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WEEP Volunteers



The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

14 April 2013


Assist W.E.E.P. Assist Yourself and Assist Others


About seven years ago, WEEP – The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution was formed by three persons suffering from electro hyper-sensitivity.  One of our founding members - Rose Smith, died after she returned to her high EMF workplace and re-developed cancer.  Two new Directors then joined WEEP.   In those earlier days there was little news about EMF issues and it was difficult to find relevant scientific studies.  We tried hard to convince Governments, Health officials, the Media and the Public about the dangers of electro-magnetic radiation and soon found out how hard that task can be.

We realised that good scientific information and news about EMF issues was vitally important, so we decided to start a WEEP website and the WEEP newsletter, while continuing our efforts of educating others.  Over the years, as volunteers, with no source of income, have provided knowledge and understanding too many EMF victims and concerned people around the World.  Several of those people have formed their own EMF organizations.  EMF knowledge has increased drastically and the places that people can locate important scientific information, has grown to such an extent, that it is now relatively easy to find good information about the heath effects and dangers of EMFs. 

Now is a good time to put that important information to better use!

WEEP has been hampered by the environmental sensitivities that our volunteers suffer.  We have been unable to do all the tasks that EMF organizations could and should be doing.  Thankfully other groups have formed and specialize in certain areas, and they are having good success raising awareness.  There are still many areas where far more effort is needed and where we could make a big difference.  We would like to fight the fight much better but we need your assistance.

WEEP is requesting that you volunteer to help in one or more specialized action groups or teams, so that each group can concentrate on their own speciality.  We will need one group leader to co-ordinate efforts and several helpers to provide ideas and assistance.  By working together we can spread the workload fairly and we may be far more successful in our efforts to raise awareness to ensure safer use of EMFs.


Here are some groups / teams where your help would be much appreciated:


1.      University Education Team.  Why are Universities not sounding the alarm?  Why are they so highly engaged in using dangerous wireless technologies?                                       


Aim:  To provide information to those who should be educating others.  To challenge University staff about their knowledge or lack of knowledge and to ensure that they get and use EMF information wisely.  To contact student unions and explain the danger to the students they represent.  To provide articles to University newspapers magazines and notice boards.  This position may be more suited to University Graduates.



2.      Motor Vehicle Education Team.  Cars are being produced with Wi Fi and Bluetooth inside the vehicles and some cars have radar installed.  Many modern vehicles have very strong EMFs inside the passenger compartments, endangering the driver and passengers. 


Aim:  To liaise with car companies to try and ensure that they produce EMF safe vehicles.  To provide articles and information to car magazines and newspaper 'car sections' so that they are aware of the potential dangers.  To inform the public about those dangers.



3.      Hotel, Motel and Guest House Team.  Powerful microwave radiation is being beamed through hotels and lodgings in the form of Wi Fi.  This is likely to cause sleep disruption to visitors and endanger the staff through long term exposure.  Many electro sensitive victims are no longer able to stay in hotels due to the microwave radiation exposure dangers.      


Aim:  To educate owners and managers about the dangers and show that there are safe alternatives.  To provide 'no Wi Fi' areas for visitors who request it.  To provide safe areas for staff.



4.      Wi Fi Team.  Wi Fi is widely used in homes, schools, workplaces on city streets and throughout the countryside, endangering everyone and the environment.                                    


Aim:  Increase public education to explain the great dangers of this technology.



5.      Government Relations Team.  Governments are ignoring strong scientific information showing that wireless radiation is dangerous. 


Aim:  To educate Governments and to hold them responsible for safety of EMFs.  A representative is needed for each Province and each State, as well as National representatives.



6.      Press Relations Team.  Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Radio are missing most of the information about EMF dangers and scientific studies.                                          


Aim:  To develop contacts with all news outlets so that we can provide timely information as it happens.  To develop a rapport with concerned journalists.



7.      EMF Writers Group.  Much information about victims and the health effects of EMFs is not getting to the press, to governments, to health professionals.                               


Aim:  To document the stories of victims, to write articles about EMFs for publication, to educate others through writing.



8.      False Information Response Team.  Headlines are made around the world with false information about EMFs; false comments are made in columns and letters to the editor. 


Aim:  This team will respond to false information found in the press and will provide accurate information to the news media in a timely manner.



9.      Cell Tower Team.  People, animals, birds, bees, insects and the environment are endangered by radiation from cell towers. 


Aim:  To provide scientific information and assistance to assist those involved in a cell tower opposition fights.



