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Modern life causing dementia earlier / Watercress radiated / Pilots Citing Interference / False Post / Middle-Aged Suicide / Brain Diseases / 50% hearing loss / Brain's 'Clock' Disrupted / etc


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17 May 2013

Modern life causing dementia earlier, study finds
Modern life is causing people to suffer dementia earlier than ever before, a
study has found, with PCs, mobile phones, chemicals and electronic devices
to blame.
Researchers found a sharp rise in the deaths from dementia and other
neurological disease in under-74s, and believe that the figures cannot be
explained away by the fact we live longer.
Mast Sanity
Watercress Exposed to Wireless Radiation
This is from Henrik Eiriksson. Very interesting reading!

The news about the Young Scientists and their watercress/Wi-Fi experiment hit the front page of Denmark's Radio website ( around 17:00 today ( ; with comments by Olle Johansson, The Karolinska Institute).

This could become a game-changer in raising awareness of harmful biological effects of Wi-Fi and the news comes at a time when schoolchildren are being forcibly exposed to Wi-Fi radiation in school and policymakers are in denial about the possible harm.

(Olle Johansson
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm
Here is the google translation of this elegant project!  See photos in link from Olle.

Take 400 Karsefrø and group them into 12 bins. Then place six trays in two rooms at the same temperature. Give seeds same amount of water and sun over 12 days, and remember just to expose half of them for mobile radiation. 
It is a recipe for a biology test so brilliantly that it has attracted international attention among acknowledged biologists and radiation experts. Behind the experiment are five girls from 9b in Hjallerup School in North Jutland, and it all started with that they found it difficult to concentrate per hour: 
- We all think we had experienced having difficulty concentrating in school, if we had slept with the phone next to your head, and sometimes also experienced having difficulty sleeping, explains Lea Nielsen, who is one of the five aspiring researchers. 
The experiment 
The school was not equipped to test the effect of mobile phone radiation on them, but it was enough in fact very well. Therefore, the girls had to find an alternative. And the answer was karsefrø. 
Six trays seeds were put into a room without radiation, and six trays were put into another room next to two routers. Such a broadcast about the same type of radiation as an ordinary mobile. 
The "healthy" cress without influence from the router. Photo: The girls from 9b 
Then it was just to wait 12 days, observe, measure, weigh and take pictures along the way. And the result spoke his clear language: cress seeds next to the router was not grown, and some of them were even mutated or dead. 
- It is truly frightening that there is so much influence, so we were even very marked by the result, says Lea Nielsen. 
The "sick" cress exposed to router. Photo: The girls from 9b 
The experiment secured the girls the finals in the competition "Young Scientists", but it was only the beginning. Renowned scientists from England, Holland and Sweden has since shown great interest in the girls' project so far. 
From left: Lea Nielsen, Mathilde Nielsen, Signe Nielsen, Sisse Coltau and Rikke Holm. Photo: Kim Horsevad 
The renowned professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Olle Johansson, is one of the impressed researchers. He will now repeat the experiment with a Belgian research colleague, Professor Marie-Claire Cammaert at the Université libre de Bruxelles, for the trial, according to him, absolutely brilliant: 
- The girls are within the scope of their knowledge and skills implemented and developed a very elegant job. The wealth of detail and accuracy is exemplary, choosing the right cress is very intelligent, and I could go on, he says. 
He is not slow to send them an invitation on the road: 
- I sincerely hope that they spend their future professional life to researching, because I definitely think they have a natural aptitude for it. Personally, I would love to see the people in my team! 
No mobile by the bed 
The five girls from northern Jutland has not yet decided their future careers. They are still very caught over all the sudden attention. 
- It has been such a constant sum of the stomach. I still can not understand it, says Lea Nielsen. 
And Mathilde Nielsen offers in: 
- It's totally overwhelming and exciting. It's not something you just experience every day. 
But there have also been other consequences of cress trial, which is quite low-practice nature. 
- None of us sleep with the phone next to the bed more. Either the subject far away, or it is added in another room. And the computer is always off, says Lea Nielsen.


Turning Off IPhone Critical to Pilots Citing Interference
EMR Policy Institute


Reply to false National Post article

Robyn Urback
National Post
16 May 2013
Dear Ms Urback
I am surprised by your apparent lack of concern for the health and safety of school children exposed to Wi Fi wireless radiation, a W.H.O. Class 2B possible carcinogen and I am surprised that you would downplay the efforts of a person (Frank Clegg) who is concerned and willing to speak out about the dangers that children face.
If you had bothered to conduct research on the dangers of wireless microwave radiation by reading the BioInitiative Report , before you started writing, you would have discovered that school children (and adults) are in great danger from exposure to wireless radiation.  If you were to take a radiofrequency meter into a school where many computers are using Wi Fi, you would discover that the Wi Fi routers are very powerful and the radiation levels are very strong.
You have a duty as a journalist to warn your readers about the true dangers with this dangerous new technology.  Doing otherwise is false journalism and is endangering lives.
Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP



