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All-electric cars mean more EMI


When Ford Motor was developing its Escape hybrid, it would shut off as it left a particular supermarket parking lot in California, says Scott Staley, chief engineer of electric and fuel-cell vehicles.

The cause discovered: a wireless fence to alert the store when shoppers tried to take shopping carts outside the lot.

STORY: Could electronics be what's causing runaway cars?

Ford reworked the electronics to ensure that wouldn't happen again, but auto engineering experts say hybrids inherently have more potential for electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Hybrids powered at least in part by batteries generate more electromagnetic radiation than a conventional car because of more current and higher voltage. All-electric vehicles will generate even more radiation for longer periods. The higher the voltage, the more radiation that could leak out and cause EMI.

This added radiation has to be considered when the car's computers and other electronic systems are being designed, says Mukul Verma, a former top safety expert at General Motors.

"There's a higher probability for EMI, and that could lead to unwanted results in the car's computers," says Verma. "The probability of interference is greater if there is more radiation and there are more things that these signals can interfere with."

By Jayne O'Donnell and Sharon Silke Carty, USA TODAY
Our homeland and our world has been invaded

Throughout the history of invasion, men have fought and died and sacrificed themselves to preserve the sanctity of their homelands and the security of their families. For without security, everything is potentially in vain and all that has been lived and worked for can be summarily taken away.

Make no mistake, our homeland and our world has been invaded. If you want evidence, you only have to look as far as your own mobile or cordless phone, home-hub or set-top box. Such modern day conveniences, amazing in the facilities they offer, come with a hidden price-tag. As a result of welcoming them into our lives, people are losing their homes, overnight - at a stroke. If you or your neighbours cannot endure the signal from your cordless conveniences or the newly energized mast at the bottom of the garden, what is to be done? If your child is unable to cope with the Wi-Fi imposed in their school, what are you as their parent and guardian to do about it? Who would you fight even if you knew how? Taking it out on the neighbours won't help, but taking on the multi-billion pound mobile operators is overwhelming. With what can ordinary people defend themselves when the Government is failing in its duty?

There are no plough shears to be hammered into weapons against this invisible enemy. Who will support the dispossessed when our very own government sanctions our continuing persecution and disenfranchisement? Wakeup People! This is as surely an invasion as if the Aliens had landed! World Governments, those in whom we have placed our faith and trust and who have been responsible for our safety and wellbeing are in bed with the invaders! And this is not an invader who can be sweet talked. This is not a negotiation - This is a brutal invasion and it is now almost complete. This is not an invader who simply wants our women of breeding age.

This is not an invader who only wants our land and our resources for his own people's benefit. This is an invader who will seduce us into servitude and suck us dry of everything worth having while we are innocently entertained and play and talk our lives away. You may be fine with it right now but when the screw starts to bite, you'll squeal like a hurt child, and it will be too late. What will anything you posses be worth when you are diagnosed with a brain tumour and told this will be your last summer?

What is anything worth when you lose your wife, your partner, your lover and your children's mother to the ravages of Cancer? What is anything worth when you have neither the ability to prevail upon the world nor anywhere safe to retreat?

In the history of invasion, there has never been one like this before. In the history of Pandemic, there has never been one like this before. There has never been a Fifth Column so cleverly infiltrated like this one before. There has never been Wireless Digital Technology like this before. There has never been a Seduction so complete like this before.

The list of human ills associated with electromagnetic exposure is long and growing: Cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ALS, MND, Heart Disease, Acoustic Neuroma, Cataracts, Brain Tumours, Migraines, Tinnitus, Early Onset Dementia (in the 40's), ADHD, disturbed sleep, stress, Leukaemia, Chronic Fatigue, MCS, DNA Mutation and Aberrant Genetic Defects... This invader has power, stealth and patience. Like a dragon, if you keep feeding it, it will grow. The 'inexplicable' diseases now striking down so many people may not be as swift as a bullet, but the people are just as dead.

How powerful are you, Mr Mobile Operator, when your own flesh and blood is taken from you by the diseases you have promulgated? What will your share-options and your life's work stand for then, when your own family and the rest of society hate you for what you have done?

Richard Love

Amblecote mast row set for Commons hearing

3:30pm Monday 1st March 2010


THE row over a controversial phone mast application in Amblecote is set for a hearing in The House of Commons.

Stourbridge MP Lynda Waltho is planning to present the 900-name petition gathered by protestors against a proposed 12.5 metre tower in Hillfields Road to Parliament.

