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Harm caused by Ouruhuia radiotower / Tower Keeps Chief Away From His Palace / Hidden cell transmitters / Prof Henshaw at the ES-UK conference

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Here is a letter which has been sent by Sue Grey, to politicians in New Zealand.  The article mentioned is 'Antenna Towers Make It A Dogs Life', which was circulated by WEEP news Saturday.

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Dear Ministers

Attached is an article linking EMR (electromagnetic radiation) to serious adverse health effects in pets and livestock. Many of the effects reported in this article are very similar to the effects suffered by horses and cows (and bees, rodents and trees) adjacent to the Ouruhuia radiotower (on the North-East outskirts of Christchurch).

Blood tests from affected animals in Ouruhuia show similar disturbing abnormalities to the effects found in the studies reported in this article. Humans around the Ouruhuia radiotower have also shown a high incidence of serious adverse heath effects. In several cases their symptoms have been diagnosed as being consistent with radiation sickness.

Many of the people who live and work in the vicinity of the Ouruhia radio tower are sick (or dead –including three of the farmers living approx 1400 metres from the radio tower who died of cardiac arrest while working on or near tractors). Research shows that RF interaction with metal can increase exposure by between 4 and 27 times. People on/near ungrounded vehicles, such as tractors, are specially vulnerable.

The Ouruhia site monitoring (mainly by Mr Gledhill from the National Radiation Laboratory) has always been within the limits allowed by the NZ Standard NZS2772:1 1999. This suggests that the limits in the NZS2772:1 1999 are too high, the monitoring did not accurately record the maximum EMR levels and/or that other factors multiplied the effects (eg aerial effects, interaction of different frequencies, increased reflection/conductivity from water, increased conductivity/reflection from RF interaction with metal creating 'hot spots').

The authorities have known of the problems at Ouruhuia for many years. Many case studies have been very well documented for many years.

Preliminary health studies (such as the Sweet Study) have identified apparent links between EMR from the Ouruhuia Radiotower and adverse health, yet no proper follow up study has ever been undertaken.

Public and environmental heath is clearly at risk under the existing EMR management regime. The latest international studies and reports are overwhelming in their evidence of biological effects and harm within the current NZ standard for so called 'safe' exposure.

I would be very grateful for the opportunity to urgently meet with you to discuss how the current EMR management regime could be improved.


Sue Grey LLB(Hons), BSc, RSHDipPHI

Ph 03 5450878



Mascom Tower Keeps The Chief Away From His Palace

By Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe
Staff Writer

Ever wondered why the Bakgatla paramount chief does not stay at the royal house up to now?

A communications tower erected by Mascom mobile phone service provider at the royal hill Phuthadikobo, just above the Bakgatla leader's home, is keeping the chief away.

The chief will not come home until the tower is removed. Bakgatla vowed on Saturday at a well attended Kgotla meeting that they will remove the tower, even by force so that their chief can relocate from Mokatse, near Modipane where he currently lives, to take his place at the royal house.

Kgosi (chief) Mmusi, a lawyer by profession, told the Kgotla meeting that the tower is a serious health hazard not fit to be erected in the middle of the village. He said the late Bakgatla paramount chief, Linchwe II died of a brain tumour associated with radiation transmitted by the tower. He said Linchwe's wife is also persistently ill, and they suspect it could be one of the diseases associated with the tower.

On Saturday, Bakgatla regiments climbed up the hill to inspect the Mascom tower so that they can properly equip themselves with the right tools to bring it down when the time finally comes.

Scientific reports say the towers emit Radio Frequencies (RF), a form of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), for a distance of nearly three miles.  They are essentially the same frequency radiation emitted by a microwave oven.

Studies show that even at low levels, there is evidence that radiation damages cell tissue and DNA. It has been linked to brain tumours, cancer, suppressed immune function, depression, miscarriage, Alzheimer's disease and numerous other illnesses.

Bakgatla have resolved to elect a team of volunteers, led by former cabinet minister, Ray Molomo to discuss the problem with the authorities. The volunteers have been told to see the ministers of Lands and Housing; Communications, Science and Technology; and Local Government. The Kgotla meeting resolved that should the ministers fail to heed their cry, the community will take down the three communications towers erected in the village.

Kgosi Mmusi lashed out at Mascom for deliberately withholding sensitive information about the health effects of the tower from the community. He suggested that the company should be charged with criminal negligence since it knew the hazardous effects of the tower but decided to keep quiet. He suggested that Mascom should be charged for squatting on Bakgatla land.

The meeting heard that attempts by the Bakgatla royals to call Mascom and Botswana Telecommunications Authority (BTA), the Mochudi Land Board, and the Minister of Science Communications and Technology for a meeting did not bear fruit. All the parties failed to honour requests for a meeting.

Meanwhile a section of the Bakgatla regiments were itching for immediate removal of the tower on Saturday, but Molomo prevailed upon them to be patient. He said the removal of the tower by the community will be done as a last resort.



Video on YouTube that features Vancouver buildings with hidden cell transmitters.



A medical building with a device that harms human life, installed on its roof. 

Are people now going to the doctor to get sick?

Is this a 'warped' medical experiment? 

Shouldn't there be some sort of law against this in Canada?



Professor Denis L Henshaw, Willis Professor at University of Bristol, UK,  presented at the ES-UK conference in Melton Mowbray on Saturday, 3rd October entitled: 

'So much research, yet so little notice taken'.

This talk may be accessed at:

It's downloadable as a word file