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Microwave studies with human subjects / CarboShield absorbs electromagnetic radiation / WARNING! APPLE IPHONE 4.0 / Enact a ban on wi-fi for safety?

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6 October 2010


October 4, 2010.  Pick of the Week #13:  Microwave studies with human subjects.  Heating of Living Tissue.  1966.

Schwan, HP, A Anne, and L Sher.  1966.  Heating of Living Tissues, Aerospace Crew Equipment Laboratory, U.S. Naval Air Engineering Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., NAEC-ACEL-534.  38 pp.

Abstract: A central forehead area of 4 subjects was exposed to free-field, 10 cm microwave irradiation and the reaction time to onset of warmth sensation measured.  Subjective awareness of warmth was found to be only a rough indication of personal hazard based on the currently accepted safety standards of 75 mW/cm2 for 2 min.


The U.S. Air Engineering Center did studies on 4 human subjects to determine how quickly they could perceive changes in temperature when exposed to high levels of microwave radiation.  They irradiated the forehead of these subjects using 10 cm wavelength (3 GHz frequency) at a power density of 74 and 54 mW/cm2.  Each of the 4 subjects was irradiated 30 times over a period of 5 days


What is amazing about this study is not the time it took for these subjects to react (which was a matter of seconds) but the high levels to which they were exposed and the lack of follow-up studies to determine long-term effects or indeed to determine any changes other than heat perception.  The Americans were so certain that the only effect of microwave radiation was heating that they didn't bother to determine any other responses to this radiation.  If you don't look you can't find!

The authors concluded that it might be better to choose some other part of the body than the forehead to determine heating effect of microwave radiation at such high power densities.  One reason for this is that the thickness of the skin affected heat perception.  Another reason provided is that this would "remove [the] fear of brain damage."

Great effort went into designing a room and exposure of these subjects and one very interesting aside is the material used to absorb microwave radiation.  Three layers were used to protect parts of the body not exposed to microwave radiation.  This involved an absorbing material (Eccosorb), a second thinner absorbing layer (Teledeltos paper), and just in case some microwaves penetrated both layers, a sheet of copper to reflect the remaining radiation back into the absorbing layers.

Currently we have material (film, fabric, paint) that will reflect microwave radiation but what we need is material that will absorb this energy and, indeed, research on such material is actively being conducted.


Response Source (press release)
Unlike conventional shielding materials that reflect, CarboShield absorbs electromagnetic radiation, ie the radiation enters into the material and not ...
Hello EHS Friends,
WARNING! APPLE IPHONE 4.0 and perhaps earlier models!
My housemate has an Apple IPHONE. He has had the original one, the 3G and now the 4. (He upgrades and gets rid of the old ones so we don't have them here to test.)
We do NOT know if it is because of a new SOFTWARE update that would apply to all Iphones or if it is just the new HARDWARE design of the Iphone 4.0, but BIG WARNING to you!
For the last three weeks, I have been driven to the brink of craziness. My body has been heating up....I have felt very uncomfortable. My housemate does not use the phone at all while I am home, but it is left on....(Yes. I know it checks in with the towers from time to time.. I have to suck that up.) -- This is different.
What we've discovered is that when the phone is mated with a BLUETOOTH HEADSET, the PHONE itself will transmit a BLUETOOTH signal CONSTANTLY and at very HIGH POWER whether the phone is on a call or not.
Turning the power switch off on the HEADSET will actually also turn the bluetooth off on the phone as well -- so it is an easy fix, but if the headset power is on...the PHONE will keep transmitting nonstop 24/7.
This is a horrendous design and could so easily be improved if Apple paid any attention to these issues.
Of course, the BLUETOOTH headset ALSO sends out signals even when not in use, so shutting off the HEADSET power switch kills the bluetooth signal from the HEADSET and the PHONE -- which is a good thing.
This has been an insidious and awful three weeks....that could all be improved by the flick of a switch.
SO -- beware...Apple Iphones WILL transmit Bluetooth signals incessently if near a bluetooth headset (or perhaps any other powered up bluetooth device - speakers, keyboards, etc) that is powered on -- whether or not the user is even using the telephone itself.
The signals are strong...and very, very, very ennervating to the EHS.
FYI --
Mark G.

If the town accepts the argument that RF radiation is a threat, and decides to enact a ban on wi-fi for safety or health reasons, it would clearly be ...

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