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Parotid glands tumors / Radiation with "no justification" / How EMR causes weight gain / The Acreage cancer cluster
A new report of the scientific committee of the israeli dentists association, presents in the first time a sharp increase of parotid glands tumor during the last five years. The researchers think it's related to the cellular phone use. The study was done by Dr. Avi Zini  from Hadasah Jerusalem,  with Dr. Micha Bar Hana , head of cancer registy. They checked incidence of mouth neoplasms during 1970- 2006. Until 2002 there were 25 new cases a year and in the last five years 2.8 fold increase, since the year 2000.
They did not collect data on cell phone use but they do think it can be related. 20% of the patients are under 20 years old. While most patients of mouth cancer are adults,  this specific type was prevalent in young people. Mouth cancer is no. 6 in its prevalence after breast, prostate, colon, lung and skin. The data was given to prof. Sigal Sadezki, she said the new data do not include benign tumors so the real number is even higher, she said there is a need to use the precautinary principle and to extend the disucussion on the cell phone health effects.

 More news from Israel
The surprise is that the Env  ministry bans the cellular companies from entering into the market with wireless equipment in house
including phones & internet connection that emit nonstop radiation. The reason? radiation with "no justification". it was also advised that the companies should have consulted the ministry in the first place. Stelian Galberg in charge of radiation in the ministry said that it is implementation of  the precationary principle.  & The new minister said a sentence that is really historic: "the health consideration is before any economic consideration  and we don't have any intention
to compromise on that subject".
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השר להגנת הסביבה, גלעד ארדן, אמר כי "השיקול הבריאותי קודם לכל שיקול כלכלי זה או אחר, ואין לנו שום כוונה להתפשר בנושא הזה".
From Art Kab
Dear All,
I have suspected that there was a link (to weight gain and obesity) here for a long time but didn't have any facts to back it up.
Now, I do! In the following video clip on the Mercola Website in the article:
"Truths That Shatter Prevailing Weight Loss Myths"
it is stated
"Chronically elevated cortisol levels stimulate your body to store fat and not to build muscle."
The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker, M.D. - (pages 276-278)
Subliminal Stress
... Later, Friedman did biochemical tests on another series of rabbits and found that the fields were causing a generalized stress reactions marked by large amounts of cortisone in the bloodstream. This is the response called forth by a prolonged stress, like a disease, that isn't an immediate threat to life, as opposed to the fight-or-flight response generated by adrenaline.
Soon thereafter, Friedman measured cortisone levels in monkeys exposed to a 200-gauss magnetic fields for four hours a day. They showed the stress response for six days, but it then subsided, suggesting adaptation to the field. Such seeming tolerance of continued stress is illusory, however. In his pioneering lifework on stress, Dr. Hans Selye has clearly drawn the invariable pattern: Initially, the stress activates the hormonal and/or immune systems to a higher-than-normal level, enabling the animal to escape danger or combat disease. If the stress continues, hormone levels and immune activity gradually decline to normal. If you stop your experiment at this point, you're apparently justified in saying, "The animal has adapted; the stress is doing it no harm." Nevertheless, if the stressful condition persists, hormone and immune levels decline further, well below normal. In medical terms, stress decompensation has set in, and the animal is now more susceptible to other stressors, including malignant growth and infectious disease.
In the mid-1970's, two Russian groups found stress hormones released in rats exposed to microwaves, even if they were irradiated only briefly by minute amounts of energy. Other Eastern European work found the same reaction to 50-hertz electric fields. Several Russian and Polish groups have since established that after prolonged exposure the activation of the stress system changes to a depression of it in the familiar pattern, indicating exhaustion of the adrenal cortex. There has even been one report of hemorrhage and cell damage in the adrenal cortex from a month's exposure to a 50-hertz, 130-gauss magnetic field.
Soviet biophysicist N. A. Udintsev has systematically studied the effects of one ELF magnetic field (200 gauss at 50hz) on the endocrine system. In addition to the "slow" stress response we've been discussing, he found activation of the "fast" fight-or-flight hormones centering on adrenaline from the adrenal medulla. This response was triggered in rats by just one day in Udinstev's field, and hormone levels didn't return to normal for one or two weeks. Udinstev also documented an insulin insufficiency and rise in blood sugar from the same field.
One aspect of the syndrome was very puzzling. When undergoing these hormonal changes, an animal would normally be aware that its body was under attack, yet, as far as we could tell, the rabbits were not. They showed no outward signs of fear, agitation, or illness. Most humans certainly wouldn't be able to detect a 100-gauss magnetic field, at least not consciously. Only several years after Friedman's work did anyone find out how this was happening.
In 1976 a group under J. J. Noval at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory at Pensacola, Florida, found the slow stress response in rats from very weak electric fields, as low as five thousandths of a volt per centimeter. They discovered that when such fields vibrated in the ELF range, they increased levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brainstem, apparently in a way that activated a distress signal subliminally, without the animal's becoming aware of it. The scariest part was that the fields Noval used were well within the background levels of a typical office, with its overhead lighting, typewriters, computers, and other equipment. Workers in such an environment are exposed to electric fields between a hundredth and a tenth of a volt per centimeter and magnetic fields between a hundredth and a tenth of a gauss.
So we can say that chronic exposure to EMR elevates Cortisol levels by causing Subliminal Stress and that elevated Cortisol levels can lead to Obesity! However, once one reaches the stage of complete adrenal exhaustion, then we may see on the on the other hand extreme weight loss. Other elements involved in the obesity here might also involve the damage EMR causes the mitochondria.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Parents in The Acreage fear possible cancer cluster; state looks at incidence rate

