Saturday, October 3, 2009

Antenna Towers Make It A Dogs Life

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The attached article has been forwarded to me by Murray Bast, a Canadian leader in his efforts to warn people and to help them deal with electrical and electro magnetic pollution problems.  He was instrumental in helping me to discover that it was electrical pollution which made me very ill in my home, six years ago.

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This article reports various serious adverse health effects to pets and farm animals and that electro magnetic radiation is the cause.  This is a very important article which should be forwarded to vets, farmers and pet owners, so that they are notified of the dangers of wireless devices and electro magnetic radiation.

While this article deals with the impact of DECT telephones and antenna towers, I know from my own experiences and from research that very similar health problems are being caused by 'stray voltage' or 'ground current electricity'.  In that case high frequency pollution is carried on electricity that travels across the country uncontrolled and without wires.  Many victims are harmed by this pollution, yet most are not aware of what is harming them.  Electrical utility companies are usually to blame for this problem because they fail to bring outdated wiring up to modern standards.

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