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28 May 2013

Blinding headaches. Violent sickness. Even blackouts.
So what can sufferers do if they believe the world is poisoning them? According to Dr Mallery-Blythe, there is no cure. 'The only way to alleviate symptoms is to avoid the electromagnetic waves they feel cause them. Don't keep electronic devices in the room you sleep in, and switch off as many devices as you can in the house.


Did cellphone cause woman's breast cancer?

She kept her cell phone in her bra.

Statement from Australian neurosurgeon Gautam (Vini) Khurana:

"I believe that in the present decade, a significant increase in primary brain tumor incidence will be detected internationally. The first indication of this phenomenon may be the plethora of high-profile individuals diagnosed with primary brain tumors in the last few to several years: Senator Ted Kennedy, professional golfer Seve Ballesteros, Cable television host Eleanor Mondale, director and producer Dan Curtis, broadcaster Stan Zemanek, high profile attorney Johnnie Cochran, celebrated pilot Dennis E. Fitch, inventor Robert Moog, political pundit Robert Novak, US Senator Arlen Specter, renowned cancer surgeon Professor Chris O'Brien, baseball pro Gary Carter, journalist David Shaw, Stock broker Rene Rivkin, actress Elizabeth Taylor, actor Mark Ruffalo, actor and musician Martin Kemp, singer Sheryl Crow, rock star Doc Neeson, corporate leader Holly Ann Norwick (partner of Chris Gardner, who was played by Will Smith in film The Pursuit of Happyness), actor / model Rona Newton-John (sister of singer and Grease star Olivia Newton-John), actress Valerie Harper (star of the Mary Tyler Moore Show) . . .

Will the incidence of primary brain tumors/brain cancers among high profile people (e.g., celebrities) be an early surrogate marker for the increasing incidence of these tumors in the general population?

A significant increase in primary brain cancer incidence in Australia has been reported (see http://www.brain-surgery.us/mobilephone.html for the peer reviewed reference and the Public summary); that study was based on rigorous methods and definitions. Some recent international data supports this observation. I note that the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States (CBTRUS) data suffers from a large proportion (> one-third) of state registry-reported "primary brain tumor" cases that were NOT verified histologically and what is likely an additional substantial tumor-misclassification error (see Tables 5 & 21 of the CBTRUS publication in Neuro-Oncology 14:v1–v49, 2012). I am surprised that these oversights have remained "under the radar" thus far. Although, recalling the glaring methodological lapses in the Danish Cohort Study, should I really be surprised?"

Gautam (Vini) Khurana

Gynaecologist and infertility specialist Dr Nandita Palshetkar says that the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation that cell phones emit may be associated with increased risk of brain tumours. "However, other tissues in the body such as the testes ...

EHS and Health Risks: KBOO Community Radio in Portland, Oregon, USA. 

A one hour radio broadcast on EHS and health risks linked to EM radiation on KBOO Community Radio in Portland, Oregon, USA. 

Michael Bevington, Chair of the Trustees of ES-UK and Professor Magda Havas, of Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada joined Andrew Geller, broadcaster to discuss the pitfalls of the ever increasing wireless world we live in now.  A member of Andrew's family suffers from EHS and the piece was sensitively covered.
Has Aberdeen Council gone mad?

A council's plans to spend £700,000 of its budget giving every pupil a smartphone has been heavily criticised for wasting money today.  The phones, costing around £150 each, will reportedly be available for every schoolchild in Aberdeen who does not already have one, so that they all have wifi access at school.


Why is Aberdeen Council ignoring the serious health effects of smart phone (microwave) radiation?
Following the story of Aberdeen Council giving pupils microwave phones

Smart  at council meeting
A flier handed out at the meeting said, "APS plans to install bio-hazardous pulsed microwave 'smart' meters in July. They represent the largest invasion of privacy in our history and violate our Fourth Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution. We must protect our safe, analog meter way of life."

