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19May 2013

Wi Fi harming young child

Peel School Board decides to roll out 7 million dollar WiFi project despite children getting sick.

Opponents of smart meters are preparing a class action lawsuit against BC Hydro, alleging installation of the high-tech devices has led to thousands of health, safety and privacy concerns over the last two years.
New Zealand - Anger at plans for cellphone tower
The EMRadiation Policy Institute has started a petition 
"Chairman Rockefeller Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation:  Hold hearings to fire FCC and hire EPA to set RF radiation safety limits."
We need your help to get it off the ground.  Your signature will be sent directly to the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation - that has jurisdiction over the wireless industry.
Latin America threatened by rising cancer
In the US, the comparable figure is 300 cases per 100,000, while in Europe it is 264 cases per 100,000.

But the death rate is much higher. In Latin America it stands at 13 deaths for every 22 cancer cases, while it is 13 deaths for every 37 cases of cancer the US, and approximately 13 deaths for every 30 cases in Europe.

Researchers estimate that in 2030, there will be 1.7 million cases of cancer diagnosed across Latin America and the Caribbean, and there will be more than 1 million deaths.

Orangeville, Ontario, another town that failed to research the health effects of wireless radiation
Orangeville council announced a public WiFi network would be made available at a number of town facilities and most of Broadway by May 30.

"It's one of those technologies that everyone would love to have," said Jason Hall, Orangeville's manager of Internet services.

Are You Unwittingly Being Affected by Electromagnetic Radiation
The "Are You Unwittingly Being Affected by Electromagnetic Radiation" pamphlet in English has been updated with information happening over the last two years. Also, I have decided to instigate a "Millions Against Microwaves" program to increasingly educate people who have had the electromagnetic wool pulled over their sheepie eyes about this problem. The more information people have and the more public support we have, the sooner we can act to resolve this problem. So... now we have a pamphlet in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Pamphlets in German and Dutch are on there way. Anyone else interested in translating this into their respective language, don`t hesitate to contact me.

Environmental Health Trust
Environmental Health Trust consistently provides cutting-edge research and education about cellphones and other environmental health hazards and promotes constructive policies locally, nationally and internationally, bringing you the world's top science and scientists

The FCC finds power line communication exceeds radiation limit

The seven PLC systems were all of the Broadband over Power Line (BPL) type.

Wi-Fi debate rages on

Victoria News, BC, Canada.
In January, 2011, the board formed a committee on Wi-Fi and a moratorium on wireless Internet was implemented across the district. It was installed in every high school and one elementary school prior to the committee's formation.
Funding for Legal Case
Here is an update on my case:
The Court has twice denied my application for a fee waiver, despite the fact that I have no liquid assets and no income.  I need to raise $350 to pay the Court fees.  Otherwise, the Court will dismiss the case.
Could you help me by getting the word out to your friends, members, and readers?  Perhaps someone will offer a loan or a grant.

Please note that I am asking for an injunction against the entire California Smart Grid.  This is not just a personal injury case.  I have cited over 40 laws that were violated, over 20 state statutes and over 20 federal statutes.  If the Court finds that the Defendants violated just one of these laws, it will have to grant the injunction.  Once we get the Court order to dismantle the California Smart Grid, each state will have to follow, one by one, until we have our whole country back.  And we set an important legal precedent for all radiation cases, whether cell towers, cell phones, wifi, RFID chips, radar, etc.  This is very important!  
I am in a unique position to prosecute this claim.  I have suffered serious injuries and significant loss; therefore, I have standing to sue.  I have filed a timely and well-pled Complaint (attached).  I am willing to do all of the legal work to see the case through to trial.  It would be a shame to loose this opportunity because of poverty.
Thanks for your help.
Deborah Cooney
As Towns Say No, Signs of Rising Resistance to Smart Meters
New York Times

In October, the City Council of this Central Texas town voted unanimously to purchase advanced electric meters, known as smart meters, for the city-owned electric utility. But some residents resisted, and the smart meter vote played a large role in last weekend's recall of the city's mayor and the electoral defeat of two council members.
Michigan customers oppose fees to refuse power meters

"For them to say this is an opt-out is just like slapping the public in the face," said Dominic Cusumano, who was sued last year by DTE for removing a smart meter from his house in Addison Township 35 miles north of Detroit. His wife, Lillian, said the device caused her to have extreme headaches, achy muscles, anxiety and sleep problems.

Rebecca Hanna-Diener of Maryland Smart Meter Awareness was interviewed at 10am on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 by host Alice Hargraves, Real America, ...

British MPs told of 'smart' meter risks; UK rollout delayed by over a year


News from the Karolinska Institute

Dear All,

Some years ago I found that there was a tremendous increase in asthma and allergy among Swedish children (actually more than 50% of Swedish kids had at least one form of asthma/allergy; for the whole population it was approx 1/3). Parallel to this, I found alterations in EHS persons' mast cell numbers and characteristics, as well as a wealth of literature on the impact of EMFs on the immune system.

At that time a Karolinska Institute colleague (professor) of mine openly laughed at me, ridiculed me, and said that I was a fool, I was completely wrong, etc., and that this increase just had stopped. But in the newspaper "Metro" from May 14, 2013, one can read a statement from the very same workplace, namely the Karolinska Institute, that asthma and allergy among kids rapidly continue to increase.

So the questions now remain: Was I a fool? Was I wrong? Were all the published papers inaccurate? Is the current scientists of the Karolinska Institute right, or are they just fantasizing? Was/is my ridiculing colleague the only expert?????? (She got many, many millions to study the asthmas/allergies...and they are still increasing. Who should laugh now? Not the kids' parents at least, if you ask me. --- It is a genuine pity that we never were allowed to contribute to this field, maybe we could have altered this deleterious down-hill progress...)

Best regards
(Olle Johansson
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm
Safer Construction Tips for the Environmentally Sensitive

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