Saturday, November 29, 2008

artworks about mobiles, masts

Please view and vote for the following Artwork on Saatchi website: <>

This piece of artwork is about mobiles, masts etc. all directed towards our campaign. <>

Statement by artist Elemental Child:

We proclaim to be trying to create a Better World, for us, for our children, our animals, our environment - but the technology used in mobile phones and WIFI laptops uses pulsating Microwave Radiation. These Signal frequencies operate on the brain's messaging system giving spiked waves to our brain's rhythms(including TETRA - Police radio at 17.6 Hz). These signals cause symptoms of stabbing pains through the head, brain fog, memory loss, seizures, dizziness & loss of balance, insomnia, depression/ aggressive behaviour. Biological symptoms include Cortex stimulation, heart arrhythmia, DNA breaks and Cancer. My campaign for Better World aims to buy some land to set-up an Eco-Settlement for sufferers of 3G & WIFI technology, for people suffering from "Electrosensitivity" -a condition which has been recognised by the WHO (World Health Organisation) as an overload of Pulsed Microwave Radiation which exhausts the bio-chemistry of the body through its stress mechanism. The Eco-Settlement will be free of pulsed microwave radiation and allow suffers' bodies a respite from receiving a constant standing wave signal. We are asking the Government to allocate areas which are free of microwave radiation for those who are sick. If you want to help please sign the e-petition at Soon there will be no land left without a WIFI (2.48Hz) Microwave signal pulsing through it day and night. WLAN is coming. Please Act Now for the sake of your own health, and for the sake of our children. Don't just take my word for it - please listen to the renowned Group of Scientists & Doctors with research & reports Thank You.

Kind Regards,

Eileen O'Connor

Radiation Research Trustee