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Interphone by the Wall Street Journal / EMF-Omega News

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28 May 2010

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This morning's (Saturday's) Wall Street Journal has a story on the Interphone study by its "Numbers Guy" (Carl Bialik):

He includes a useful graphic that shows how the OR's (odds ratios or tumor risks) change with a correction for selection bias, which was taken from Appendix 2.

And do check out his accompanying blog item:

The Wall Street Journal is the first major U.S. newspaper to run a story on Interphone in its print edition. It comes more than ten days after most of the other press coverage --this one was worth waiting for.

Microwave News continues to update its Interphone Resources page:

It now features more than 100 different listings, including news stories, press releases and statements, blog entries, radio shows and videos.

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Wi-Fi in Schools
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The invisible touch
'Digital schoolbag' program may impair learning: researchers
'Delhiites living under cellphone radiation threat'
Cellphone buzz threaten honeybee survival: Study
Manufacturer beware: The myriad sources of criminal liability
Garage fights phone-mast plan
Victory as phone mast bid rejected
Widecombe Tetra appeal
Parents raise phone mast concerns
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University joins in fight against 'eyesore' mast
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