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The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

12 January 2014


Take Back Your Power - Smart Meter Radiation

Excellent graphic example of the dangers of Smart Meters and wireless radiation.
Proof of our Shrinking Attention Span
Research revealed our attention span is smaller than ever thanks to the growing presence of smartphones, tablets and laptops.
Desperately seeking a white (wireless free) zone

A new French documentary, with English subtitles, about electromagnetic injuries.

Synopsis: "Thanks to the current explosion of artificial electromagnetic waves, some people are seeing their lives seriously affected – both socially and as far as their health is concerned. They are known as "electrohypersensitive". They have to protect themselves against mobile phone technology but where can they go? Marc Khanne, the film's creator, spent 3 years researching this issue and interviewed over 60 people affected. Before we question the validity of what they have to say, what if we took the time to really listen to them?"

To learn more about the film, order a DVD, or arrange a screening, go to:


'Internet of Things'

The so-called Internet of things, in which even the most mundane devices can communicate with a PC, tablet or smartphone, is the next trend.

Today's LA Times has an article about an explosion of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transmitting chips going into anything inventors can think of that can contain a battery and a transmitter. From wristbands to thermostats to tennis rackets, they are all designed to constantly feed information to the user's smart phone or tablet with the intention of improving performance, health and happiness. For EHS people, and really the general public, there is a price to pay for this connectivity until, as the Council of Europe urges, a new wireless technology is developed that is not harmful to biological cells.

We are constantly trying to keep up with wireless devices in homes, using our RF detectors to go around each room and see if we can pick up what an RF signal that we detect is coming from in our efforts to create RF-free living environments for our symptomatic EHS clients. I have found hidden transmitters in Roku and Red Eye devices in home entertainment centers that allow users to change channels and volume on their TV from the couch using their smart phone or tablet, and now we have Nest brand thermostats that send out a Wi-Fi signal every 5 seconds. Our homes are becoming saturated with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals from more and more consumer appliances.

Oram Miller, BBEC
Certified Building Biology® Environmental Consultant
Smoking - Cancer by the Carton
Historical similarities of dangers when compared with wireless radiation
Get Off The Phone Now
New EMF Cell Phone music video:
Device that will severely radiate Children
Wristband that tracks your child's every move via GPS
KMS say its wristband is essentially a very simple small, wrist-worn mobile phone with integrated GPS that has just one button.
Anti-Wireless Hecklers Interrupt  Chairman's Speech
"How long are you going to experiment with people's lives without real safety standards in place?" yelled a man as security people went to remove him. "It's time you told the American public the truth. Wireless causes cancer. It will kill you. You don't give a damn."

Stop UK Smart Meters - the Dangers Involved
Sonia and her guests discuss smart meters and the dangers of EM radiation in our homes.

Everything has to be prefixed with the word "smart" these days – smart phones, smart cities, smart meters – when really what is meant by the word is that something is not necessarily better, or smarter, but just connected.

While traditional meters are expected to last for between 25 and 35 years, ZigBee standards today don't work with ZigBee standards of just four years ago.

Smart meters are surprisingly stupid
My concern is the failure of customer service to realize that something was wrong. Had the Bakers paid the bill, it would not surprise me if Hydro One decided to take the word of the machine over common sense.
Are Smart Meters Part of the Largest Corporate Scam in History?

"The smart meter is a canard—a story or a hoax based on specious and grandiose claims about energy benefits ostensibly derived from the promise of "two-way" communication with the customer… There is essentially no possibility that most smart meters or meter networks will lead to greater sustainability."
-Dr. Timothy Schoechle, "Getting Smarter About The Smart Grid"

A Lesson About Our EM World

Abe Liboff, a former editor of Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, told us that there is now "extensive evidence connecting a wide range of human illnesses" to geomagnetic perturbations at levels of 0.1 µT (1 mG). "Claims relating to electromagnetic sensitivity, for the most part ignored by the scientific community, should be reevaluated," he said. Liboff is writing a book on biological sensitivity to the Earth's magnetic field.

Articles and presentations on the health effects of microwave RF
Here is a link to the FCC Web Page where you can download my articles and presentations on the health effects of microwave RF.

The first document on this list is the 87 page research review.

The other documents are PDF's of the AV presentation I gave to EWEB on this topic—broken into sections because the FCC website won't allow the upload of more than a 4 megabyte document size.

The PDF of my AV presentation is also available as a single 32 MB document on the website of the Eugene Water and Electric Board, along with the video recording of this presentation.  Links to download these are available by scrolling down on this page:

Warm regards,

Paul Dart MD

URGENT!  Industry Canada plans to sell off the 700 Mhz Spectrum Wireless Radio-Frequency on Tuesday January 14, 2014. 

Melissa posted the following on our WendyWalksforES.facebook page:
"It would be great to see people advocating to talk to their local media so the public is aware of what is going on and how this will impact everyone in. 

