Saturday, November 22, 2008

EMF-Omega-News 22. November 2008

Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

for your information.

Best regards,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega
Member of the Buergerwelle Germany (incorporated society)
Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection
against Electrosmog

Cell towers in neighborhoods

Cellphones in Yellowstone?

Mobile health risk

Uproar over mobile phone base station

Why do we need another mast?

Fears voiced over mobile phone mast

Proliferation of masts down to 3G

Phone mast will be sited near hospital

Council calls for change in planning process

Phone Mast by Pownall Green School is NOT now going ahead

Huntington mobile phone mast uproar

Fury over phone mast plan

Margaret's fear of wi-fi 'brain fog'

Her biggest battle

Are April showers bringing a higher incidence of autism?

Government petition to recognise Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

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