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 18, 2009
Two days before a surgeon removed 5-year-old Garrett Dunsford's brain tumor, he removed a tumor from 16-year-old Kristina DeCarlo's brain.
The kids live less than two miles from each other in The Acreage.

"We just thought it was a weird coincidence at first," said Garrett's mom, Jennifer Dunsford.
Then, within a year, by the end of 2008, a 14-year-old girl who lives three miles away was diagnosed with a brain tumor. And several adults within the small area also had brain tumors, including a man who died in May 2005.
Brain cancer victims kept cropping up nearby, Dunsford said. "It was very strange."
Last month she decided to ask the state Department of Health to examine for a cancer cluster - a higher-than-expected concentration of the same cancer in one geographic area.
The state thought the inquiry was substantial enough to begin the first step of the process: gathering basic information on residents in the area who have had brain cancer. If the incidence rate is higher than expected, scientists might launch an investigation.
True cancer clusters are rare, said state environmental epidemiologist Dr. Sharon Watkins.
Often when a family is afflicted they become hyper aware of others who have had similar diseases.
"It's just a common psychological phenomenon," Watkins said. "They are thinking what caused the cancer, and do I know anybody else it's happened to."
Even when scientists determine an elevated concentration it can be very hard to pin down its cause.
"Cancer is a tricky one because if people are exposed to one cause, it may not show up for several years," said Dr. Youjie Huang, a state chronic disease epidemiologist.
Environmental factors - particularly pesticides used at surrounding farms - came to mind for Becky Samarripa, whose daughter Hannah, now 15, was diagnosed with a ganglioglioma in December and later had it removed.
"You can see people out there in haz-mat suits spraying," Samarripa said. "We moved out here because of the fresh air and the space and the trees. We thought it was a healthy environment for our family - better than city and smog and being next to I-95. Maybe not."
Samarripa has started scanning obituaries for young Acreage area residents lost to cancer. She's trying to find trends.
"It makes me uncomfortable that it's in the hands of us," she said. "Shouldn't it be somebody's job to be detecting it?"
Indeed, the Florida Association of Pediatric Tumor Programs runs tests to look for clusters - but the smallest geographic area it analyzes is by zip code. Hannah and Garrett live only a couple miles from each other, but have different zip codes.
Dunsford wondered if The Acreage's well water caused Garrett's tumor, yet tests this spring showed it was clean. Paulette DeCarlo suspected well water too.
"Of course everybody in the family lives here, and we eat pretty much the same things," DeCarlo said. "So it's like, 'Why her'? If it is something in the water, why doesn't everybody else have it?"
But pesticides and water might be a moot culprits anyway.
"Basically, in kids there's just not a lot of evidence that supports that any environmental factors play a large role," said Dr. Melissa Singer of Palm Beach Pediatric Hematology Oncology.
Unfortunately brain tumors are the second most common type of cancer in children, behind leukemia. Brain and nervous system cancers account for about 20 percent of childhood cancers, according to the American Cancer Society. Nationwide, about 2,000 children under 16 are diagnosed with a brain tumor nationwide, according to the Mayo Clinic.
The incidence rate in adults varies with age, though, and doctors caution that brain tumors don't necessarily arise the same way in adults and children.
The state in the late 1990s looked into a possible cancer cluster in St. Lucie County after officials discovered 28 cases of brain and central nervous system childhood cancer there between 1981 and 1996. But that investigation - one of the largest of its kind at the time - determined there was no pattern.
The Florida Association of Pediatric Tumor Programs, which collects new childhood cancer diagnoses from hospitals statewide, hasn't noticed any unusual patterns since it started in 1973, said Shannon Terkoski, the organization's pediatric education coordinator.


By Greenman
Jun 30, 2009 8:56 AM
First, thanks palm beach post for reporting this situation- personally I would rather be informed, cautious, and aware of a potential problem than wait for years for the problem to be "proven" by the state. Also, if anybody hasn't noticed, there is a large cell phone antenna/repeater right in the center of the possible cancer cluster according to the map. Do these families use pesticides and herbicides in their lawns?