Middle-Aged Americans Committing Suicide at Unprecedented Rate
The sharpest rise in suicides over the past decade is seen among the middle-aged. The suicide rate for men in their 50's has risen by 50 percent, to nearly 30 suicides per 100,000; among women between the ages of 60-64 the suicide rate rose by nearly 60 percent
I made the following comments in response. Please vote in favor if you are in agreement

"I believe that EMF plays a significant role in the current suicide epidemic unraveling before our eyes. The rising level of electromagnetic radiation is a risk factor that we can't afford to ignore. EMF can have a devastating effect on brain chemistry by altering the levels of serotonin, nor-epinephrine, melatonin, dopamine, acetylcholine, etc. Many lives are reduced to a nightmare existence from the resulting chaos. Dr. Carlos Sosa, M.D. said that his neurological functions were so deeply affected by EMF that he thought about suicide every hour of every day. In addition, EMF also alters the electrical activity of the brain. Dr. Olle Johansson said: 'it would take only 1 minute exposure (to cell phone radiation) to change for more than 1 hour the electrical activity of the brain.' "


Brain Diseases Affecting More People and Starting Earlier Than Ever Before
Professor Colin Pritchard's latest research published in journal Public Health has found that the sharp rise of dementia and other neurological deaths in people under 74 cannot be put down to the fact that we are living longer. The rise is because a higher proportion of old people are being affected by such conditions -- and what is really alarming, it is starting earlier and affecting people under 55 years.


Doctors report 50% hearing loss among cellphone users

Dr Divya Prabhat, ENT surgeon with Bhatia and Wadia hospitals, said he had been getting many patients who complain of pain in the ears and even hearing loss.
"The most common complaint is that after they hang up, the ears get hot. Many patients come with complaints of tinnitus, where there is a buzzing in the ears. This also results in irritability and lack of concentration," he said.


 Brain's 'Clock' Disrupted in Depressed People
Disrupted sleep is so commonly a symptom of depression that some of the first things doctors look for in diagnosing depression are insomnia and excessive sleeping. Now, however, scientists have observed for the first time a dysfunctional body clock in the brains of people with depression.
People with major depression, also known as clinical depression, show disrupted circadian rhythms across brain regions, according to a new study published today (May 13) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 



Another Leading EMF Scientist Seeking Work

Because STUK has closed down my research projects and my lab, I am looking for new opportunities in research, editing, science writing, consulting.
My current full CV is available below.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or inquiries.
Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, DScResearch Professor
Radiation Biology LaboratorySTUK - Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Helsinki,   
Adjunct ProfessorUniversity of Helsinki, Finland

IARC Information

Some time ago I checked the media section on IARC's website and I saw that the articles on RF radiation
were biased. I wrote them a letter and I checked again.  Now and there is a change of 180 degrees in the
position they present.  These articles appear now on IARC's news center:


EHS Connect Forum

The EHS community has been lacking a web forum to discuss issues, schooling choices, white zones and safe places.  RF levels in the cities have gradually been increasing while safety standards have been slow to change although recognition of the concerns have become more widely known.

Most of our discussions occur through email.  Responding to a request, I have setup an internet discussion board called EHS CONNECT for our community to discuss our particular issues and concerns.  You may visit the forum by clicking on this link:

The forum is searchable and provides a consistent location for information to be archived and forwarded to others for easy reference. This removes some risk in forwarding emails and addresses some privacy concerns during email discussions.  If you think of new forum categories that should be included in the forum, do let me know and I will consider it.

It is a meeting place for like minded individuals to support each other.  As with anything else, the forum will only be as good as the people who make up the forum.

Please drop in for a visit and if you recognize the value in such a forum, kindly forward its link to others who may benefit from it.   

Best wishes,

Also -


Cell and cordless phone radiation probable human carcinogen
Swedish review strengthens grounds for concluding that radiation from cellular and cordless phones is a probable human carcinogen.



Union leaders oppose MLGW's smart meter expansion

Bill Hawkins of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union says MLGW's proposed smart meter expansion is a bad idea.  "We feel the customers need to know what MLGW is about to do to them," Hawkins said.  "A smart meter burned up the side of a customer's house. MLGW blamed the customer's wiring."


New Smart Meter Web Site
One of Naperville's residents, Kit Weaver, has launched his own website,, to help raise public awareness regarding issues related to the smart grid, including privacy, cyber security, and health effects.  As stated by GAO Report #GAO-11-117, "Consumers are not adequately informed about the benefits, costs, and risks associated with smart grid systems."


Cell towers harm migratory birds' sense of direction The radiation from mobile communication towers has severely affected the arrival of migratory birds, say experts, pointing to the drop in their numbers over the years.
The radiation from cell phone towers impairs their natural sense of direction.



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