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27 March 2010

Stop Wi-Fi in its tracks
By Leslie Sheridan     Op-ed

As an early Internet adopter I love the opportunities technology offers. However, as someone who has a business offering patented products for protection from "electropollution" or "electrosmog," I must speak out against the proposed Wi-Fi Project around the Plaza's radius, being led by Councilman August Sebastiani.

There are many known health problems associated with wireless technology such as Wi-Fi, cell phones, wireless routers, etc. The intensity of the exposure is not the issue, but instead chronic exposure to low intensity radiation. Some proven health problems include, but are certainly not limited to: breaks in one's DNA, cancer, chromosome damage, chronic fatigue syndrome, concentration and short-term memory problems. World-renowned doctor and author Andrew Weil says, "Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible."

The health effects associated with wireless technology are better known outside of the U.S. in cultures whose governments place citizen health above corporate greed. In those countries one finds a plethora of research (not paid for by the telecom/wireless industries), government regulations and warnings seeking to protect citizens, citizen outcry, etc.

Some cautionary warnings: Frankfurt, Germany, and Salzburg, Austria, have banned Wi-Fi in public schools and the UK Teachers Union has called for a ban on Wi-Fi in schools.

Lakehead University in Canada removed Wi-Fi due a "weight of evidence demonstrating behavioral effects and psychological impact at the tissue and cellular level."

The following have removed Wi-Fi due to health concerns: The National Library of France and three other Paris libraries; Prebandal Preparatory School and Stowe School in England; Sainte-Geneviève University Library, in Paris; and Ysgol Pantycelyn School in Wales.

The city of Therold, Ontario, broke its contract to install citywide Wi-Fi after learning of related health concerns.

At least one school has been sued for having a wireless network.

Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, a government scientist in Austria's Public Health Department, called for Wi-Fi to be removed from schools, and in places where a ban has been considered.

Dr. Olle Johansson, of the renowned Karolinska Institute in Sweden, has done health studies using lower levels of radiation than used by Wi-Fi and still found adverse health effects. He says, "If you go into the data you can see a very clear picture - it is like a puzzle and everything fits together, from DNA break ups to the animal studies and up to the epidemiological evidence; that shows for example increased symptoms as well as increased cancer rates."

Germany has warned citizens about health risks associated with Wi-Fi's "electrosmog."

Britain's official health protection watchdog, Sir William Stewart, called for a review of the use of Wi-Fi in schools, since he discovered that the intensity of microwave radiation from Wi-Fi is three times stronger than the maximum intensity emanating from a mobile phone mast.

The International Association of Firefighters has taken the position that firehouses should not be the site of Wi-Fi until more is known about the long-term effects of exposure, due to how much time fire-fighters work and sleep in the firehouses.

Some researchers are speculating that the profound increase in deaths of the honeybee and bat populations may be the result of "electrosmog" from Wi-Fi.

I strongly encourage concerned citizens to contact City Planning Director David Goodison, at 933-2201 or, and the City Council, and insist that this project be stopped in its tracks for the sake of the citizens living on or near the Plaza, as well as visitors who come to enjoy our Plaza. I don't think we want Sonoma to be a place like Marin which is known for some of the highest breast cancer rates in the country.

Anyone wishing to contact me for more information on this topic may find my contact information at


Letter to reporter

W.E.E.P. News

Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News

28 March 2010

Dear Corey,

You've misrepresented some facts in your article, "Entrepreneurs cash in on unproven Wi-Fi fears." The WHO recognizes Electrical Sensitivity (ES). So does the US Access Board, and the European Parliament in their EMF resolution last year called on its member states to recognize ES like Sweden does. (physical impairment) There are thousands of peer reviewed studies on RF health effects.

I discovered I am EMF Sensitive over three years ago. I have since spent hundreds of hours researching this issue. The cumulation of that research can be found at The website is filled with information about the health risks and concerns over the proliferation of wireless devices including Wi-Fi. See: "EMF and RF World Concerns Summary"  The EMF Safety Network does not sell products.

Our website was launched in late October 2009 and receives traffic from all around the world. In the past month the site received 1672 visits from 16 countries, 26 US states and over a hundred cities in California. Average time spent on the website was over four minutes.

Your article mocks and minimizes a serious global environmental issue. It does a disservice to people who suffer from a challenging and sometimes debilitating health issue, and to those who could be helped from symptoms they or their doctors cannot understand or explain.

Instead of making fun of the EMF sensitive, promote fiber optics as the superior alternative to wireless. See:

If you have not seen the recent GQ article I highly recommend it: The writer spent a year studying this issue, his advice:  "abandon wi-fi"

GQ Magazine February: "WARNING: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous To Your Health"


Sandi Maurer, founder

EMF Safety Network



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Klaus Rudolph
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