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You are being deceived by Health Canada / ICMR to study impact / DVD / Radiation Suit

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31 May 2010

Dear HESA Committee Members,

You are being deceived by Health Canada.

Safety Code 6 is purported to provide protection against both thermal and non-thermal radiation. This what Health Canada keeps saying. But these radiation exposure limits are based on ICNIRP's standards which, ICNIRP will tell you, are intended for short term thermal effects only. ( This is the deception.

I have been told by members of Health Canada and the Royal Panel that they follow ICNIRP's selection criteria, meaning they use the same basis for selecting scientific studies and literature. Also, they use the same causation criteria, meaning they follow ICNIRP's thermal "cause of damage". In addition, Health Canada often states that they follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Before assuming that this should satisfy any critical review of Safety Code 6, please read the attached document entitled "Conflict of Interest & Bias in Health Advisory Committees: A case study of the WHO's Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Task Force." This document, which is being submitted with the author's permission, is the result of many years of study by Don Maisch, and forms part of his doctoral dissertation. He explains the close relationship between ICNIRP and WHO, and between WHO and the telecom industries. In contradiction of stated policies ensuring and promising independence, WHO's EMF Task Force has become driven by the very corporations which are being regulated, through allowing their participation in decision-making and through funding members of the Task Force (both directly and indirectly), most notably Michael Repacholi. These same Task Force members are also members of ICNIRP, the very body upon which Health Canada relies to confirm the adequacy of Safety Code 6.

This relationship between ICNIRP, WHO, Health Canada, and the telecommunication industry alone should cause a demand for a truly independent review of Safety Code 6, which must include evidence of biological harm at non-thermal levels.

Obviously, there is a conflict of interest which cannot be denied which has lead to the deception, of which all of us are victims. But there is more to it.

Soon Dr. Maisch will publish his entire dissertation which includes evidence that "risk assessment" and determination of peer-review criteria has been defined in such a manner as to arrive at results supporting the status quo, which allow ICNIRP, WHO and Health Canada to tell everyone "there is no evidence of harm from non-thermal radiation."  It is true that they have found no evidence because, based on their selection criteria, studies showing harm from non-thermal radiation have been excluded from investigation. In pure layman's terms, if you don't look for it, you won't find it!

This document supports statements made by several experts during the Microwave Meetings, April 27-29,  advising that Safety Code 6 is inadequate and does not protect the public against exposure to wireless devices such as cellphones, cell transmitters, WiFi and DECT phones. I ask that you consider this as evidence supporting our request for a new safety guideline based on independent research showing biological effects, not ICNIRP's or WHO's industry-funded recommendations.


Sharon Noble

Chair, Citizens Against UnSafe Emissions

Victoria, British Columbia


ICMR to study impact of cellphones, towers on human health

Press Trust Of India

New Delhi, May 30, 2010

How does cellphone use or proximity to cellular transmission tower impact a woman's menstrual cycle or a man's sperm count, their sleep pattern or general behaviour?

These are some of the questions to which the Indian Council of Medical Research is seeking answers.

"Cell towers and cellphones when in use emit large quantities of radio frequency radiation, exposure to which is not good for health," says Dr M V Katoch, DG, ICMR citing the reason for beginning the investigation here.

"Excessive usage of cell phones or living close to a cell phone tower have been shown to have an adverse effect on women's reproductive and neurological health according to data generated by studies in other coutries. We want to examine if the same is true for the Indian population," he says.

Different departments of AIIMS have been roped in to conduct a study on health hazards due to excessive use of cell phones.

"The study began on May 15 and the departments of neurology, obstetrics and gynaecology have beeen asked to investigate the health hazards of excessive cellphone use," Dr R S Sharma, DDG, divison of reproductive health and nutrition, ICMR said.

Radio frequency radiation from cellular towers was, he said "an invisible threat. We have asked JNU to study the physical characteristics of cell towers in Delhi. We want to see if norms specified for setting up cell towers has been followed or not".

The ICMR has laid down strict parameters that must be followed while selecting the subjects for the study. "They must be healthy, between 18-45 years of age, working, must be putting up or working in a place which is 50 metres away from cell tower and 10 metres away from a high tension line," Dr Sharma said.

Citing an example, he said, "Department of neurology will select subjects from patients that come to them. They will examine the sleep pattern and overall behaviour of people who use cell phones for two to four hours a day, compared to heavy users who use the cellphone for more than four hours a day. Both male and female users will be studied".

The department of obstetrics and gyanecology will probe the possible effect on the menstrual cycle of female users. Their hormonal profile will be prepared and blood cells
studied to see if excessive exposure to radiation turns healthy cells cancerous.


DVD Movie


Coronation Street scribe John Fay pens this three-part conspiracy thriller concerning a mobile phone engineer who blames his job for giving him an inoperable brain tumor, and who becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation when a drug dealer is shot dead and a mobile phone mast is destroyed. Set against the backdrop of the Iraq War, the film opens as mobile phone engineer Eddie (Neil Fitzmaurice) is diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor. Though his wife Donna (Julie Graham) and their two children vow to make his final days truly memorable, all vengeful Eddie can think about is making sure that someone pays. Eddie's efforts to track down the responsible party backfires though when a murdered drug dealer and a destroyed cell phone mast lead police to suspect that he may be responsible for a series of murders around the city. Also hungry for vengeance is broken soldier Maurice Stone (Jamie Draven), whose wife and son were killed by a driver that was talking on their cell phone. That driver has never been found, and Maurice won't rest easy until he's gotten his revenge. Later, when the identity of the hit-and-run driver is finally revealed, the true mastermind behind this mobile phone terror plot finally steps out from the shadows as a labyrinthine conspiracy slowly comes to light. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide


Four Israelis vs. Four Cell Companies in

Reported: 22:29 PM - May/27/10

A suit was filed this week in the District Court of the Central Region by four Israelis against their four local cell phone companies over radiation health concerns. If the lawsuit is certified as a class action, the total amount to be claimed from the defendants will be an estimated NIS 3.68 billion, according to the plaintiffs.

The lawsuit charges that failures increased the level of non-ionizing radiation and health risks to which consumers have been and continue to be exposed. It is not clear when a ruling is expected to be handed down in the case.

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