Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crash Airbus Yemenia Airways / Obesity and EMR hypothesis / Smart" meters

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In this morning newspapers, they say that obesity is exploding in USA with 66% of adults who are obese or suffer from excessive weight. (Other countries have the same problem).

One of my hypothesis is that human develop fat just to try to protect himself. Why ? Because fat absorb microwaves and protect more vital organs. But don't ask me what is the mechanism... for now.

So, if you have dinner with friends, don't seat in between two pip-squeaks !

July 2nd, 2009
Philippe Hug
Chairman of ARA


"Smart" meters

American utility companies are in the process of attaching radio-broadcasting "smart" meters to every home in the country.

The ones our electric utility is busy installing locally, in SE Wisconsin, broadcast every 6 seconds at 917 MHz.  The company is willing to discuss mounting the meter at some location on your property other than your house, but the signal would still come in on the wiring and be broadcast from it throughout the home, so this is no solution.

Some of us ES folks in the area are putting our heads together to come up with a way to successfully avoid being forced to have our homes rendered toxic to us by these meters.  A court injunction appears to be a necessary first step, as we must act very soon. (The last time our electric meter reader came, he told me that he would no longer have that job in two weeks, because of the new meters, and that was a week ago.)

If you have any information/ideas that would help with this effort, we will much appreciate hearing from you. 

Shivani Arjuna