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A.D.H.D. Seen in 11% of U.S. Children / Cell Phones May Increase Risk of ADHD / PG&E fined / Electrified Kids / Victory MCS / Hearings / Allergies and EMR / Soup / Many Less Bees / Fire / FCC

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5 April 2013

A.D.H.D. Seen in 11% of U.S. Children as Diagnoses Rise
Diagnoses among those of high-school age — 14 to 17 — were particularly high, 10 percent for girls and 19 percent for boys. About one in 10 high-school boys currently takes A.D.H.D. medication, the data showed.

Children's Cell Phone Use May Increase Their Risk of ADHD

A new study finds that children who use cell phones who are exposed to lead are at greater risk of developing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder than lead-exposed children who do not use cell phones much or at all.

Joel M. Moskowitz, PRLog (Press Release) - Apr. 2, 2013

Eleven percent of American children have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) including nearly one in five high school age boys according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (1) 

Although we may be over-diagnosing ADHD and over-medicating children for this disorder, the 53 percent increase in ADHD diagnoses during the past decade may be attributable in part to increased exposure to environmental toxins in conjunction with exposure to microwave radiation from cell phones.

A research study published last week in PLoS One found that children exposed to lead who made more voice calls on their cell phone were at significantly greater risk of developing ADHD symptoms. Moreover, a significant dose-response relationship was observed between the number and duration of voice calls made on cell phones and ADHD risk among children exposed to lead in their environment. (2)

... the authors made the following recommendation:
„preventing the use of mobile phones in children may be one measure to keep children from developing ADHD symptoms regardless of the possible roles of mobile phone use in ADHD symptoms, i.e., whether potentiating the effect of lead exposure due to RF exposure and voice calls or behavioral aggravation due to high rates of playing games on a mobile phone.‰

To see this news release:

For more information on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure from cell phones, Wi-Fi, and Smart Meters, and discussion of health policies to reduce potential harm, see my Electromagnetic Radiation Safety website, my Facebook page, and my Twitter feed.

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Family and Community Health
School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety


PG&E fined $390,000 for spying

Today the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved a settlement in its investigation into Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) for spying on anti-Smart Meter groups.  PG&E will be required to pay $390,000 to the state's General Fund.
Sandi Maurer
Electrified Kids
They put a Wi-Fi touch iPod on the waist of kids.

A victory for victims of environmental sensitivities or multiple chemical sensitivities

An important legal battle was recently fought by a woman with chemical sensitivities about being allowed to deduct expenses to protect her from chemical exposure.
This settlement may help other people with EHS / MCS who have become homeless, have moving expenses, have extra medical expenses, paid for shielding renovations, special paint, meters moved, etc.
ARCH Disability Law Centre: 

BC Utilities Commission Hearings: Smart Meters, Safe or Harmful?

It would appear that this person has committed perjury by lying to the Commission -

Bailey disagreed that the radiation from Smart Meters was harmful:  "The evidence — it's not that there's no research or nothing -- there's no evidence at all; that the evidence does not persuade that there is a cause and effect relationship," replied Dr. Bailey, according to transcripts of the hearings.

Allergies and EMR
"Dr. Kimata, whose findings are published in the medical journal International Archives of Allergy and Immunology, said: "When we did blood tests we found that the mobile phones had raised the levels of certain chemicals in the blood which provoke allergic reactions such as eczema, hay fever and asthma. Mobile phone radiation can 'excite' antigens - substances which cause allergies - in the bloodstreams of people who already suffer from allergies. They found that mobile users experience an increase in skin rashes or allergic reactions to dust mites and pollen."

Regarding allergies, Prof. Olle Johannson found increased mast cells in people with electrosensitivity. Autistic children also have increased mast cells.
See this on mast cells and allergy. See Olle Johansson's mystery in the skin. cells
See autism and  mast cells.
Are autistic children electrosensitive . Is electrosensitivity an allergy?
The incidence of autism is now said to be 1 in 50, a significant increase in the last couple of years alone!!
Electro Soup
My name is Serge-André Jones. I am a Montreal activist against smart meters and micro-wave pollution. I am also electro-hypersensitive and an artist-musician.

My way of getting the message around is a through a comic video and song I have just released.
Here is the link to my video "The eletro soup" :
. The song is in French but there are English subtitles (if you click on the red CC button below the video).

For a healthier world,

Serge-André Jones"
More Wi Fi, More Smart Phones, More Smart Meters, More Microwave Radiation - Many Less Bees

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — A mysterious malady that has been killing honeybees en masse for several years appears to have expanded drastically in the last year, commercial beekeepers say, wiping out 40 percent or even 50 percent of the hives needed to pollinate many of the nation's fruits and vegetables.

Fire destroys giant turbine near Goderich, Ontario. 

"If that thing is spinning when it's on fire, it can throw material a long way," he said Tuesday morning. "The toxic fumes coming off these things is unbelieveable."

FCC & Cell Phone Industry: A Cozy Relationship

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  and the cell phone industry
have an overly cozy relationship, according to a two-year investigation by
the EMR Policy Institute, with the assistance of an industry insider.

This may explain why the FCC has never levied a fine against a cell phone
company for exceeding the Commission's RF exposure limits from a base
station antenna.

"The FCC is colluding with the cell phone carriers and the result is lax
enforcement," says Deb Carney, an attorney and a director of the Institute.

Read the whole story at:

Louis Slesin
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