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15 February 2014


Electropollution and the Decline in Health of a Nation

Every moment of every day, invisible fields of electrons are striking our bodies like tiny darts, triggering dozens of bio-chemical reactions, which undermine our health and stealthily lay the groundwork for disease.

Massachusetts' Largest Electric Utility Declares Truth on 'Smart' Meters

"[T]here is no rational basis for the implementation of AMI."
(AMI = Advanced Metering Infrastructure = 'smart' meters/infrastructure)

"[T]here is no cost justification that can support the implementation of AMI."

"[Smart m]eters do not reduce the number of outages..."

"[Smart m]etering systems are not necessary to integrate distributed resources..." (wind & solar)

"AMI introduces a brand new portal into [companies'] information systems, significantly increasing the cyber-security risk."

"[M]andated implementation of AMI is not a prerogative within the [Massachusetts Dept. of Public Utilities'] discretion."


SSM! Director Josh Hart Threatened with Electricity Disconnect

This Itron AMR "smart" meter deployed in Plumas County CA was measured emitting 20.5 microwatts per square centimeter one foot away. This level would be illegal in China, Russia, Poland and Switzerland, and has been associated with damage to DNA and effects on memory and learning. The rural electric co-operative PSREC is threatening us with disconnection of our electricity if we do not pay hundreds of dollars in extortionate 'opt out' fees, even though we have a letter from our doctor confirming my EHS.
Stupid Science - A Danger to Babies
Sensor will tell you when baby's nappy needs changing

A disposable organic sensor that can be embedded in a nappy and wirelessly let a carer know it needs changing was unveiled by Japanese researchers this week.

Ongoing InterOccupy conference calls on EMF Harm

Every Thursday 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

To register for these calls, please go to the following link, and after entering your info, scroll to the bottom, under the list of upcoming calls, to get your access numbers:

Agenda- Feb. 13, 2014-  Where can we live?- Electro  Magnetically Sensitive people Speak Out

Welcome  to Inter Occupies continuing shows on Electro Magnetic Radiation and  microwave dangers. We have been getting educated on the dangers of how these  frequencies effect people and environments and how this danger is increases  through time.
Breaking  news items:  If anyone has any breaking news, please press #1.

I  was setting up a new Group Interaction site on Facebook, EMF Harm International, (link;, when I came across a Group, called "Electrical Sensitivity Support Group". Upon reviewing this group's 158 people's postings, I became  frighteningly aware of the mounting danger we have ahead of us as a world. Of a world where no one can live, where the damage of the technology we are addicted to, not only destroys us, but tortures us – and becomes an unbearable place to live … where the greed of people who make billions of dollars from us on technological, microwave devices, have burdened and enslaved us with no place to run and no place to hide… and with no place to live.
I'm  including a 7-minute trailer from a new Swedish documentary, "Where Can We Live?  About 2 women with electro sensitivity who each had to give up city-life and  careers, and move to the country: a post by Kim Goldberg,an author- who is presently writing a book on this subject.
 Please join us,we need your participation in understanding what it feels like to live with electromagnetic hypersensitivity and how it has effected your life.- and how it is effecting millions of other people. 
To get a call in number for  this conference,follow the link here:

 You can download a copy of this conference and  previous conferences from our Hub, at EMF Harm on Inter, or on our website,, and facebook group, 

  As our  activist community grows bigger, we need more participants who want to help us  educate others. We also would like to set-up regional networks for those in need  to contact us on a help Line, do research, do activism, and start locating and  congregating to Safe living zones. We now have a video from Kriston Fisher- a  newscaster from WUSA, who has done a segment on Electro Sensitive people looking  for safe living zones. You will see that link on our Hub.
Please  email me at,

Please note our Hotline  number is; 1-800-967-3070. If you have any Breaking  news to share, please use Our specialists and  activists have access to this Hotline and will respond directly to your  immediate concerns. We will list all the upcoming show agendas on facebook and on our website; Please spread the word.  See you next time


More than 750,000 Phishing and SPAM emails Launched from "Thingbots" Including Televisions, Fridges

