Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Empire State Radiation

Non Fiction Section!

Did anyone watch the CBS TV programme - CSI New York TV, Program Series 5, Programme 10, The Triangle?http://www.cbs.com/primetime/csi_ny/recaps/510/recaps.phphttp://www.cbs.com/primetime/csi_ny/video/

42 minutes.

Summary"As a security truck nears The Empire State Building, the security guard inside spontaneously sparks and ignites into a human torch. The CSIs quickly discern the truck was broken into, but with all the money in the vault, the team suspects it was a failed heist. When autopsy reveals the victim suffered from significant microwave burns, attention turns to the Empire State Building, known as the "Electronic Bermuda Triangle" where electronic signals are consistently jammed due to the post-9/11 communications array atop the building that produces massive amounts of microwave energy. Is it somehow possible the Empire State Building could be the highest profile murderer the city has ever known?"

The video extract on YouTube sent by Gigahertz shows measurements being taken with a Gigahertz meter on the US Empire State Building.

The measurement method used is not recommended by Gigahertz!

But the programme was viewed by 10 million people and it raises awareness of electrosensitivity.


Editors comment -

In reality, cars near to the Empire State Building often experience breakdowns. Tow truck operators are familiar with this problem. They move the car a few blocks away and the car starts and runs properly. Apparently the radiation is so high in the area, that it effects the computerized ignition system of some cars. About six years ago, I went to the top of the Empire State Building, this was before I became electro hypersensitive. After my tour I did not feel well, and now looking back, I believe that I was feeling the adverse health effects of electro magnetic radiation.Martin Weatherall www.weepinitiative.org