10.  DECT Cordless Phone Team.  One of the most dangerous devices in homes and offices etc,  but people are mostly unaware about those dangers.                                                           


Aim:  To better educate the public about those dangers.  To contact the manufacturers and challenge them to make safer alternatives.  To contact governments and health authorities to discuss the dangers.



11.  DECT Baby Monitors Team.  These devices endanger babies when they are most vulnerable


Aim:  To educate the public, health professionals and mothers about the danger and harm they may be causing to young children.



12.  EMF Television Station.  Many TV stations and other news media outlets are owned or controlled by cell phone companies.  These TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and magazines are failing to report the true dangers of wireless radiation.                                               


Aim:  To have our own "Internet TV / Radio news station" where video and recorded information from around the globe, is readily available.



13.  EMF Legal Team.  Improper and dangerous exposure of wireless radiation is harming many people and trampling over their civil rights.                          


Aim:  To have qualified professionals provide advice to EMF victims and suggest criminal or civil action that may resolve the EMF issues.



14.  WEEP web site.  WEEP is limited in our ability to provide the best web site possible. 


Aim:  To provide knowledgeable assistance to Sue, our web site operator.  To start new EMF web sites to raise awareness.



15.  WEEP News.  There are vacation, sick  and other times when I am unable to produce WEEP News


Aim:  to have 'a back up' person who can collect EMF news and assist me.



16.  WEEP EMF Library Team.  There is a huge amount of scientific and other information about the dangers and health effects of EMFs.                                                                      


Aim:  The librarian and assistants will collect and create an orderly written and recorded collection of EMF information and then make it available to the EMF community, researchers, environmental groups and the press etc.



17.  EHS Victim Assistance Team.  People who develop electro sensitivity often have difficulty understanding the illness and learning what they can do to help themselves.                            


Aim:  To provide reliable information to victims who request help.  To educate the public about EHS and inform them how they themselves may be affected in the future.



18.  Translation Team.  Many people cannot understand WEEP, because they do not speak English. 


Aim:  To translate EMF information into other languages, such as French and Spanish, so that it can be used around the world.  Canada has two official languages and WEEP would like to provide all information on our web site in both languages.



19.  Donations Team.  WEEP does not have a source of income or charitable status.     


Aim:  To raise money for the WEEP web site, WEEP News and other EMF initiatives that become available.



20.  Ground Current Electricity Team.  Ground current electricity is a very serious pollution problem that kills farm animals and people.  It occurs in cities and in the country.                            


Aim:  Public education to show the dangers of ground current (also known as stray voltage).  Provide helpful information to those who are being affected by ground current and show electrical utility companies how they can and should stop the problem.



21.  Smart Meter Team.  Smart meters are causing very strong bursts of microwave radiation in homes and on property located around the meters.  They are making people and animals very ill.


Aim:  Better public education about smart meter dangers and fight for safe alternatives.



22.  Cell Phone Team.  Cell phones endanger all that use them and persons nearby.                                                      


Aim:  Public education about the dangers, specially kids.  Seek much lower radiation exposure levels.



23.  Children's EMF Education Team.  Schools are failing to teach children about the dangers of EMFs.  Parents are not fully aware of the dangers and they are failing to protect their children.                                                    


Aim:  Start an education programme about the dangers of EMFs geared to children.


24.  Pets and Animals Protection Team.  Pets subjected to microwave radiation from Wi Fi and DECT cordless telephones and antennas are also suffering health effects from being exposed.


 Aim:  To educate pet owners and veterinarians about the dangers and symptoms of wireless radiation.  To provide information to pet magazines, pet stores and to other animal owners.



If you think about other EMF problem areas where a team approach could be successful, please let me know. 


If you would like to get involved and become a WEEP EMF team volunteer, please send me information about yourself, note the team that you are interested in working within, what you can offer toward that team and some basic ideas how you think the team should operate.  Please also include your second choice and advise whether you would volunteer to be team leader or a team member.  Please make a note in the subject line, that you are a volunteer and stating the team you are interested in joining.  Any information you send to me will only be shared within the team you may be picked for.


We are not in competition with any other EMF groups or organizations and would welcome responsible volunteers from other groups and other countries.  We intend to fully co-operate with other organizations that have similar concerns about the health effects of EMFs.

Doing nothing is not really a good option.  We are all being exposed to increasingly higher amounts of radiation and face greater dangers.  Being a safety advocate, an EMF activist, a concerned citizen may give you much more satisfaction than just sitting back and complaining.

Thank you for your consideration.


Martin Weatherall

Co Director WEEP.


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