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Israel: new bill mobile phones for children

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Please see enclosed important message from Iris Atzmon with regards to a new bill to be presented in Israel to limit the sales and advertising of mobile phones to children. It mentions Professor Roni Seger's research about the reaction of protein ERK to mobile radiation. You can view this study on the RRT website and read the review from Barrie Trower see below:

From Iris Atzmon

A new bill is presented in Israel to limit the sell and use of cell phones by kids.

The bill was filed by MPs Dov Hanin Michael Malchior with nine more MPs. According to the new bill, any advertising of mobile phone will include a warning that will catch 5% of the advertisement page. Children will not be shown in the advertisement and it will not be directed to children. Children will not be able legally to buy themselves a cell phone (only with an adult). It will not be legal to sell phones without a warning. The warning will say, on a patch of at least the size of 5 cm, "Warning: the health ministry warns that a lot of usage and carrying the device close to the body can increase the risk of cancer, especially among children." Warnings on the damage will be at the sale centres of cell phones, services centres and on the companies' websites. Background: the Knesset (parliament) meeting on the 8 October 2007, in which Prof Roni Seger presented Weizmann institute study results, about the reaction of protein ERK to the mobile radiation. While it is not clear whether there is a clear link to cancer, the results do raise concern especially in view of the use of children. So it is suggested to increase public awareness to the health damage. The basis of the bill is to limit advertising and sale of cell phones, especially the sale to children who are especially vulnerable to the devastating effects of the mobile radiation. The health minister will determine the damage and it will be criminal not to fill the directions of the bill, similar to the directions in the law of tobacco advertisement.

(All the above is translated and summarized from the bill itself).

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ERK activation study available on the Radiation Research Trust website along with a review from scientist Barrie Trower:


Mechanism of a short-term ERK activation by electromagnetic fields at mobile phone frequency

Proteins are essential for building blocks (amino acids) genes (DNA – RNA) – body structure – enzymes (chemical protein messengers) – muscles – haemoglobin (for oxygen) – cell membranes (gateways to cells0 etc.
Some essential messages passed around the body are proteins. The EKR/MAPK protein helps make signalling pathways and cell processes. This is normally a controlled release of the EKR/MAPK protein.
For the first time, it has been shown that, below thermal level microwave radiation can cause a cascade (out of sequence) of this protein: i.e. It will flow when it is not required to: or extra proteins will flow. This can cause complications to signalling pathways and cellular mechanisms.
As an example: (conclusion by Barrie Trower)

1. A tumour suppression gene may be disrupted

2. Oncogenes may be stimulated which can lead to cancer

3. Signal structures may change – hence, the body may not be able to function properly (any mechanism e.g. immune system)

4. cells may not function properly (brain, liver, digestive tract, skin, you name it.

5. Any organ may not function properly (inc blood)

You could almost explain every illness and complication known by disruption of signalling mechanisms and cell cycle timing. A very important discovery, well done to the scientists.

Barrie Trower

Click HERE to read the full report.

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