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8 April 2013

New Evidence: Mobile phones may up brain cancer risk
The study was led by Yaniv Hamzany from Petah Tiqva and Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Rabin Medical Center, Tel Aviv University in Tel Aviv, Israel
DoT awakens to cancer-causing cellphone towers
A comprehensive study conducted by a DoT body has documented cases of cancer deaths in areas overexposed to telecom towers in Mumbai.
 to analyse hazards of illegal cellphone towers

Cuffe Parade Resident Association, which has over 4,000 members, recently formed a sub-committee to study the harmful effects of illegal cellphone towers.

Ireland - Mystery of massive rise in those quitting workforce on disability


Since 2006, there has been a 37.7pc increase in the number of people who have left the labour force citing a condition that substantially limits one or more basic physical activities.

This is not people who have been unfortunate enough to be born with a disability, but people who have developed a disabling condition. This means 55,000 people – bigger than Waterford, the country's fifth largest city. Between 2002 and 2006, the same figure only increased by 1pc which is less than 2,000 people.

So what has happened from 2006 to 2012 to cause 53,000 extra people to leave the labour force due to physical disability?

Meanwhile, the number of people leaving the labour force citing a psychological or emotional condition has risen even more dramatically – 88,000 people are now diagnosed with an emotional or psychological condition that is bad enough that they can't work. This is a 27,000 rise from the same figure in 2006.

John Weigel

Cell Phone Victim - Video

Another cell phone victim filmed by Kevin Kunze.

(See Disconnect trailer at

Geneva - Electro Polluted City
"Geneva is one place internet users haven't been left out to dry. Since 2004, public Wi-Fi access has been on tap, with around 70 official hotspots now scattered across the city.  

Study finds biological effects of electromagnetic waves

le Monde | 04/04/2013 By Sophie Landrin

What might be the effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields, such
as those generated by the antennas of mobile phone that bloom on the
roofs of buildings and sometimes school? Is there a real health risk
to residents, as suspected by some associations? The scientific
literature has multiplied in recent years without finding a proven
risk, leaving people called "electro" in misunderstanding.

For the first time, a study of young rats, conducted by the National
Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks (INERIS) and the
University of Picardie Jules Verne, published in the journal
Environmental Science and Pollution Research and made public
Wednesday, April 3, finds the biological effects of RF of the
functions of the energy balance. Sleep, thermoregulation and food
intake are disrupted.

The level of exposure which were subjected rats, the researchers said,
is that found near a cell tower. Thirteen young rats were exposed
continuously for six weeks waves with a frequency of 900 MHz and an
intensity of 1 volt per meter (V / m), much lower than the legal
limits. A control group of 11 rats was established, not subject to
electromagnetic fields.


The researchers stress that the rodents feeding behavior and follow
quite similar to those of newborns biological rhythms and their
thermal regulation is transferable to humans. The experiment was
repeated twice, with consistent results.

The experiment shows the effect of radiofrequency thermal control:
when subjected to a rise in ambient temperature, rats exposed to the
waves reduce their cooling strategy. Animals contract their peripheral
vessels to conserve heat (vasoconstriction), as if they felt a
sensation of cold, so they have more hot. They save their energy, as
if they had a greater need.

Why? "We do not have an answer. We note only that the animal does not
feel the heat. Adaptation to temperature is changed," says René de
Seze, research director at Ineris.

A MOST IMPORTANT FOOD INTAKE (a cause for obesity?)

In addition, the researchers found that animals exposed do not have
the same feeling of satiety than unexposed rats. They find a larger
food intake in rats subjected to waves
. Mechanisms for energy
efficiency in exposed rats could therefore lead to an increase in body

Last education: rats subjected to radiofrequency have a splitting REM
sleep, as if the animals were on alert. The researchers point out that
there is no sleep in the strict sense, but indicate that disruption of
REM sleep could "create difficulties memory or mood disorders in

"What we find is that very low levels of exposure, there are real
effects on metabolism, says René de Seze. Now needs other laboratories
conducting similar experiments to confirm or refute our conclusions. "


Researcher at the University of Bordeaux, Veyret Bernard, who has not
participated in the study, is more cautious: "These results are quite
against-intuitive research Ineris shows that something is happening. ,
but I have a doubt about the actual levels of exposure to
electromagnetic fields. Pets are paired. was their place probes,
cables, which may interfere with the radio. Moreover, it should be
clear that the described effects are biological and not health
effects, "he says.

This specialist EMF studies carried out since 1985 on the effects of
radiofrequency tumor growth, reproduction and the immune system. "Our
conclusion is that nothing happens. We have never seen anything


Oxidative and genotoxic effects of 900 MHz electromagnetic fields in the earthworm Eisenia fetida.
Tkalec M, Stambuk A, Srut M, Malarić K, Klobučar GI.
Faculty of Science, Department of Botany, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia.
Accumulating evidence suggests that exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) can have various biological effects. In this study the oxidative and genotoxic effects were investigated in earthworms Eisenia fetida exposed in vivo to RF-EMF at the mobile phone frequency (900 MHz). Earthworms were exposed to the homogeneous RF-EMF at field levels of 10, 23, 41 and 120 V m(-1) for a period of 2h using a Gigahertz Transversal Electromagnetic (GTEM) cell. At the field level of 23 V m(-1) the effect of longer exposure (4h) and field modulation (80% AM 1 kHz sinusoidal) was investigated as well.
All exposure treatments induced significant genotoxic effect in earthworms coelomocytes detected by the Comet assay, demonstrating DNA damaging capacity of 900 MHz electromagnetic radiation. Field modulation additionally increased the genotoxic effect. Moreover, our results indicated the induction of antioxidant stress response in terms of enhanced catalase and glutathione reductase activity as a result of the RF-EMF exposure, and demonstrated the generation of lipid and protein oxidative damage. Antioxidant responses and the potential of RF-EMF to induce damage to lipids, proteins and DNA differed depending on the field level applied, modulation of the field and duration of E. fetida exposure to 900 MHz electromagnetic radiation. Nature of detected DNA lesions and oxidative stress as the mechanism of action for the induction of DNA damage are discussed.
Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Parents pulling kids from school because of cell tower

Michael Schwaebe is an engineer and environmental consultant hired to conduct a study at the school for the parents."  I would not have my child in this school," said Schwaebe. "The levels of radiation the levels I found were very discomforting."  Schwaebe found high levels of radio frequency power density.  "At that level there are dozens of studies that show significant health biological effects," said Schwaebe.


