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8 November 2015

* Very important research *

Significant Decrease of Clinical Symptoms after Mobile Phone Base Station Removal

In several cases, significant effects on the inhabitants' health could be proven. The health of these inhabitants was shown to improve after the removal of the antennas, and the researchers could identify no other factors that could explain this health improvement. These examinations and interviews suggest that there are possible adverse health effects related to RF-EMF exposure among people living under mobile phone base stations.

Pediatricians warn: Limit children's exposure to cellphones

Today Show, 5 Nov 2015 - A growing number of prominent doctors and scientists are raising warning flags over the amount of cellphone radiation children are being exposed to. NBC national correspondent Miguel Almaguer was granted rare access inside a cellphone test lab for this TODAY report.

Brain tumors diagnosed in US in 2008-2012; Incidence increasing in children & adolescents

Time trends in cancer incidence rates are an important measure of the changing burden of cancer in a population over time. Incidence rates of cancer overall, and many specific cancer histologies, have decreased over time. 36 Overall, there have been some changes in incidence rates of brain and CNS tumors between 2000 and 2010, but the scale of these changes has been small. 37
  • In children (0-14 years old), there have been significant increases in incidence of primary malignant brain and CNS tumors between 2000-2010, with an annual percentage change (APC) of 0.6%. 37
  • In adolescents (15-19 years old), there was a significant increase in incidence of primary malignant brain and CNS tumors between 2000-2008, with an APC of 1.0%. 37
  • Adolescents also experienced an increase in non-malignant brain and CNS tumors from 2004-2010, with an APC of 3.9%. 37
  • Between 2008 and 2010, adults (age 20+years) experienced a decrease in incidence of primary malignant brain and CNS tumors, with an APC of -3.1%. 37
Also - Trends in central nervous system tumor incidence relative to other common cancers in adults, adolescents, and children in the United States, 2000 to 2010
Parent's success in stopping WiFI installation at Australian school
The mother stated "I read extensively regarding disability in education policy, on human rights and Electro Hypersensitivity where functional impairment and disability were the focus. I was particularly interested in the perspectives of Prof Olle Johansson and Dr Isaac Jamieson, in relation to disability, human rights and the built environment."
Mast Sanity
An Oxford County farmer says he's lost more than 100 cows and millions of dollars to excess electricity
Lee Montgomery says stray voltage killed his cattle herd, and his wife later developed the same symptoms. Max Wark has the story.
Note - Stray voltage problems should be considered for anyone suffering EMF related illnesses.  It is not just farm animals that are harmed and killed by stray voltage (ground current electricity), people are badly affected also.  This is a widespread problem throughout North America, which is made much worse by high frequency pollution on the electrical distribution system.
Triggering Agents (and treatments) of Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Back in early 2000 when people were beginning to contact me about being sensitive to electricity, I searched hard to find a Dr. who understood the problem.  I was directed to Dr. William Rea, MD, in Texas.  He was a surgeon who became allergic to electricity and developed a "clean" lab and began testing for all kinds of allergies.

I sent him my EMF findings on DVD from here in Michigan and he invited me to be on the faculty for the 25th International Medical Conference of Environmental Health in Dallas, Texas, in 2007 and again in 2009 for the 27th.  They invited me to become a permanent member of the faculty but because of poor health, I declined. I did, however accompany a Michigan farmer to Dr. Rea's clinic and he did prove "Mr. Chick's" health problem was being caused by electricity.

Below is a web site for viewing a presentation by Dr. William Rea who gives compelling evidence and recommendations for a healthier world creating safe havens in a toxic, electromagnetic world.  He was hosted by the International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology.

Published on Mar 5, 2015 Triggering Agents (and treatments) of Electromagnetic Sensitivity -- 46 minute video

My two peer reviewed articles on this subject can be found at:
Best regards,
Donald Hillman, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University
750 Berkshire Lane
East Lansing, MI 48823

The Stratford Beacon Herald - "Behind The Wheel"

Although I laud the impulse of the City of Stratford in researching various potential initiatives such as driverless cars, it should only be done in a cautious and inclusive way. There is now a growing body of research speaking to the dangerous and detrimental effects of unfettered and ill-conceived connection technologies including how it contributes to unemployment , health impairment and sociological breakdown. This information should be openly presented to the citizens of Stratford who can review it and contribute in the decision making as to if and how this kind of technology should be brought into our community. Especially if it is in the leadership role of being a test case for other communities to potentially adopt.

The concern of whether there would be a driver in the car is almost insignificant against the other potential long terms concerns which include massive unemployment, cyber hacking, and privacy.