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – January 16, 2014. Proofpoint, Inc., (NASDAQ: PFPT), a leading security-as-a-service provider, has uncovered what may be the first proven Internet of Things (IoT)-based cyberattack involving conventional household "smart" appliances. The global attack campaign involved more than 750,000 malicious email communications coming from more than 100,000 everyday consumer gadgets such as home-networking routers, connected multi-media centers, televisions and at least one refrigerator that had been compromised and used as a platform to launch attacks. As the number of such connected devices is expected to grow to more than four times the number of connected computers in the next few years according to media reports, proof of an IoT-based attack has significant security implications for device owners and Enterprise targets.
The potential damage is enormous on so many levels. Maybe this will be the tipping point that brings techies to their senses.  Yet another reason to keep systems wired, separate, a little "dumb," and old appliances in good repair and not 'smart' enabled.  What's described below can happen via any smart appliance or wifi system at home, in schools, medical offices, etc. in the presence of a functioning cell phone or Bluetooth.
Blake Levitt
MP Terence Young - statement in the House of Commons


Mr. Terence Young (Oakville, CPC): Mr. Speaker, last week our government announced important improvements to the process for improving cellular tower locations. We have given Canadians a far greater say into where cellular towers may be built in their communities.

In Oakville, Bell Canada ignored local residents, placing cellular antennae in residential areas, in one case 13 metres from a house, without giving any notice to the local residents, ignoring homeowners many of whom are its own customers. Our policy would force all cellular companies to conduct a robust process to inform and consult municipalities and local residents where cellular towers are proposed, for the first time including towers under 15 metres.

I am hoping that Bell Canada CEO, George Cope, and his board of directors will now realize that Canadians have a right to participate in decisions affecting their families and their homes, communities and health, and move their invasive antennae in Oakville now.

Daniel Stackaruk
Executive Assistant | Adjointe de direction
Office of Terence Young, M.P. | Bureau de Terence Young, député

Video -


Another False Report - "New" MTHR report claims no health effects from cell phones, etc.

This report is more spin that science.
Rather than being a new "state of the art" scientific review the 2012 MTHR report is but just another industry-influenced spin designed by its limitations to give a false sense of public health safety on behalf of the telco industry where none exists.  
Fairfax Town Council approves three-year ban on SmartMeters

Fairfax Mayor David Weinsoff said a couple of years ago when the Fairfax Town Council conducted public hearings on SmartMeters the community's opposition was overwhelming.

"When a community speaks so loudly and so wisely, really there was no question that the council should continue to impose this moratorium," Weinsoff said.

50% of Africans will be Exposed to 4G Carcinogenic Radiation by 2018

This is of great concern considering the health and environmental effects that have already been experienced in South Africa.

Biologic Effects & Health Hazards of Wireless Radiation

Proceedings of an International Symposium, Warsaw 15 - 18 October 1973
Here is a link to a free PDF-book from 1973. 
The conference was sponsored by the World Health Organization, the US Department of Health Education and Welfare and The Scientific Council to the Minister of Health and Social Welfare Poland. 
In this book WHO speaks truthfully about "Biologic effects and health hazards of microwave radiation.   Later, the book and the facts were hidden and possibly forbidden.
It is good as a help and submission for everyone who has to fight for the truth about EMF health issues.


Canada lagging behind China and Russia: Safety Code 6 needs to be updated now

Monday, 02/10/2014
The Hill Times

Many parents assume that if a wireless gadget is in the marketplace, it is safe for children. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. During the holiday season, I can only imagine how many children received a cell phone or tablet and how few families read the fine print; safety is not guaranteed and worse, Canada's Safety Code 6 is an antiquated regulation that lags behind Russia and China. We must do better.

Industry Canada Minister James Moore's recent announcement regarding improved notification of cell tower requests for towers less than 15 metres is a very important first step in improving the process to avoid the placement of cell towers where families can be harmed. This demonstrates that our government is listening. 

Health Canada's Minister Ambrose now has a tremendous opportunity to join countries such as Belgium, France and Israel and put Canada back on the map for protecting its citizens' health. 

Health Canada's Safety Code 6 governs the safety of cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, smart meters and all other devices that now permeate every Canadian home. It impacts all of us, every day, and should protect us. But Safety Code 6 has not been significantly updated since the 1970s, long before Wi-Fi was invented or cell phones were sold.

