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W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

15 November 2015

Message to Public Schools and Parents About Wireless Devices and Health
Thousands of studies have been published in peerreviewed biomedical journals. And so many of these studies are finding biological effects of concern that immediate responsive action is warranted.
Living Life Cursed by Technology

One afternoon in 1993, Mark Donohue laid down for a nap and woke up in crippling pain. His head throbbed, his heart raced, his fatigue was bone-crushing. He figured whatever was wrong with him would eventually pass.

Twenty-two years later, Donohue's life remains one of constant agony

- See more at:
EHS victims stories.

The Hidden Agenda Behind 21st Century Learning

What is troubling is that rather than a broad discussion about the potential new uses of technology along with the potential risks and pitfalls, the dialogue is one-sided and misleading. 

Chromebooks in Public Schools Emit Dangerous Radiation
Transparency and Liability Issues with Wireless
Letter to Montgomery County School CEO
A Father Speaks About Wifi in Schools and His Children's Health

Smart Grids and Meters - One Family's Struggle with Noise Pollution
The symptoms I experienced of nose bleeds, vertigo, dizziness, migraines, heart palpitations, involuntary muscle cramping disappeared the day they replaced the smart meter with a mechanical meter, manually read, per our demand.  This was July 2012.  It will be three years that the symptoms have not re-appeared.
The Today Show: Paediatrician's New Warning: Limit Children's Exposure to Cellphones

NBC Health and Wellness.  These scientists, who have collectively authored more than 2,000 papers on the topic, add to a growing number of prominent experts and government agencies around the world who are holding up a caution sign for consumers — particularly when it comes to kids.
Dr Oz - Does Your Cell Phone Case Increase Your Radiation Risk?

Dr. Oz Features Cell Phone Radiation and How It Can Affect Our Bodies



Canada court orders tobacco companies to set aside almost C$1 billion

A Canadian appeal court on Tuesday ordered two major tobacco companies to set aside a combined C$984 million ($742 million) while they challenge billions of dollars in damages awarded to smokers in the province of Quebec.
The damages are likely to be much higher for wireless companies in the future!

Interview by Fátima Solé (in English/subtitles in Spanish ) - October 21, 2015 - at Centre Atlètic Laietània- Mataró (Barcelona) 
with Dr. Olle Johansson.
EHS Disability Award Confirmed in France


Assigned to pay a handicapped adult allowance to an electrosensitive person in July 2015, the MDPH had appealed. It has just been rejected, confirming the "situation of disability".

By / Emmanuelle Dal'Secco the Talk 27-10-2015 on this article!

In July 2015, the French courts had recognized the existence of a serious disability due to hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves, which had forced Marine Richard, 39, to live in the mountains and to become desocialized (article link below below). A judgment of the Dispute at the Tribunal for inability in Toulouse had confirmed, after medical expertise in support, that the complainant was suffering from a syndrome whose "description of the clinical signs is irrefutable." She then obtained the payment of AAH (adult disability allowance) in the amount of 800.65 euros per month.

But the MDPH (Departmental Centre for the Disabled) appealed; it has just been rejected. The judgment stating the "syndrome of hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves" and functional impairment of Marine Richard, estimated at 85%, is therefore definitively confirmed!



Massachusetts Groups File Smart Meter Fraud Complaints With Attorney General

Patricia Burke noted, "Massachusetts has abundant scientific, medical, and intellectual resources to be able to determine whether chronic inescapable exposures to pulsed radio frequencies and power line technologies are causing biological harm, including the onset of disabling electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

BC Class Action (Lawsuit) Package

Links to Participation Forms, Q and A and other information for anyone opposed to BC Hydro's Smart Meter Program


City to ban wireless Wi-Fi, cell towers

Any and all plans to implement Wi-Fi or cell phone towers within the Sequim city limits are on hold.

The Sequim City Council approved a six-month moratorium on wireless communication support towers on Oct. 26 via a 5-1 vote with councilor Dennis Smith opposed and Ken Hays absent.

The moratorium went into immediate effect and includes all zones except public facility zones, according to Ordinance 2015-018.


Inside the town were Wi-Fi and cell phones are illegal

In Green Bank, West Virginia, there are no cell phones or even Wi-Fi because the town is home to one of the most powerful telescopes in the world, which is incredibly sensitive to Wi-Fi signals. TODAY's Sheinelle Jones reports.

Montgomery Co. parents concerned about wireless routers in school

Several parents meet Tuesday night at Bells Mills Elementary to discuss their concerns about the routers. Some parents want to go back to hardwired systems.
FCC guidelines for maximum allowed transmit power of Wi-Fi Access Points are based on the assumption that Wi-Fi signals are received by a human body from a distance for one transmitting Wi-Fi antenna. However, we are not exposed to just one transmitting Wi-Fi antenna anymore.
New Zealand - Smart Meters and Health Impacts
Expert environment lawyer Sue Grey is interviewed re smart meters and health impacts.
Interview starts at 7:50 till 15:55

Company to Blanket City Streets With WiFi Connected "Smart Pavement"

So what happens when your entire city becomes one giant WiFi signal?

