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How to Protect Your Family / Smart meter program headed for disaster / School WiFi defender cherry-picks her facts / WiFi makes my heart race

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7 October 2010

From: Beth Greer <>

Date: October 6, 2010 10:55:40 PM EDT

Subject: WiFi, Electromagnetic Fields and Your Health: How to Protect Your Family


Magda Havas, Ph.D., researcher on the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution, will be interviewed on my radio show this Saturday. She says our children's health is at risk due to WiFi and antennas that are installed at schools. She talks about some of the unsuspecting sources of EMFs in our homes, as well as some illness caused by being electrically hypersensitive, plus ways to protect ourselves and our families.

Tune in Saturday at 11 a.m. on 960AM in the Bay Area to listen to the show. You can also download podcasts (the following Monday) on

Last week's show featured Ralph Moss, Ph.D., founder of The Moss Reports, which details over 200 varieties of cancer diagnoses. He evaluates the claims of various cancer treatments, both conventional and nonconventional, is the author of  "Antioxidants Against Cancer,"  and "Questioning Chemotherapy,"  and writes the monthly "War on Cancer" column for the Townsend Letter. Dr. Moss discusses new cancer research and herbal remedies, cutting edge alternative techniques, and lots more. This show can also be found on the above website.



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October 04, 2010

Smart meter program headed for disaster, says NDP

VICTORIA — The B.C. Liberals' plan to force B.C. Hydro to rush into spending $1 billion to install "smart" hydro meters in every B.C. home by 2012 is a disaster waiting to happen, says New Democrat energy critic John Horgan.

John Horgan

"Recent evidence from Ontario's smart meter experiment show more than 80 per cent of people are actually paying more, not less, under time-of-use billing using smart meters," said Horgan. "We are poised to make exactly the same mistakes here in B.C.

"By rushing to finish the project by 2012, we lose the ability to make sure we get it right by learning from the mistakes of other jurisdictions. If this really is a good idea, let's see best practices put in place with a studied, measured approach."

More than four million smart meters have been installed across Ontario, allowing for a time-of-use billing scheme to be implemented that is intended to reward users with lower rates for using electricity in off-peak hours. But recent numbers from Toronto Hydro show that 84 per cent of people's electricity bills have gone up, not down.

"The Ontario experience has shown that smart meters don't work when it comes to conserving energy and saving money. Instead, they are proving to do just the opposite," said Horgan, noting the billion-dollar price tag to install the meters in B.C. could be better spent elsewhere.

"Just imagine how much good a billion dollars could do to stimulate the economy and save energy if it was directed to home energy retrofits. Energy efficiency measures like upgrading heating systems, proper insulation, and other home upgrades are a proven way to manage electricity demand."

Horgan noted that the B.C. Liberals don't have a business plan that shows how smart meters will be implemented or how they will save electricity, nor is there an independent review process to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

"Now that the B.C. Liberals have exempted all major energy projects  from the purview of the B.C. Utilities Commission, all decisions are being made at the whim of the embattled premier with no one but his head-nodding cabinet ministers to question their validity or value," said Horgan.

"B.C. families will be the ones who have to pay for the B.C. Liberals' reckless decisions through increasingly higher bills."

The Carole James New Democrats are holding the B.C. Liberals accountable for their HST doublecross while working with British Columbians from all walks of life, all corners of B.C., and all sectors of our economy to build a better British Columbia for the people of this province.


School WiFi defender cherry-picks her facts


Peterborough's Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Rosana Pellizzari, talked about WiFi in schools to the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board last week and said that anyone can cherry-pick results to support their conclusions and this is exactly what she did.

She quoted from a review of WiFi recently released by the Ontario Agency for Health Promotion and Protection. One of the many "cherry picked" quotes was the amount of radiation coming from a WiFi laptop computer at a distance of one metre. Who sits that far away? Don't you want to know what the levels are if you have the computer in your lap?

Dr. Pellizzari correctly stated that research on WiFi does not support the Bradford-Hill criteria of causation. However, she left the impression that studies have been conducted and they failed the test. This is false!

There is only one study on the biological effects of WiFi, which showed altered sperm DNA and motility. That's it! We have no idea how this radiation is going to affect growing bodies in the long-term.

The closest research is with adults using cell phones or living near cell phone antennas. These studies show an increased risk of tumours in the side of the body where a cell phone is held after 10 years of cell phone use and an increased incidence of cancers and other health effects for those who live within 500 metres of cell towers. Shouldn't this cause us to be concerned about microwave transmitters in the classroom?

Most schools with WiFi have not measured the levels of radiation. Since some schools use industrial strength WiFi systems we can't be blasé about this exposure.

Dr. Pellizzari recommended that schools monitor microwave exposure. I couldn't agree more. This is the least we can do.

By the way, does anyone care about the exposure of teachers? MAGDA HAVAS, BSC, PHD

Environmental and Resource Studies Trent University.


WiFi makes my heart race, says White Rock woman

She says wireless internet is giving her ticker some problems

Jesse Johnston Oct 05, 2010 15:01:43 PM

WHITE ROCK (NEWS1130) - Wireless internet is everywhere - coffee shops in Vancouver, public libraries in New Westminster and even along the waterfront in White Rock. But Linda Ewart wants a moratorium on WiFi.

She has a heart condition and says it starts acting up whenever she gets close to wireless technology. "It has rhythm issues. It flips and flops and races," she says.

The trouble is, it's hard to find a place where there isn't WiFi. So Ewart and a group of like-minded people are asking White Rock city council for a moratorium on all new wireless antennas and routers.

Ewart tells us, "They say about three per cent of the population is affected in some way, but the connection (between the effects and WiFi) hasn't been made."

She also questions whether it's safe for school children to be in buildings with WiFi. She's already talked to the B.C. Teachers' Federation and she'll be meeting with the school boards in Richmond and Victoria.

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