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20 October 2010

Hi All

I am in the last week of my election campaign as candidate to become Mayor of the City of Stratford, Ontario. 

I have a web site for the campaign - ,

which you may find interesting.

Of special interest may be the Smart Meter section, Stratford SOS (Save our Swans) and the Video and Document section.


Martin Weatherall


Dear All,

Please, take a look at this new video, "WAKE UP CALL", which has been produced by Thomas Grønborg in Denmark:

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(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof. The Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute 171 77 Stockholm Sweden & Professor The Royal Institute of Technology 100 44 Stockholm Sweden)


LVX to replace WIFI ?

Visible Light Communication Embedded within the visible light generated by LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps are modulating light signals that communicate with other lamps and equipment that possess the same technology at ultra-high speeds. These devices when placed throughout a building or geographic area form a comprehensive wireless communication network capable of providing many services including energy savings, communications and security functions.

Most wireless communications today are produced from radio waves generated from electronic equipment. "WI-FI", "3G Networks" and "Bluetooth" are examples of this applied technology. They each have limitations in data transmission speeds.

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B.C. groups join push to turn off Wi-Fi at schools

Date: Monday Oct. 18, 2010 2:50 PM PT

The call to get wireless internet technology out of schools is getting louder, as fears grow about the potential dangers the technology poses to children.

A growing number of organizations are pointing to cases and research claiming radiation emitted by Wi-Fi technology can cause a range of health problems, including headaches, an inability to concentrate and heart palpitations.

Sharon Noble, chair of Citizens Against UnSafe Emissions (CAUSE) based in Victoria B.C., says the small convenience Wi-Fi offers is not worth the risk.

"We want wired internet. It's safe. Parents think [Wi-Fi] is cutting edge technology and it's not."

As Noble and other organizations try to get the message out to parents and officials, a public school in Meaford, Ontario has become the first in Canada to shut down wireless internet.

Parent of students at St. Vincent Euphrasia elementary school voted "overwhelmingly" to cut off Wi-Fi, according to a statement released by the school's parent council on Monday.

Their decision comes after a group of Ontario parents dubbed the Simcoe County Safe School Committee spoke out against Wi-Fi in schools this summer.

Parents at Lucerne School in New Denver, B.C., are joining the fight, and are choosing to keep hardwired computer systems.

"We encourage other parents to look into the increasingly evident side effects of wireless routers and computers, particularly to children whose bodies and brains are still developing," said the New Denver Parent Children's Association in a statement.

The group and other affiliated organizations are urging people to bring the message to Parliament by signing a petition. 

Opponents point to research on electromagnetic radiation by Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University, who is asking health officers in each province to issue a warning about the use of Wi-Fi in a school environment.

While Health Canada says there is no "scientific evidence" that Wi-Fi in the classroom is dangerous to children, Havas says the federal guidelines need to be questioned because "the evidence so strongly indicates this form of radiation is harmful." 

Noble says Health Canada "isn't doing its job", and wonders why there is such a push to go wireless with all the questions out there about health risks.

"Why does a kindergarten child need a laptop?" she asks.
El 67% de los europeos cree que las antenas y teléfonos afectan a su salud

67% of Europeans believe that the celltowers and phones are affecting their health

18/10/2010 colpisa | madrid

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Currently, the main sources of public exposure to electromagnetic fields are mobile phones, which currently outnumber the number of citizens of the European Union. 67% of Europeans consider that the signals emitted by the antennas of mobile telephony and to some extent affect their health and 58% of the population believes that the authorities do not adequately protect the public from the risks associated with exposure According to the report Electromagnetic Fields, published in June this year by Eurobarometer and the European Commission has made reference to Dr. Alejandro Úbeda, Bioelectromagnetics Section Chief of Hospital Ramón y Cajal de Madrid, during his speech in New Risks public health, which has taken place in the framework of the Sixth National Conference on Health Journalism.

Úbeda emphasized the lack of training and correct and complete information to determine the true impact of mobile phone use in the development of brain tumors. "Although several meta-analysis have provided some evidence that using mobile phones for over ten years could double the risk of being diagnosed with certain brain tumors, the inherent limitations of epidemiological methodology can not yet know for sure if the repeated and prolonged use Mobile is a risk factor. "

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