Telecom giant Virgin Media has been given the green light to begin doing just that.  Coverage will be enabled by "discreet street furniture" and the "UK's first Smart Pavement."

There are online tutorials instructing people how to "hack" their own smart meter to lower their power, but that could also be used for more nefarious purposes. Tabuns said there are international examples: in Puerto Rico in 2010, hacked smart meters cost electricity companies $400 million in lost revenue. It might sound like Robin Hood, but Tabuns said we all end up paying in the long run. A BBC report found smart meters in Spain could both be hacked to cut power bills, but also to potentially disrupt the whole grid.
Smart Meter Fires
Why are the authorities ignoring the dangers?  Sharon Noble, Director of Stop Smart Meters in British Columbia is interviewed.

No smart meter could mean no forgiveness for Bay City residents

Commissioner Lynn Stamiris, 1st Ward, is in favor of terminating the forgiveness program and hopes the new commissioners don't derail those efforts.
Bay City wants to put a device that emits a 'possible carcinogen' into every home.  Perhaps they should change the name from 'The Forgiveness Program' to the 'Bay City Cancer Causing Program' or 'The Bay City Harm To Health Program'. 
Are these civic leaders receiving bribes to do such a stupid thing, or are they just plain stupid?  Why are they not reading the science which shows these devices are dangerous.  Why are they not looking at the harm that has been found in other jurisdictions, where smart meters have been installed?

Residents rally to opt out of smart metering

Note - He talks about benefits but ignores the harm to health and the massive cost.
Is wifi harming our health? A Stroud conference looks for answers

"There are so many little things you can do that make a difference and it doesn't mean that you can't have access to the internet," said conference organiser Skeena Rather.

She explained that there is evidence that the non-ionising radiation emitted by wifi affects our central nervous system, and could cause nausea, headaches and other systems.


The Danish Cancer Society was caught in a serious lie

We just caught Danish Cancer Society in a serious lie! 

There's just been a big campaign to collect money for cancer research and for that campaign, a large Danish TV-news channel website ran an article about "cancer myths" where they quoted D.C.S for this statement (translated):
"It has long been speculated whether the radiation from mobile phones increases the risk of cancer, but there are currently no studies that show that this is the case.".

Wow! We contacted the TV-channel and they immediately removed the false statement and apologized in the article that the part about cellphones had not been factual. So now the TV-news editors have to come to terms with the factthat D.C.S has mislead them! We then called D.C.S and asked them to publicly inform that their quote was false, because people that read the original article got wrong impression that cellphones are cancer-risk free. Theycompletely refused to do so.
We then called Christoffer Johanssen, told him the quote and he responded by saying: "D.C.S is just an NGO with a political agenda". Yes, those were his real words. He's distancing himself from D.C.S!
I'll keep you informed on this matter...but please don't send this out on mailing list yet, until we get to "grill" D.C.S some more :)

Link to TV-news "cancer myths" article:
(google-translate and see bottom of article for the editors note. Note that the top graphic still shows a cellphone but all mention of cellphones is removed from the article text).

The Editor note with google translation: "Because there are divergent studies about whether mobile phone radiation can cause cancer, the editors have removed this point, after the article was published."


Henrik Eiriksson


Troubling data: about third of parents use cell phones to put their children to sleep


A study (in Pediatrics) of 350 parents who visited the public hospital in Philadelphia at the end of 2014:  97% of them owned  TV, most of them had also tablets (83%) and smartphones (77%). More than half had also game devices (56%), computers (58%) and access to the internet.


97% of the children to these parents were using cell phones, 44% of the children under the age of 1 year used cell phones daily in order to play, watch video games or use different applications, and the percents increased to 77% at the age of 2 years old.


28% of the 2 years old knew how to control the cell phones by themselves without help, and about 61% had to receive help once in a while. Half of the 4 year old did not need help at all in activating the cell phone. Parents reported that they enabled their children to use the cell phone to calm them down in public places.  28% of the parents reported that they used cell phone in order to put the child to sleep.


Children psychologist, Dr. Shai Chen: "There are thousands of Apps for children under 2 years old,  promising to improve the development of the child and his coordination. It seems that the child enjoys, the parent many times receives some silence, and the child learns to use advanced technologies, and it seems that everyone is satisfied.   But in recent years we know that the influence of smartphone use in young ages is tough and has long term effects.  The smartphone use replaces the human contact. Children who use it for long term and  continuously, have more problems in creating personal contacts and friendships. There are significant difficulties in personal communication,  that causes to distress and it increases the will of the child to run away from the external world and focus on the smartphone".


