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24 July 2014

Germany - Important Court Victory for Electro Hyper Sensitivity Victim

EHS of a former German Army Radar-mechanic acknowledged as occupational disease by the court of appeal for administrative litigation in German state Schleswig-Holstein (Schleswig-Holsteinisches Oberverwaltungsgericht)
3 LB 21/11, September 13, 2012

The plaintiff worked for the German army (Bundeswehr) from 1970 to 1992 as a mechanic for Radar systems. While working he was exposed to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Since 1973 the plaintiff suffered from inflammation, infectious diseases and palpitations. From 1976 he also suffered from agitation, sleep disorders, fatigue, lack of concentration and extreme forgetfulness, extreme headaches, disorder of the immune system, food allergies and other allergic symptoms, non-functioning eyesight, sweats, exhaustion until mid 90ies.

The plaintiff was diagnosed with EHS and treated in two clinics in 1993. In 1994 the Federal Republic of Germany as his employer rejected to acknowledge his illness as an occupational disease claiming there is no proof that his symptoms are caused by the exposure. In 1994, the plaintiff was pensioned off.

The plaintiff filed a law-suit against the Federal Republic as his former employer to the court for administrative litigation in Schleswig to get this acknowledgement. He gave the court several reports of experts who examined his or other Radar-Mechanics conditions. As the court granted the plaintiff´s suit the defendant filed an appeal to the higher court, arguing that committees and experts- the WHO, the ICNIRP and the German committee for the protection of radiation (Strahlenschutzkommission – SSK) are of the opinion that EMF-exposure below standards does not cause any physical harm.

The plaintiff sent the court Prof. em. Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Karl Hecht´s study from 2001 on „Effects of EMF" as well as a report by medicine physicist Dr. rer nat Lebrecht von Klitzing on the biological effects of pulsed high frequency waves below standards as well as a synopsis by Prof. Hecht from 2005 that explained that the majority of personnel exposed to radiation suffered from the symptoms of what is called the „microwave syndrom". The court appointed another expert who reported in 2005 and 2006 that the plaintiff´s symptoms are not caused by ionizing or non-ionizing radiation or a combination of both. After hearing several other expert witnesses – among them Prof. em. Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl Hecht and Dr. rer. nat. Lebrecht von Klitzing – the court appointed another expert and – after another hearing – obliged the defendant to acknowledge the plaintiffs request in a verdict from August 20th, 2008.

On appeal, the highest federal court in administrative matters (Bundesverwaltungsgericht) declared that the decision violated federal law as the court had not taken enough efforts to research the facts. The court of appeal than appointed a third expert who stated that it was possible to proof the causation of the plaintiff´s exposure and his disease. The court ruled again in favor of the plaintiff and also ruled that another appeal is not permitted. The defendant´s complaint against this to the highest federal court was not successful. In consequence, the acknowledgement is now legally binding.


Note that the Court rejected the Gov expert opinion including the reliance on ICNIRP & the WHO and their claim that... there is no proof of biological harms and instead accepted Prof. Hecht and Prof. Von-Klitzing testimony.

N.B. Just note the big legal difference between Germany (EHS = occupational disease) and Sweden (EHS = functional impairment [with it's symptoms classified as an occupationally-related symptom-based diagnosis (code ICD-10) by the Nordic Council of Ministers since 2000. DIVS: 2000:839; ISBN: 92-893-0559-2]).


The EHS debate has now evolved into a different league and EHS has been accepted as an 'occupational disease' at the highest court of appeal in Germany.   

Dr Von Klitzing's protocol for diagnosing EHS is based on cardiac rhythm disturbance and micro circulation as being key indicators of EHS.
Smart meters are a "time bomb" for utilities, warns insurance expert

For instance, a Puerto Rican utility estimates it lost $400 million in one year after criminals hacked into smart meters to under-report electricity usage. A report from the University of Cambridge confirmed that smart meters raised "several serious security issues" such as:

·      Manipulated meter readings

·      Misuse of private customer data

·      Power outages from a cyber attack


And that article has a link in it to:

Smart Meters Pose New Risks for Energy Industry

"The risk is being underestimated outside of the industry," Oehler said.


For Sale - Apple Carcinogenic Keyboard

"Original Apple Wireless Keyboard (UK) - WARNING: Class 2B Carcinogen"

For sale is my once liked and now hated RF/microwave-emitting Apple keyboard (I have switched to a wired alternative).

According to the WHO, the radiation given off by wireless gadgets like these are categorised as a Class 2B carcinogen (since May 2011).  This means that they can potentially cause significant harm to you and your loved ones.

If in doubt, take a look at this study by Conrado Avendaño which showed that the use of a wireless laptop connected through Wi-Fi decreases human sperm motility and increases sperm DNA fragmentation.

Also see Prof Martin Pall's presentation on how wireless radiation causes voltage-gated calcium channels to leak, causing oxidative stress and free-radical production - leading to cancer. (

You could read the Ecolog Institute's (covered up) study into wireless harm (funded by T-Mobile) which showed wireless radiation causes "clear damage to hereditary [DNA] material".

Whilst this keyboard connects via Bluetooth, the frequency used is almost exactly the same as WiFi.

BE WARNED.  Whilst this device is in full working order and very clean condition, I do NOT recommend using it for anything other than an expensive ornament, door stop or fly swat.

Also see my wireless mouse advert here:

(I'll be selling my old iPad soon if you're in the market for a shiny chopping board)

Item 2:

"Apple Wireless 'Magic' Mouse - WARNING: Class 2B Carcinogen"



Book - Healing is Voltage
Neurophysiologic Effects of Radiofrequency and Microwave Radiation

A classic paper published in 1979 by W. Ross Adey, M.D., one of the pioneers in microwave radiation health effects research.

We knew long before the FCC and ICNIRP adopted thermal-based regulatory standards that non-thermal microwave radiation had significant effects on the brain. The EPA and other agencies also knew this but governments chose to ignore this research.


Colleges face up to crisis in mental health

The country's third level counsellors' association says its members are encountering a "tsunami of students presenting with mental health problems", at NUI Galway and GMIT.
In the past SIX months alone there have been 33 suicides at one college in the west

GALWAY residents took to the streets on Sunday to protest at what they claim is the Government's inaction over an 'epidemic' of suicides.

He also revealed the astonishing statistic that there have been 33 suicides among the students and teaching population in a six-month period – from December of last up to May 31 – in the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT).
  1. Martin Weatherall Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    If you research the adverse 'health effects of microwave radiation', you will see that neurological changes to the brain have been known about for over 35 years.

    University students are bathed in microwave radiation 24 hours a day from Wi Fi, cordless telephones, cell phones, I Pads, antennas and other wireless devices. Microwave radiation is affecting the normal thinking process. Depression and suicide are two of the well known and well researched effects of microwave exposure.

    A 'crisis of suicide and depression in universities' has also been reported in North American universities.

    This information about the brain being affected, was available in 1979 –

    More strong scientific information is available at

EMF Summit Shares Cases of The Effects of EMF Radiation
Longevity Rescuer Alison Heath tackles the distressing amount of false information given to us regarding EMF Radiation in her latest video. Her term for this is "junk science" – inaccurate studies and half-truths given to the consumers by the industry.
Canadian utility SaskPower has halted its smart meter rollout as it investigates recent fires associated with the meters.
"The safety of our customers and employees is our first priority and is non-negotiable. We take each instance very seriously and, as such, are investigating fully," the blog says. "It's important to note that in all cases, the problem has been contained to the location of the meter."
"Smart Meters" & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time

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