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Milham Cancer Paper / Important Russian Microwave Research

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The attached scientific paper is very important. It shows the dangers of 'dirty electricity' and exposure to electro magnetic fields and the links to cancer. This kind of exposure may be found in many homes and workplaces and may be responsible for a large amount of cancer. Among the worst offenders which cause 'dirty electricity' are compact fluorescent light bulbs. Many people are still changing to these dangerous devices yet governments and utilities still 'push' for their use!

In the second news item, the links to Russian research are also very important. There are several studies which demonstrate the health dangers of microwave radiation. The Russians also provide sound (precautionary principle) guidance for those who should be avoiding exposure to EMR.
Scientists and Governments in North America would do well to follow the Russian lead and provide sensible warnings to its citizens!



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Subject: Milham Cancer Paper

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Attached is a scientific paper by Sam Milham involving dirty power and the relationship to cancer in schools.


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Russian Committee advice for children and mobile phones

The following website contains some powerful powerpoint presentations/documents written in English from the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.

The evidence presented should leave you in no doubt with regards to the adverse biological effects on human cells from exposure to non-thermal radiation from mobile phones/masts frequencies.

Download presentations from the following excellent website:

A selection of presentations/documents taken from the website, see below:



For more information go to:

Russian Committee powerpoint presentation/guidelines.

It can not be excluded that some part of population, such as children, pregnant women and groups of hypersensitive persons can be especially sensitive to Microwave exposures, for more information go to:

Opinion of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection about the question of biological effects of electromagnetic fields of mobile phones.

Non-use of cell phones by children under the age of 16.

1.2. Non-use of cell phones by pregnant women.

1.3. Non-use of cell phones by persons suffering from neurological conditions or diseases, including neurasthenia or dysthymic disorders, mental disorders, neuroses, intellectual and memory impairment, sleep disorders, epilepsy, and epileptic predisposition.

For more information/guidance go to:

Non-thermal biological effects of microwaves, current knowledge, further perspective and urgent needs.

Igor Belyaev, Stockholm University, Sweden, General Physics Institute Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia.

Children may represent most sensitive group to non-thermal effects of mobile telephony. Before this issue will be investigated, precautions should be taken in erection of base stations in vicinity of schools.

Creation of zones that are free of mobile communication for hypersensitive to EMF should be considered.

Long-lasting adverse effect on important cells of our immune system can have strong relationship with health risk from mobile telephony. In vitro studies indicate that the duration of exposure can be more important for non-thermal effects than intensity and therefore, effects of Microwaves from base stations on primary human cells should be studied.

For more information go to:

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