Thursday, September 25, 2008

Celullar installation blown up

News from Israel

The police suspects that tonight a lightning caused celullar installation to blow up, the antennas of companies Orange and CellCom, in a building on Amos street/ Nesher (Haifa). Heavy damage was caused to the appartment where the installation was, and to the adjacent appartments. This is the third time during the last two months that the same installation was burnt. The residents woke up before 1:00 AM hearing a loud explosion, in part of the appartments in the 15 floors building the glasses of windows were exploded, and damage was caused to the shutters too. Luckily none was hurt. The explosion was on the top of a 2 floors penthouse, on its roof. "I was sure it was from the industrial zone of Haifa" said one of the residents who woke up to the explosion " then I understood the source was the antenna". Reshef hezi Levi from the firefighters association in Haifa said they thought, when they arrived at the place, that it was a suicide bomber attack, it was only a miracle that none was hurt. Number of investigations directions are being checked by the police. The building where the event took place was built several years ago. The residents complained the owner erected installations of cellular networks, the local authority for planning and building demanded clarifications from the person but in vain. The installations did not need approvals, and since it was known there were number of attempts to burn them. The firefighters services warned that apart from the fact that burning antennas is illigal, it puts the firefighters in danger, exposing them to dangerous radiation.,7340,L-3601290,00.html