The Labour MP hopes taking the fight to Westminster will show the strength of opinion against the scheme, by giant company O2, and encourage ministers to consider a change in the law.

Mrs Waltho said: "I am fully in support of my constituents on this matter but feel that as well as the local action we need a similar response at the national level.

"There are loopholes in the law which need removing. Local authorities are given the roll out plans of the five main telecoms providers each autumn but are not obliged to share the information with residents until individual plans come forward.

"There are restrictions on masts in schools but not by schools or places where young people congregate. This is another nonsense that needs challenging."

Mrs Waltho says she wants a change in the law to bring about a more cautious approach while further research is done into the possible health effects of electro-magnetic radiation on people living near masts.

Mrs Waltho said: "Planners will always say that there is no link between poor health and telecom masts but I remember when the same people said there was no link between leukaemia/cancers and electricity pylons. Now we know different.

"I don't want us to risk anything until we know for sure. There are many other safe sites that can be considered and there is always the possibility of sharing masts with other providers."

The current mast proposal in Amblecote, which is planned for a site in a residential area near Peter's Hill Primary School, could be decided by members of Dudley's Development Control Committee later this month.
Wireless Power


Wireless power products are expected in 12 months. On the video they state that these would be safe because magnetic fields have no biological effects. But there are many scientific papers describing biological effects of magnetic fields.

Does anyone know whether there is any way of bringing about legislation to insist on safety testing BEFORE such technologies get to market?

Thank you.



Turbine opponents organize in Meaford

Public meeting Wednesday

Posted By Don Crosby

Wind turbines could be coming to Meaford.

That is why newly-formed Wind Concerns Meaford is holding a public meeting on Wednesday to raise awareness about wind energy concerns in the municipality and elsewhere. At least one developer has a wind testing tower in the former Sydenham Township near Balaclava.

Organic farmer Nicholos Schaut is one of the evening's speakers. He, together with his wife and two pre-school age children, moved to Meaford from Melancthon Township about a year ago.

He said his family moved to get away from the effects of wind turbines that were located too close to the family home and a nearby potential aggregate development proposal.

He said the noise of the turbines was disruptive to their lives and kept them awake at night.

"We had three wind turbines at just a kilometre away from our house. We've seen the effects of these wind turbines on the community and on ourselves," he said.

He said the presence of wind turbines causes divisions within the community and among neighbours and even between family members when one neighbour gets a contract for a wind turbine and others feel left out or have to suffer the effects of having wind turbines too close to their homes.

"My message is really about the health of the community in general and what this form of development is doing to the fabric of the community. This is a divisive issue and it hurts a lot of people," he said.

He says he knows of people who no longer talk to one another. Others have had to sell property or have been bought out because of the personal effects of living too close to the turbines.

Some older farmers nearing retirement are fearful they won't be able to sell their farms to get the money they counted on for their retirement years.

"I know a couple of people who have turbines on their property who are realizing that the turbine is not what they thought it would be," said Schaut.

Jim Bruno, a spokesperson for Wind Concerns Meaford is critical of the way the provincial government is going about promoting wind energy development in the province.

"Wind turbines have been in Europe for many years and people think there haven't been any problems, but when you read the studies you see there are many problems and Ontario is not learning from them," he said.

"It's not necessary to destroy the scenic landscape and put people through such hardship. You can accomplish our energy goals without having to do that," he added.

Schaut says he would like to see some limits placed on the rush to wind energy development in Ontario.

"The politics which are behind this green rush is highly suspicious and no one is really asking those hard questions. The amount of money being granted so far in this windfall subsidy for large corporations could have gone a long way towards conservation," Schaut said.

"The fact of the matter is we live in a province that has a glut of hydro. We have a surplus of hydro and we sell it elsewhere and according to the last hydro report we will see a surplus for the next couple of years," he said.

Speakers will present information on the impact wind energy has on the economy, health, environment and property values.

Other speakers include Jeremy Gawen of the Georgian Bay Association, Mike McMurray, a real estate broker with Royal Lepage, Carmen Krogh, past editor of the compendium of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Dave Colling, a farmer.

The public meeting will be held at Woodford Hall starting at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

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Wind farm faces opposition

Guelph Mercury

Part of my concern is the tone (of these meetings) hasn't been a respectful one." Murphy doesn't believe wind farms present potential health problems. ...

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