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9 September 2011

Wi Fi Removed from Ontario School
A private school in Collingwood, Ontario has removed Wi-Fi and has installed wired technology.  This is excellent news.  I wish other schools would follow their lead.  I understand that the teachers in the school are grateful as are the parents that their children are NOT going to be exposed to microwave radiation, a possible carcinogen.

I find it fascinating that the public school system is promoting Wi-Fi, refuses to listen to parents, silences teachers, ignores the research, and can't get Wi-Fi installed fast enough, even though many of these schools already have a wired system, so the Wi-Fi is redundant.  It seems that they were allotted money for this (money that can't be used for anything else) and every schools is following like sheep to the slaughter. 

Several private schools, in contrast, are either not installing Wi-Fi or are removing it because of health concerns.  I certainly know which school I would want my children to attend.  It is a no brainer.  I expect these private schools are also teaching their students to think independently, to question authority, to believe in their own convictions and not be lead down the garden path. If public schools are teaching independent thinking, they are certainly not walking their talk.

Hear the hour-long interview and phone-in at this  link:  

*** Also see news report on CTV ***

Ontario school cuts Wi-Fi over safety concerns

Pretty River Academy in Collingwood, Ont., a private school with 150 students attending kindergarten to Grade 12, is the first Ontario school to remove Wi-Fi from campus.

The school's old Wi-Fi system was taken out over the summer and replaced with Ethernet connections ahead of the first day of the school year.
In May the World Health Organization said radio frequency radiation from WiFi and cell phones posed a similar health threat to DDT, lead and car exhaust.
Principal Roberta Murray-Hirst says the new hard-wired Internet system is actually faster than their previous system and gives teachers control over when students can go online.

Murray-Hirst said they did not receive any complaints from students or parents about health concerns but decided to take the precaution anyway.
"We like to be proactive and obviously safety is always a concern," she said.

The debate over wireless Internet in Ontario schools grew heated last summer when a group of elementary school teachers attempted to have the technology banned from classrooms in the Niagara region.

The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario voted to keep wireless Internet but a group called the Safe Schools Committee has continued to push for a ban.
They claim exposure to wireless Internet causes headaches, insomnia and rashes in students – afflictions that seem to subside on weekends and vacations, only to return when the kids go back to school.

Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health said wireless Internet posed no threat to children at schools.

Dr Magda Havas
Telstra tower toppled
... environmental and heritage values, and the potential health risks from the long-term exposure to increased electromagnetic radiation. ...
One year later, Rogers to hold consultation

West Island Chronicle
... the meeting aims to provide general information, discuss health concerns, ... harmful effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by ...

Tellecommunications corruption scandal in Austria, with implictions world-wide:

"A Mega-Corruption-Scandal in the "Wireless Business Area" makes the whole country of Austria shake und tremble. Politicians resign, and a great part of politicians since the beginning of the mobile communication era are said to be involved in corrupted processes. A famous politician, Gabi Burgstaller, political chief, minister president of Salzburg and the county of Salzburg has stopped the further extension of TETRA and digital office wireless communication because of massiv indications for corruption. American authorities are very interested in this case - the biggest scandal that hits the country since the second world war -  because of it's worldwide implications. A politician - as it seems one not involved in the scandal - recently said in the public service television of Austria:


"Telekom (Mobilephoncompagnie) has covered the whole country with a system of organized corruption"

Med många vänliga hälsningar/With my very best regards
Yours sincerely

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit

Department of Neuroscience

Karolinska Institute

171 77 Stockholm


A Personal Message from Dr. Devra Davis, Founder and President

Dear EHT Supporters,

I'm writing because we really need your help. We need to raise $25,000 to get matching funds to expand our work protecting babies' brains and bodies. Until September 16, every dollar you give to us through Old Bill's Community Foundation will be matched by fifty cents. Please help!

  • Right now scientists working with us are ready to start cutting-edge scientific work on how the brain responds to cellphone radiation.
  • Right now, teachers, parents and students in Jackson, Wyoming, Philadephia, Pennsylvania, and Northern California are asking for clear information on how to protect themselves.
  • Right now health professionals stand ready to provide their patients with simple resources on cellphone safety like our Doctors' Advice pamphlet.
  • Right now we've got clear, compelling messages ready to play as Public Service Announcements--like this one such as this one featuring famed jazz composer, musician and cell-phone related brain tumor survivor, Keith Phillips.

With your help we've done so much this past year. EHT placed the issue of cell phone safety squarely on the public agenda locally, nationally and internationally with its book, Disconnect and with major media efforts around the world from Jackson, Wyoming to Istanbul, Turkey. Public discussion has shifted and sales of headsets are up. Cities and states are creating legislation on cell phone safety. And private companies are starting to advertise cell phones and landline phones differently.

We are making an impact.

EHT is the only group in our community and this country that is exclusively working to protect you and your families from avoidable exposure to cellphone radiation. We operate with other environmental groups within a network of professionals in specialties including health, journalism, engineering, physics and more, over a range of 18 countries, making us the most the most diverse, and authoritative source on the subject.

I am writing to ask that you help us expand our reach by donating funds to EHT through a community matching program in Jackson, Wyoming--Old Bills Fun Run. Just a few clicks will allow you to send us a donation that will qualify for matching funds from the sponsors of this terrific community fundraising effort.