Top ten ways humanity is being murdered in the name of 'evidence-based science' (#10 Radiation)

'What have we done'
Alona Shefer Karo, executive of  Israeli Ministry of Environment in an inteview:
What green subject is over estimated, despite its marginal importance?
Alona: "The fight against cellular antennas. Once they have license and they stand in the standard,
they are not very dangerous to the environment, and the fight against them diverts the attention
from the real problem which is the mobile phone use. Our children go with these irradiating things
on the body, load them at night near the head, and all of us will wake up within several years and
say: 'What have we done'?"
(Magazine For the Woman 7.4.13)
Concern about W.H.O. Information

April 5, 2013

Dear Drs. Baan, Straif, and Gaudin:

Many of us have watched with great concern as the WHO website has changed from its original announcement of IARC's 2B classification of RF – EMF to its present dilution of an incredibly important message.  The World Health Organization website now reads very much like the US Federal Communications Commission website, which is openly biased toward industry. It appears the website has been diluted in stages.

Recent comments by Mike Repacholi in a guest blog for Dariusz Leszczynski's "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" elevated my concern, and I have been in touch with colleagues in various countries to find they share the same concern that WHO is showing an undisguised bias toward industry.  The world relies on WHO for independence.  That was called into question when Mona Nilsson exposed Prof. Anders Ahlbom's close association as a silent partner is his brother's Basel, Switzerland lobbying business — with telecom as one of the biggest clients.  We questioned how many years Prof. Ahlbom and perhaps others had "held back" the science.  It was a question impossible not to consider.

Yet the 2B vote offered hope that IARC had indeed treated the growing body of science with greater fairness, and would continue to do so.

Now the fairness seems to be called into question again. Quite honestly, it was shocking to read the WHO website links compare RF – EMF to coffee.  In addition, the following quote on EHS suggests the influence industry appears to have on WHO.  With respect to electro-sensitivity, the WHO website states: "There are also some indications that these symptoms may be due to pre-existing psychiatric conditions as well as stress reactions as a result of worrying about EMF health effects, rather than the EMF exposure itself."  Because EHS or ES is a combination of neurological and immunological symptoms, and the majority of those physical manifestations have been scientifically linked to exposure to RF – EMF, it is offensive that WHO would use a telecom-industry argument that focuses on "underlying psychiatric conditions" and "stress reactions as a result of worry about EMF health effects".  The latter suggestion is the typical risk-perception argument used by industries under fire for causing harm that wish to deflect from the harm itself.  It is inappropriate coming from WHO, and it raises concern on many levels.

Below is Michael Repacholi's guest blog and his comments referencing WHO fact sheets on mobile phones, base stations, and hypersensitivity.

Mike Repacholi on March 17, 2013 at 16:06 said:

I understand your concerns and all I can do is pass you onto the WHO fact sheets that address your concerns:
Mobile phones:
Base stations:

* * *
The change in tone from your press released issued in May 2011 [] to many of the statements made in all sections of the above links is disturbing.  This is a direct quote from the current WHO website, specifically with reference to mobile phones:

"The international pooled analysis of data gathered from 13 participating countries found no increased risk of glioma or meningioma with mobile phone use of more than 10 years. There are some indications of an increased risk of glioma for those who reported the highest 10% of cumulative hours of cell phone use, although there was no consistent trend of increasing risk with greater duration of use. The researchers concluded that biases and errors limit the strength of these conclusions and prevent a causal interpretation."

Yet in your Press Release dated May 31, 2011 you state in your first paragraph:

"The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic field as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer associated with wireless phone use."

Gentleman, you know there was a 40% increase in glioma and acoustic neuroma found in the Interphone Study, with highest users classified as using their phones 30 minutes per day.  In today's world, 30 minutes per day is minimal.  Yet your website would lead the average reader — who cared to look for relevant facts pertaining to cell phone risks — in the wrong direction.  Is this what IARC truly intended with the 2B classification of RF -  EMF?

Many of us are concerned and we are looking to you for honest clarification.  We do indeed hope IARC can help to prevent a similar catastrophe and vast cover-up that is the legacy of the tobacco industry — a public health-nightmare that continues to this very day.

With Kind Regards,

Susan Foster, MSW
Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA
Member, International EMF Alliance
Advisor, EM Radiation Research Trust (UK)
Original Author, Resolution 15, International Association of Firefighters

Death of animals near phone mast
Danger or frequency invisible harmless? While a farmer corrézien began a hunger strike, accusing the relay antenna placed near the field cause the death of half of his flock, scientists fail to find consensus on the effect of electromagnetic fields on health. If for some they increase the risk of cancer, other studies conclude their safety.
Historic number of sea lions washing up in S. California — Has reached "epidemic proportions"
A team of experts assembled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency is looking into radiation from Japan's nuclear disaster as one of several possible causes of the ongoing sea lion stranding along Southern California beaches
Peachland Protests Smart meters

People are being exposed to thousands of radio signals, according to Andersen, who added, "It's unbelievable the amount of radio frequency radiation we are being exposed to in our society."


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