Smart grid vulnerable to cyberattacks

Here is a report from the US Congress about the vulnerability of the electrical "smart"  grid. The utility companies have not taken the recommended steps to increase security, even though many experts believe a wireless grid cannot be made secure.
Get Wired
(Sussex, England) We are hosting an event with several excellent speakers, to bring some much needed attention on the wireless 'Smart' Grid issue.

Mike Mitcham
Can WiFi Signals Stunt Plant Growth?

A Danish science experiment by a group of 9th-graders has gained worldwide interest and may have us rethinking the proliferation of wireless devices  in our homes.

Five girls from Hjallerup Skole, a primary education school in Denmark, began the experiment after noticing that when they slept with their cellphones near their heads overnight, they had trouble focusing the next day, according to Danish News site DR.


Experts gather to discuss electro-smog

You won't hear alerts about this kind of smog.  It's called electro-smog and groups worried about the growing use of devices emitting radio frequencies — including cellphones, wireless home networks and smart hydro meters — say it should be taken more seriously.

Symptoms thought to be a result of electromagnetic hypersensitivity include headaches and stomach problems.  "Since the installation of smart meters by Hydro Québec, these symptoms are now widely reported by people who never complained about it before," he said.
Dr Fox was only quoted about his clinical observation that patients with environmental
illnesses all less reactive when the sympathetic nervous system is not in constant fight or flight mode.
He clearly said people feel better when they reduce their exposure
and that electrosensitivity is not psychosomatic.
Details in my interview with him:

Terrible night's sleep? Blame your mobile phone

The decline in the number of hours slept per night is affecting public health, including a greater risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression and stroke in adults and concentration problems in children, he said

Hearing Loss
How much of this is caused by wireless radiation?
A supplement is attached to Haaretz newspapaer today, devoted to hearing loss, 26 pages,
with advertisements of hearing help devices and education about hearing loss.  
The front page says: "actors, politicians, creators and artists, in Israel and around the world, are exposed about their hearing problems. Their exposure creates an image revolution, raises awareness and helps in finding solutions." 
"Facts of life"  - written in the supplements:
38 million Americans suffer from significant hearing loss.
Above 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents.
Decrease in hearing happens in 5 of 1000 newborns
Moderate hearing loss can cause a child to miss 50% of the discussion in the classroom.
Listening of MP3 in high volumes can cause irreversible damage
Tinnitus affects on 50 million people in the U.S
3 million children in the U.S have hearing loss, 1.3 millions of them under age 3.
Studies show that decrease in hearing and other communication problems go together
with other cognitive problemes. Hearing and concentration problems can risk the academic
skills of children and the social development and self esteem.
NIH in the US found that decrease of hearing is common 2 fold in people with diabetes compared with those who have not the disease. The hearing is dependent on small blood vessels and on the nerves in the inner ear. The researchers believe that in the long term, high glucose levels in the blood can harm blood vessels and harm hearing this way.
A social health survey from 2010 found that 15% (730,000 people) of the population aged 20 and above, have difficulty in hearing to some extent. 12% (562,0000) have little difficulty and 3.5% (167,000) have great difficulty or they don't hear at all.
17% of men and 14% of women have difficulty in hearing to some extent.
13% of men and 11% of women have little difficulty, and 4% of men and 3% of women have great difficulty or they don't hear at all.
The hearing loss increases with age.  

Wireless, Chemtrails And You

By July 2001, California state officials still could not explain why barium levels had nearly doubled since 1991. They still can't say why barium levels in soils and water are rising, when industrial barium pollution has all but vanished

"EMR is most likely a synergen. The exposures such as pesticides, chemtrails, harvesting of forests and urban sprawl are not causes competing with EMR – they are additive and synergistic [or amplifying] causes. They are insults to the system that requires strong biological compensation to overcome. EMR depletes that ability to compensate, and thus the person or species succumbs to the effects of the environmental insult more severely and more rapidly."  Dr. Carlo

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