"The continuous use of smartphone can cause harm to eyesight and orthopedic damage. Also the connection of the child is harmed, and instead of creating interaction and quality time with the parent, the child passes the time in front of the screen.  Studies even showed that smartphone can encourage ADHD, and harm sleep quality because of the light emitted from the smartphone screen". 


So when is it recommended to enable the child to use cell phone or a tablet? Dr. Chen Gal recommends avoiding exposing the child to these devices before the age of 3:  "If anyway you expose him the it is needed to make sure it's maximum for an hour, to make sure that the smartphone use does not come at the expense of other activities of the child, not to enable the use of smartphone during meals or while all the family is together.  "It is important that the parents understand that the use of smartphone can cause damage, and part of their responsibility as parents is to oversee and minimize exposure as much as possible, mainly in the first years".,7340,L-4718704,00.html


Many babies exposed to smartphones, tablets, study finds

Apr 26, 2015.  Up to half of very young children use smartphones and tablets in some way before their first birthday, a new study finds.
"Although mobile devices are ubiquitous in young children's lives, we don't yet know the impact mobile devices can have on young children," Kabali said.
Protect Children from EMF
There is no way to assess and predict the potential damages of children brain, vision and hearing under exposure to RF radiation. The WHO precautionary principle and IARC classification must be applied in discussing the potential hazard of the use of today's and tomorrow's communication devices.
The Attention-Sucking Power of Digital Technology

Making eye contact, a once unavoidable feat when packed into a crowded train car or museum, is now a nearly impossible mission as those around you are almost guaranteed to be sucked into their phone's screen while scrolling through Facebook or killing digital zombies

Cell Mast to be Removed - Ireland
"We are breaking down their dam of denial." The most recent is that an egregious mast - a public eyesore and danger - has been ordered to be removed by the national planning body of Ireland, An Bord Pleanala. It sets a country-wide precedent.

It is the result of a process. The timeline is:

Magda Havas wrote a letter outlining the dangers of microwaves

The letter was published in the Liffey Champion local newspaper

Olle Johansson was invited to address the community with members of the Irish Environmental Radiation Victims Network (IERVN)

An Irish politician, Catherine Murphy, attended Johansson's lecture. She, along with others, opposed renewal of the planning permission for this very large mast.

Desmond Guinness had a mast removed from his lands

The community was leafleted several times.

 Joshua Hart, from California, of Stop Smart Meters addressed a group at Leixlip Castle

 All county councillors and elected officials at the central government receive weekly Updates

 Paediatric Consultant Dr. Hilllary Hoey (whose historic home is beneath the mast) came forth in opposition to the mast

 The national planning authority requires removal (albeit within a two year time frame)

 It is important for residents and village passers-through because the mast must go before the introduction of 5G technology.


 In addition to microwave radiation from masts and cell phones, a worrying issue has arisen which threatens the exchange of ideas and a free internet which ultimately affects freedom of speech and democracy itself. Legislation is being considered in Europe which would prevent passing along text and hyperlinks. Thus it would become unlawful to pass along information about the microwave threat to humanity. While this would definitely affect aggregate sites, the proposal threatens the very purpose of the internet. Please notify your MEP of the proposed legislation.

 And again, thank you to Martin Weatherall for his work from Canada with the W.E.E.P. Initiative.

Kind regards,

John Weigel



Young woman hangs herself after being denied access to social media

Generation Zapped!

From: Sarah Newman <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 12:14 AM
Subject: Generation Zapped! is seeking stories

Hello Friends of Generation Zapped!

My name is Sarah Newman- I am a documentary casting director, and am thrilled to be working with Sabine and Carolyn on a segment of their film, Generation Zapped!.  They are in the final stretch and just need to find a few more individuals whose health has suffered as a result of living in the Wireless Age to share their stories.

I understand that all of you have been a support to these ladies / the film throughout the process, and I am hoping you can help me get the word out about this last phase of casting.  

As you know, GENERATION ZAPPED! (www.generationzapped.comis a documentary film investigating the growing body of research suggesting that wireless technology can pose serious health risks – from headaches to infertility to cancer.  We are interested in hearing from individuals who have experienced the negative effects of wireless technology, as well as industry professionals who bear witness to such. 

Specifically we are interested in the following individuals who have been affected by Electromagnetic Radiation:

-Adults and Children suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome
-Cancer patients and survivors 
-Individuals experiencing Infertility problems
-Children with Autism

I have attached a flyer to this effect, and would be so grateful if you would forward it on to your network.  And of course, if you have any suggestions, referrals, stories of your own to share, etc., please let me know!

Thanks, and all the best to you!


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