On the subject of automation and a society of robots, and as reported in this past June's edition of Foreign Affairs, MIT's Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee argue that "it is a bit blithe to assume that human labour will forever remain the most important factor of production, "noting that,  "it's time to start discussing what kind of society we should construct around a labour-light economy." Based on these views, to sell this initiative on the promise of long terms jobs appears to be somewhat questionable at best.

This is in addition to the potential detrimental effects of the very wi-fi structure on which these driverless cars would rely.  A paper published last year in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure by Morgan Kasari and Davis point out that children absorb more microwave radiation (MWR) than adults; that MWR  is a Class 2B (possible)carcinogen; and the fetus is in greater danger than children; and the legal exposure limits have remained unchanged for decades.

The concept of a "smart" or "intelligent" community is a very enticing one and one for which every citizen should aspire. There simply needs to be a consensus on what "smart" and intelligent " mean in an age when governments are wrestling with all the ill side effects of an industry (Silicon Valley) which has pushed itself on us faster than we have been able to comprehend or manage it. As the tale of the tortoise and hare warns us, to be fast or first is not always best.

The Falstaff Family Centre will be hosting an open conversation and information exchange on the subject of driverless cars in Stratford on Thursday, November 12

Loreena McKennitt CM, OM
Executive Director
The Falstaff Family Centre


Lawsuit Against BC Hydro
Proceeding December 7 to 11, 2015
Maine Smart Meters Appeal of the PUC Decision
Our precedent-setting Maine investigation into the safety of smart meters continues with oral arguments to be heard November 3rd at the Maine Supreme Judicial Court in our appeal of the Public Utilities Commission final report.
Sodium Nitrites and Cell Phones
Great FB post from Devra Davies
More than thirty years ago, scientists noted that a chemical widely used to preserve meats--sodium nitrites--are converted by stomach acid into a chemical known to damage DNA--nitrosamines. Rather than take steps to encourage the use of alternative preservatives, we have 'waited' for proof of human harm. The World Health Organization has just concluded that we have sufficient 'proof' That means that we have numbers of people that have been sickened or died with cancers that arose from consuming these foods.
Whether for food preservatives or mobile phone radiation, this reactive approach to public policy means that we are treating ourselves like lab rats in an experiment with no controls. We wait for the body count to mount.
We cannot afford to assume things are safe until we have irrefutable evidence of harm having taken place. All the attention to how foods can affect the risk of breast and colon cancer is welcomed but sadly misses a key modern component of the puzzle. Mobile phones and other sources of microwave radiation can accelerate the growth of abnormal cells and enhance the toxicity of toxic chemicals already in the body.

Cell towers more dangerous than nuclear plant

To the editor:

This letter is in response to the concerns raised regarding the Seabrook Station nuclear plant, including the degradation of the concrete and possible radiation leakage that could occur. 

While this could be a big problem in the future, what should be of concern right now is the continuous radiofrequency radiation that cell towers emit into the environment. This is a very serious situation that is largely ignored in most municipalities for two reasons: Consumers enjoy their wireless devices and local officials love the revenue paid by the wireless companies. 

On May 2011 the World Health Organization classified radiofrequency radiation, the entire spectrum, from cellphones, cell towers, WiFi, and the like as a class 2B carcinogen. At least Seabrook Station serves a useful purpose: generating power without carbon dioxide which in turn provides electricity to surrounding towns. What useful purpose does a cell tower serve? To fuel the trivial entertainment needs of wireless addicts while adding electrosmog to the environment. 

In my case, the good old town of Salisbury saw it fit to add cell tower antennas to the ugly beach water tank, making it look even worse, all for the sake of revenue, despite my concerns and scientific evidence including the WHO's May 2011 decision. As for that Salisbury selectman being concerned with public safety by wanting Seabrook Station shut down, where was his concern with public safety regarding placement of those antennas? Where was his concern for the small children, the elderly, and pets living in the vicinity of the water tank? They're the ones more at risk from cell tower radiation. In my opinion, I'm sure that selectman, just like his colleagues, gave the antennas the green light. 

And I strongly believe in my opinion that the prospect of revenue clouded the judgment of that selectman and everyone else responsible for the needless addition of those antennas, resulting with those parties hiding behind the FCC's inadequate and outdated guidelines that only protect against a thermal mechanism, the American Cancer Society who for many years has been doing the bidding of the mobile phone industry, and the gibberish of some "so-called" radiation safety expert who is no more of an expert than a layperson, and in my opinion his judgment was biased in favor of the wireless industry. 