Please write letters to the Industry Minister to beg him to stop this auction from happening. It's absolutely disgusting to continue to allow wireless to expand even more when there are so many people suffering already from exposure to it. Now there will be this even stronger wireless being imposed on people without their consent. The 700 Mhz stuff travels farther and goes through metal, dirt, concrete, etc. It can reach into basements, parking garages and metal elevators. The lower frequencies penetrate into people more as well. 

I cannot imagine how this is going to impact those of us that are ES that are trying to shield our homes in metal screen, fabric and paint. 

How many more people are going to become ill as well? 

When is this going to stop? 

Do whatever you can to fight this. Put signs in your car windows, protest the auction and Industry Canada offices, whatever you can think to get this stopped before the 14th. If you have any great ideas please post them here. "

I cannot imagine how this is going to impact those of us that are ES that are trying to shield our homes in metal screen, fabric and paint. 
How many more people are going to become ill as well? 
When is this going to stop? 
Do whatever you can to fight this. Put signs in your car windows, protest the auction and Industry Canada offices, whatever you can think to get this stopped before the 14th. If you have any great ideas please post them here. "

We need your help to send a strong message to Minister James Moore and Industry Canada to invoke a moratorium on the sale of the 700 Mhz Spectrum until Health Canada's Safety Code 6 has been revised. Feel free to copy & paste the message included here or write your own message. Copy your letter to MPs, MPPs and all your local offices of Industry Canada.

Click here to find the local Offices which handle the Spectrum Direct and Spectrum Management and Telecommunications issues by Province:
In Ontario:
Toronto District Office
55 St. Clair Avenue E, Room 909
Toronto, Ontario M4T 1M2
Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(By appointment only)
Central and Western Ontario District Office
4475 North Service Road, Suite 100
Burlington, Ontario L7L 4X7

Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(By appointment only)
Eastern and Northern Ontario District Office
2 Queen Street E
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6A 1Y3
Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(By appointment only)
Copy & Paste the following: 
The Honourable James Moore, Minister
Industry Canada
C.D. Howe Building
235 Queen Street (JETN)
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5
9 January 2014
Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry Canada,
Please …
The 700 Mhz Spectrum is a much stronger wireless radio-frequency which is being imposed on people without their consent.  We know that the current higher wireless communications frequencies are making people sick!  There is not enough concrete evidence to demonstrate the need for such broad-based radiation of Canadian citizens nor of its level of safety.
Exercise due diligence!
Place a moratorium on the sale of the 700 Mhz Spectrum until Canada's Safety Code 6 has been revised.
Sincerely Yours,
(Your Name Here)

It is important that your letter be sent as soon as possible, to be presented to the Minister before Tuesday's auction.  Thanks so much for all of your support!
The Lakeshore Coalition 
Ottawa announces another wireless spectrum auction

The 2500 megahertz spectrum is ideal for deploying next-generation networks and services that deliver faster data rates and download speeds, government says."

"Industry Minister James Moore was in Vancouver Friday talking up the government's wireless polices and unveiling rules for an auction of airwave spectrum licenses to start in April 2015."
"He said carriers who win licenses in the bidding contest must put them to use quickly..."

Brand new webpage at Industry Canada
Israel - School cancer cluster, 3 children with cancer in the same classroom
"When I read about the pupils who got sick, it hit me again"

Reut Harpaz Eini

The former high school chemistry teacher Ben Gurion in Petah Tikva, where there are three students with cancer, returns this week to where she worked in the school's laboratory. 
She had cancer, as well as three of her colleagues, and was forced to retire, "behind the wall where the board was, there was electrical cabinet. Every one of us kept things to himself. We did not tie the cases."   The municipality: "We have never downplayed the issue".
A concerned voice from the past: radiation affair in high school,"Ben Gurion " refuses to die. 
Now it turns out that already in 2005-2006, four school teachers in the science lab got cancer,  three of whom died from the disease within a few months.

"In 2005, the teachers who taught chemistry lab began to get sick," said chemistry teacher with cancer who recovered from it. "The teachers began to get sick quite in parallel, and at first did not even know about the diseases of others. Everything was very visible, and there was a kind of feeling that this is our fault. The first occurred to retired teacher, and I do not know if he found the disease and then retired, or discovered about it after retirement. Apart from it, there were also a chemistry teacher and laboratory assistant, and both died within a really short period of time from discovering the disease."

"I did not have the mental strength and physical forces to deal with it ".
Common to all members of the teaching with cancer at the time was the lab where they taught ." Behind the wall where the board was, there was a huge electrical cabinet," added the teacher who fell ill.