 Smart phone manufacturers Apple, Motorola, and Cisco all publish warnings in their manuals saying their phones, pads and Wi-Fi devices emit radiation shown to cause cancer in lab animals and to avoid over-exposure by holding it away from your body, or to keep a safe distance from "the lower abdomen of a teenage girl." Despite those stern warnings, the same companies are able to put such potentially harmful devices on store shelves in Canada. They are exercising a loophole in Health Canada's archaic safety standards for microwave devices that hasn't been updated in decades, since the first microwave, then the only emitting device in a Canadian home. 

Belgium and France have new laws that don't allow manufacturers to market wireless devices to children because they are the most vulnerable. In Canada, we still force children in schools to be exposed to unmeasured levels of microwave radiation from cell phones and Wi-Fi.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated that direct, long-term contact with wireless radiation is biologically harmful and can potentially have damaging health effects. In August 2011, shortly after the WHO classified radiofrequency radiation (the basis for all wireless devices) as possibly carcinogenic, Health Canada posted a warning that "encourages parents to reduce children's radiofrequency radiation (RF) exposure from cell phones since children are typically more sensitive to a variety of environmental agents". There hasn't been any major progress since then. Canadians are left to read the foreign press to learn about the universal dangers of wireless radiation, if they want to protect their families.  

Fortunately the sea is beginning to change across Canada with local governments rejecting Health Canada's antiquated approach to this 21st century health crisis.  What we've witnessed in the last six months is much like the national movement that began in Quebec in the early 1990s. Municipalities had rejected the federal government's promise that all regulated pesticides are safe, and began banning the use of weed spray in urban environments due to high cancer rates.

Municipalities once again are finding their strength in municipal law and proactively ensuring citizens are better protected.  

On Dec. 16, 2013, the City of West Vancouver Council voted against a Rogers' application to install three new cell towers along Upper Levels highway. On the same day, the City of Guelph Council passed a motion asking Industry Canada to place a moratorium on the approval of any new radio communication facilities until such time as the review of Safety Code 6 has been finalized.  On Dec. 18, 2013, the City of Toronto Council required new Rogers cell towers to comply with Toronto's Prudent Avoidance Policy which sets radiation levels 100 times safer than Health Canada's Safety Code 6. Toronto also updated its protocol for cell towers less than 15 metres tall stating that "City Council encourage Health Canada to actively review health evidence, including the most recent scientific research and studies, related to human exposure to radiofrequencies and to revise Safety Code 6 to meet international best practices, in consultation with the public and appropriate experts."  The towns of Thorold and Oakville, Ont. have already passed similar motions. 

What Canada needs is a national approach that acknowledges what independent scientists have conclusively shown: There is no guarantee that children can be exposed to any amount of wireless radiation for any amount of time without a biological impact. 

Many of the scientists sounding the alarm bell are the same individuals who warned us about acid rain, second-hand smoke, DDT, asbestos and other widespread public health disasters. As harmful as these banned agents are, none of them were more widespread in our homes than wireless radiation is now. Canada should enter the 21st century of health care—the age of prevention—and prevent another disaster by updating Safety Code 6.

Frank Clegg has played a leadership role in the country's technology sector and in the broader Canadian community for many years. Mr. Clegg, former Microsoft Canada president, is now the volunteer CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST), a national, not-for-profit, volunteer-based coalition of parents, citizens and experts.


Largest MA utility declares 'smart' meters IRRATIONAL

"There may be other technologies that can achieve the grid modernization goals and functionalities attributed to (AMI 'smart' meters) infrastructure in the straw proposal at a potentially lower cost,"
Government busts smart meter tampering racket
The government has busted a "well organised racket" dealing in tampered smart meters. Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi said that internal investigations ...

An Enemalta official said that the sealed smart meters are extremely difficult to tamper with without detection, which goes to show that the racket functioned with a high level of sophistication.
More than 1,000 smart meters have been tampered with since they were first deployed by Enemalta in 2011, police investigations have revealed.
How many have been tampered with in Canada and USA???
Card that EHS sufferers can put in wallets / purses, for emergencies.
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Energy giant faces prosecution over noise from new power line

Mr Byford said: "This thing hums creating a tonal noise which everybody in the area, even several miles away, can hear. I live a mile and a half away up on the braes above the substation and I regularly hear the noise, especially when you have a still night and are trying to sleep.