Your support this year will allow us to:

  • Build science through overseeing FOUR groundbreaking high impact research projects such as:
    • Filming the changes in brain cells as they are exposed to cell phone radiation over time
    • Ascertaining the radiation absorption rate for children through brain modelling
    • Examining sentinel diseases as indicators of serious health risks
    • Presenting a series of cancer case reports to medical journals and conferences for further study
  • Create training programs for your community through:
    • Public forums, such as our Schools Get Wired program, aimed at educating schools on cell phone safety, and empowering students and their parents to make cell phone safety a priority.
    • A series of compelling video reports documenting the human face of cellphone related diseases
  • Please help us help you and your families.

    Donate online today.

Where we've been has been nothing short of amazing. But, with your help, where we're going promises to be even better.




It's time to separate "smart" meter fact from "smart" meter fiction:
Myth: The utilities claim that smart meters are a fraction of the radiation levels of cell phones.
Fact: "Smart" Meter radiation is significantly stronger than from cell phones- see
Myth: The CPUC defers to the FCC on maximum allowable wireless pulses.   The FCC claims that no "non-thermal" biological effects exist.
Fact:  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) found chemical changes in the brain from cell phone exposure, a 'smoking gun' finding that demonstrates a clear non-thermal effect.  See
Myth:  The utilities have been citing the World Health Organization (WHO) to justify the safety of their radiation emitting "smart" meters.
Fact:  On May 31st, 2011 the WHO classified smart meter radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen.  See (pdf) The utilities no longer refer to the WHO at all.
Myth:  CPUC President Michael Peevey has been insulting electro-sensitive individuals, inferring that they are "just making it up" or are "psychosomatic"
Fact:  On Sept. 5th, the International Journal of Neuroscience reported that "EMF hypersensitivity can occur as a bona fide environmentally inducible neurological syndrome."  See
Attend the all day "opt out" workshop, which will be held in the main auditorium at the CPUC- 505 Van Ness Ave. in San Francisco- starting at 9:30am until 5pm.  Let's pack the chambers!
Join us during the lunch break at 12:30 to make some noise and protest this illegal opt out extortion plan.

Our demands:
-Charging a fee based on a medical condition is immoral not to mention illegal under CA Utility Code. Analog opt-outs must be at no cost.
-Communities retain the right to say NO to the 'smart' meter program.
-Pull the plug on the wireless mesh network.  Period.

More information:

San Francisco Examiner
Hangups: Peninsula cities are trying to figure out where their jurisdiction begins on where and whether a cellphone tower can be installed. (Mike Koozmin/The Examiner) Two Peninsula cities are standing up to some of the world's largest ...
Ozag cites serious health concerns over electromagnetic radiation near families and children. The applicant, Capital Telecom, also filed their appeal over ...
So called 'Environmental Organizations' are Providing Cover for the Mounting Ecological Catastrophe of the "Smart Grid"

Stopping Wireless Invasion at the Door 

By Getit Done September 1, 2011 

In a blitz blockade of the international wireless industry, a Florida community has prohibited wireless "smart" meters and their infrastructure. Most but not all households received on Saturday, August 6 a postcard announcing the advent of a wireless, "smart" meter system.  The following Tuesday, the water utility replaced the black plastic covering their water meters but installed no wireless meters.  Throughout that week, informational materials and stickers were distributed to households, while residents investigated the situation. 

Over the next mid-August weekend, representatives of about 75 households in Isles of Bellalago in Kissimmee, FL signed a legal letter refusing wireless meters. Their reasoning included that the intended system would involve the installation of illegal surveillance devices and would violate their respective contracts. Residents also placed colorful stickers in their present, fully functional but noninvasive meters, stating, "SMART METER FREE ZONE" and "DO NOT INSTALL SMART METER HERE".  

The entity claiming authority over water usage, Toho Water Authority, received the neighbors' letter by hand-delivery and certified mail on August 17. Early the very next morning, two workmen targeted some of the signatory households, installing some meters and infrastructure. 

Community members sprang into action. One large man strongly informed the workers that their actions were illegal and that they had to leave. The workers phoned their "boss," who told them to respond that there was a "federal mandate" to install the meters. The large man informed the workers and their boss that the community had legal remedies. The workers left and never returned.   

The initial signatories of the legal letter grew to over 100 households in one week.  With many of the houses in the area unoccupied, some used only as vacation homes, this number represented all but a handful of the potential signatories. Three energy industry workers living in the community declined to sign, some agreeing that the letter's assertions were true, but saying they'd lose their jobs if they became signatories.  

Targeted community members then faxed a letter stating there exists no federal mandate for any wireless grid or meters. They demanded that the meter on their property and any associated infrastructure be removed within 24 hours; else they reserved the right to remove it themselves.  

On Thursday, August 18, a legal letter with additional signatories was hand-delivered to the water authority.  Since that date, more household representatives have signed the letter.  Lawyers and others living in the community are geared up to ensure that the targeted households will be freed from all wireless meters and infrastructure. As of this date, well over 100 households are signatory to the letter, and >90% of the households in the community remain free of wireless invasion. 


Ear-bashing: feeling the heat in a city that forever beeps

The CAVI Society
Protecting children from radiation.
Safe Schools Information Tecnology Alliance
Note he says it's not ethical to design a study on children,  but as we know - he thinks it's ethical to expose them without a study,  since there are "no health effects".   Iris
Subject: Rowley and Repacholi 2011
Mobile & Health Interviews Pt. 1 Jack Rowley & Michael Repacholi

Mobile & Health Interviews Pt. 2 Jack Rowley & Michael Repacholi


Mobile & Health Interviews Pt. 3 Jack Rowley & Michael Repacholi

Smart water meters

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