"However, each one of us kept things to himself. We did not connect cases with the monstrous 
fuse box on the wall of the laboratory. Only after four people got cancer, did I make the connection and
knew that no matter what happens, I'm not going back there. That day, I taught in the morning, on my way to the hospital and did not know about the others. I only knew about myself. "
The teacher who taught at Ben Gurion University for 27 years, even before moving to its current location, filled various positions in the school.  Among other things, she established the chemistry department and coordinated it, and was grade teacher and coordinator layer." Since that day when
I left school, the relationship with the rest of the teaching staff has been lost," she noted ."The trend was not talking about it. Everything revolved around ignoring and silencing, and gave me the feeling that this is my problem. "
Have you tried to talk to other faculty members with cancer?
"They died very quickly one after the other, they got violent types of cancer. I did not have the mental strength and physical forces to deal with it , and I did not open it. "
Two weeks ago it was posted in MyNet that three twelfth-graders from high school got cancer.
Accordingly, it was decided to conduct radiation testing in the class, and high values ​​of radiation were discovered from electrical cabinets bordering one of the walls of the classroom. Only after the scandal broke, it was decided to evacuate the students who attend the class in question and alternative class in eleventh grade. Also nearby hallway passage was blocked for students grades until the end of the treatment of radiation problem in the electrical closet located just next to the classrooms.
Head of the Environment municipality Ehud Stein, said that in view of the exceptional radiation levels detected in the class, they decided to check the whole school. In other classes at the school no abnormal radiation levels.
"When I read about the pupils who got sick, it just hit me," reproduced the teacher. "I got dizzy and only now, seven years later, I realized that the thing that hurt me most was the disregard from the staff at the school, to the teachers and the teachers' organization. One time they contacted me, when a dinner was organized for retired teachers that year. I did not come for health reasons, and after a month they sent a messenger with a menorah.
Now I know the alleged neglect and disregard for both are simply a crime. I retired early because
I decided I was not going back to school and I gave up my rights .
"I was a perfectly healthy person, and following the cancer I had two surgeries and radiations. Until today I am being followed closely. Early 2006, when I left for treatment, I learned a radiation testing was done at school. I was told by the way, that the test showed no abnormal results ."

Even in school "One People", three teachers died of cancer. Here, too, the three teachers taught in laboratories. "These labs are very close to the ground," said former division director, Dr. Israel Gilboa."  Already in 1990 we carried out radon gas testing at the request of the teachers, but no abnormal findings were found. Since then, there was not done any testing on the subject. 
One teacher died six years ago, one four years ago and another teacher two months ago."
According to Gilboa, even if there were now abnormal amounts of radon gas in the laboratory, it would be very difficult to establish a link between him and the onset of cancer. " In the case of naval commandos diving in the Kishon and got cancer, the court found no direct relationship," he explained .
Municipality of Petah Tikva 's response: "The city had never light head about the issue. Managements over the years and the city did radiation tests in Ben Gurion high school laboratories and testing for the presence of radon gas in the soil adjacent to the junior high school laboratories
and the findings did not indicate any abnormalities.  Once the subject of radiation from power up on the public agenda, the city of Petah-Tikva initiated and carried out a survey of radiation in all schools.  Locations where high values ​​were recommended immediate treatment was carried out considerable investment and the full transparency .
"The city is working and will continue to operate all the resources and means to perform extensive testing in all schools and treat such defects if found ."
The Ministry of Education responded: "Radiation is one of the most complex issues we are facing in the world full of technologies.  On the one hand, it is appropriate not make the connections between people with cancer and possible exposure to radiation. The issue is not scientifically proven and raising the issue is causing unnecessary panic. 
On the other hand, it is a must to continue to conduct the tests, to neutralize the potential hazards and radiation to treat each problem separately.
"Ministry of Education, local authorities, parents' committees, the Ministry of Environment and other professional bodies operate throughout the school year to find Radiation Hazards that do not meet the standards and remove them. Context it is worth noting that the Ministry of Envirionment is the official body of the Supervisor of establishing facilities radiation and determines the environmental threshold of exposure to electromagnetic radiation on the basis of health threshold.

Dear Head Teachers, Governors and Local Authorities,

Letter of serious concern over wireless radiation at schools.
An EHS man was sentenced for breaking into a school and turning off the power

An Electro-sensitive man who had entered into a school and cut the power to stop the electromagnetic waves which ached him, was sentenced Wednesday to Besançon to a fine of 1,000 euros suspended. In May , a man of fifty years had broken into the school Bulle ( Doubs), shortly before the start of classes. In a manic state, he had expelled the teacher of the school, then cut the power.  Electromagnetic waves make his life unbearable and since the installation of new wireless handsets in the school, located below his apartment , his sleep disorders and brain pain worsened , said the accused at his trial before the Criminal Court of Besançon Wednesday.  His lawyer, Jerome Pichoff pleaded " state of necessity " to ensure that his client did not intend to disturb the class, but only to "put an end to his suffering." The mayor of the town had filed a complaint against the intrusion of the man in his fifties in the school. The court followed the submissions of the prosecutor. (Source AFP )
Hip hop rap Wireless Song from NZ:

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