"All last summer we weren't able to sit in our gardens and relax because of the noise. There are about 1500 people here who are affected, but some in the neighbouring Kiltarlity parish are as well."

He said he had a colleague who lived three and a half miles away who could hear it occasionally.

50 Incredible WiFi Tech Statistics
Or should that be 50 terrible Wi Fi Statistics?
Quebec Smart Meters - The Harm that they Cause
Google translation -
"Hello, since the beginning of the fall, me and my three children are unusually with migraines. Especially my boy who has a significant rate of absenteeism at the point where the school will provide an observation report on the situation . He should see a neurologist. He goes to school now one day a week. My two boys reported headache and intolerance to noise and light. The situation is such that I feel free and I also lack a lot of work . Kids get better when they sleep elsewhere. All of this actually coincides with the installation of the meter 'intelligent' . This is someone who told me about it today as I desperately seeking an answer to this mystery and I suspect more the presence of an environmental factor in my house. "

- Valerie ( testimony received on 12 February 2014, one of many ... )

"I live in Laval and since they installed the new meter in my house there is about 5-6 months , I started to feel a range of symptoms : heart palpitations, tinnitus , nervousness, anxiety , headache , severe fatigue and so on. I am 29 years old and I 've never been known for health problems . In another, I 've always been a very active person . The past few months , I no longer have that same energy once because of these multiple symptoms that are very disturbing .

- Sacha ( testimony received on 10 February 2014, one of many ... )

"They changed our meter a few weeks ago!  I am a very person to listen to my body and I am almost never sick . I noticed for about a month - because there it gets worse with more time when I 'm home . I am outside the country every week for a few days and I saw no symptoms for my work. So at home , I often wake up at night and in my body , then it is as if ca vibrates as if I was hyper- stressed ! I do not know how to explain ... it's like a big tension inside me. The core debate me as if I had to jog ! But I notice that it happens at night and when I 'm mostly at rest ! Last week, I had a big headache that lasted until my departure outside the country. I had a face red and hot and as heartbeat in your head! So the next day wake up from my sleep away from home, more symptoms at all! So I started to look for causes and what was my surprise to see that smart meters provide Hydro-Québec health problems . There, I just arrived from my trip last night ! And that night it still has not been . I started having symptoms , stress and headache . Legs picossent me kind of stressed legs move ! And there 's more, I have the heart to debate me and as a pain in the trapezius and behind the neck down in the middle of the back. So I decided this morning ! I have not slept all night and I feel stressed after me ! I called Hydro me this morning to remove the meter . I want to know nothing about it on the home that is final ! It starts here ! !

- Natalie ( testimony received on 10 February 2014, one of many )

Jean Hudon
Co -founder and webmaster CQLPE

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The Victims of Media Misinformation
Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 10:25 PM
Although the first study linking tobacco with lung cancer was produced in 1939, the influence of the tobacco industry on inept or corrupt politicians and a complicit media meant the public was kept unaware of the risks for decades.
Had the Fourth Estate done what it is supposed to do, i.e. warn and inform the public, many lives would have been saved and untold human misery avoided.  Tragically, the media, whether because of advertising revenue or other pressures, chose to give coverage to industry-designed and funded studies and to ignore research showing harmful effects.
History is repeating.  Disturbingly, this newspaper ran the article, 'Cellphones Safe for Kids,' and was either ignorant of other research showing contrary results, or deliberately chose to withold this information.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer, (IARC), classified cellphone emissions as possibly carcinogenic, the same category tobacco and asbestos were in for years.  Cancer, typically takes 30 years to develop.  Should the IARC, the Russian National Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection and many other internationally recognised scientists, be correct and the Dominion Post be wrong, the little boy in the photo you publish, may well be one of the victims of your misinformation.
Yours faithfully,
Stephanie Honeychurch
(2 Tetley Road, Waiheke Island, Auckland 1081 - Ph: (09) 372-8139)

Will it be Too Late ?
See the attached PDF by Olle Johansson

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