Sunday, August 24, 2008

Children with cancer

Behind the screen
23/08/2008 12:00:01 AM
PJ Warne is bouncing with health, and has advanced cancer. A neuroblastoma, present from birth, has spread from his adrenal gland to form several tumours throughout his body. It sounds devastating but, for now, doctors do not intend to treat the two-year-old, as evidence accumulates that most of these cancers in babies disappear spontaneously - and usually without detection.
Hi All
Above is a paragraph from a news story in the Canbera Times. It makes me wonder what is there in the child's environment which would cause this cancer. Was there a wireless monitor? An electric heater pad? Electrical game? A DECT telephone nearby? WiFi in the next room? Sleeping close to an electrical transformer? Electrical wiring or electrical device?
If the child recovers, I will take a guess that the cancer was caused by either a wireless monitor or a heating pad no longer being used. If the child dies, I would guess on any combination of the other wireless or electrical items. How many parents have been told by their doctors that they must ensure the home environment is safe from cancer causing radiation? When are health professionals going to realise that if they want to save the lives of children with cancer, that they must investigate the home environment of the child and they must ensure that it is safe from all the above hazards.
Treating a child with radiation and toxic chemotherapy chemicals will not help if that child is returned a a dangerous electrical / electromagnetic home environment, it will only prolong the torture.
Martin Weatherall