Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Secret ties to industry and conflicting interests in cancer research" / US Airways looses another potential customer

Hi Martin,

A comment about the Danish Cohort study (mentioned yesterday, from a poorly reported news item):

The heavy-user corporate cellphone subscribers that were excluded from the exposed group became part of the control-group in the study!
The study compared approx. 400.000 cellphone subscribers to the rest of the population (including the excluded heavy users) and found that cellphone users were less likely to get cancer! Imagine the actual risk then!!

(note: the only exposure metric for the exposed group was that they had signed up for subscription)

Two of the lead authors of the Danish study were exposed as industry lapdogs in this paper:
"Secret ties to industry and conflicting interests in cancer research"
See page 4.

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Henrik Eiriksson,



Hi All
The link below is to a company (US Airways) that seems to want to post a bigger financial loss by filling their aircraft cabins with carcinogenic, health harming, microwave radiation (WiFi).
Hey' why not spray the cabins with arsenic or asbestos dust while you are at it.  It's just as stupid!  Why has US Airways not searched: 'The health effects of microwave radiation' before trying this dangerous technology?  Why are they willing to expose their passengers and crews to dangerous microwave radiation, known to cause serious ill health?
I will not be flying with them.
Martin Weatherall
US Airways Posts 3Q Loss
The FINANCIAL (press release)
Announced a partnership with Gogo® Inflight Internet to provide Wi-Fi Internet access onboard 50 A321 aircraft, which will roll out in early 2010. ...
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