Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New limits on stray voltage / Stray voltage law to take effect in September / Electromagnetic expert in town / Dangers of Wi-Fi in Schools

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After electro magnetic radiation (from antennas and wireless devices), stray voltage (or ground current electricity), is probably one of the next worst forms of pollution affecting North America.
The Province of Ontario has been taking steps to protect farm animals affected by 'stray voltage' as reported below. 
Unfortunately the government has failed to provide any protection to citizens and wildlife affected by our dangerous and outdated electrical distribution system.
While I am glad that dairy farmers and other livestock producers can now seek a remedy for harm being caused to their animals, I am very disappointed that all stray voltage issues were not properly addressed.
Martin Weatherall
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------New limits on stray voltage

After being forced to get rid of his cows and fight bureaucracy for more than three decades farmer satisfied with new provincial stray voltage maximum

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