And to add insult to injury, the Salisbury zoning bylaws explicitly state about protecting the health, welfare, and property values of the inhabitants and minimizing the adverse impacts of Wireless Communications Facilities. Was adding antennas to the water tank protecting the inhabitants and minimizing the adverse impacts of WCF's? Not by a long shot.  As I've said in my previous letter on Aug. 10, the zoning bylaws need to be changed. 

While Seabrook Station raises a lot of concern, we should hope for the best and leave it at that. The main concern right now should be cell towers and the negative impact they have on the environment.

Arthur Lazos

500 Carcinogenic Street Lights for Los Angeles

Hybrid Streetlight and Cell Tower Unveiled in Hollywood
The streetlight is the first of 100 to be installed across the city. Five hundred additional poles are expected to be added over the next four years.
Generation Zapped - TRAILER


The smart meter roll-out has reached millions of homes so far, with a projected total cost of £11billion. But the average saving per household stands at ...

"My wife went from having a case of fibromyalgia to what they call a flare of fibromyalgia," he said. "Hers has been ongoing for two months, she's had shots and everything to try to calm it, nothing works."

The meter is on the wall outside of where his bedroom sits, and he thinks it's the radiation coming out of the meter that is causing the problems.
New York Falls Into Same Old 'Smart Meter Trap'
With all the evidence of health harm, money wasted and weakened electrical systems, you may have thought that New York would have opted for safe meters and money saved.  The stupidity continues!
BGE smart meter opt-out fees under fire 
Opponents of BGE's Smart Meter program say the devices are harmful, whether it's due to magnetic radiation, privacy or cyber security.
Maine Smart Meter Oral Arguments in Appeal 11-3-15

Attorney Bruce McGlauflin did a great job for us Tuesday in the Maine Supreme Court. Video of the oral arguments are now posted on our website along with press clips. The video proceedings are 30 minutes.


Radio Wave or Microwave Sickness Known for 75 Years

Seventy-five years ago in August 1932, the German doctor Erwin Schliephake published scientific data in the German Medical Weekly about radio transmitter-induced "microwave" or "radio wave sickness" with the following symptoms: severe tiredness and fatigue during the day, fitful sleep in the night, headaches to the point of intolerability, and high susceptibility to infection.

During the 1950s clinics were established in Moscow, Leningrad, and other cities in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to study and treat thousands of workers suffering from a new occupational disease. It was named radio wave sickness.
An Effect of Modulated Microwaves

Car Hotspots - The Stupidity Level Rises
OnStar with 4GLTE.
Volkswagen only cheated with pollution controls, GM is risking much more and many lives with its dangerous new wireless technology.
Beside the harm to family health that microwave radiation may involve - how many accidents will this cause?
Insanity in Toronto Schools?
The largest school district in Canada is rolling out a $14 million Wi-Fi network that embraces a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach for students.
Why would the Toronto School Board cause all its students to be subjected to a 'possible carcinogen (World Health Organisation)'  for all the hours the children spend at school?
Has the Board been taken over by ISIS, The Devil or persons wishing great harm to the next generation?
The Kill Zones USA
We know from the latest science that the electromagnetic voltage generated by these modulated signals is especially damaging to human genetic material, including the DNA.  The cell tower "scream" heard with an audio RF/microwave detector at the above site is overwhelming. There is no more impressive horror than the savage sound of wave carcinogen raging through the sacred space of a neighborhood.
The appellate court found that the tower "annoys" and "injures" Laubenstein's "comfort" and "repose."
The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Wireless Technology
Friday, Nov. 13, 2015, Evangel Church (Main Door) 3261 Gordon Drive, Kelowna B.C
Dr. Magda Havas speaking event.
Wireless Technology's Deadly New Epidemics

SafeZone EMF Consulting announces that three of the world's top researchers and lecturers are coming to Kelowna for a full day event called, Wireless Technology's Deadly New Epidemics. This will be a knowledge packed, full day event from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. with an organic lunch provided at the incredible Summerhill Pyramid Winery on November 14, 2015.

Letter to US Secretary of Education - Wireless Dangers in Schools
The scientists made the following recommendations to the U.S. Department of Education:
1. Raise school community awareness through new educational curriculum: Students, teachers, and their families should be given information on wireless health risks and simple precautionary steps they can take to protect their health. It is important to teach children how to use technology both safely and more responsibly in order to protect their health and wellbeing.
2.  Install a safe communication and information technology infrastructure in schools to meet educational needs: Solutions exist to reduce exposures to wireless emissions and mitigate the health risk. Low-EMF Best Practices have been developed allowing educational needs to be met with safer hard-wired Internet connections, which are also faster and more secure.

ASHLAND — The Ashland Documentary Film and Discussion Series will host a documentary on electromagnetic radiation and health on Nov. 12.

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