, the European Commission and its Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) launch a public consultation on the preliminary opinion "Potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)". The consultation will run until 16 April 2014. Interested parties are invited to provide comments on the scientific evidence of this preliminary opinion online. Once adopted, this opinion will update previous Scientific Committee opinions of 19 January 2009 and 6 July 2009 in light of newly available information. The draft Opinion stems from the review of over five hundred studies, mostly published after the 2009 Opinion. This opinion addresses issues of public concern, e.g. potential health effects from radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones and broadcast transmitters, as well as from extremely low frequency magnetic fields originating from power lines and any electrical household appliance at home or in the office.

For more information click on:  the work of the Commission's independent scientific committees.

See also full report. Follow us on Twitter: @EU_Health

(for more information:  F. Vincent - Tel. +32 229 87166 - Mobile +32 498 98 7166)
Is Roundup making you ill?
  • Recent research reveals that glyphosate-based formulations pose a threat to human health through cytotoxicity and oxidative effects
  • Glyphosate-based formulas were also found to be lethal to human liver cells

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